Man Allegedly Crashed Stolen Vehicle After Fleeing Police and Brandishing a Replica Handgun

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Titus Hill

On May 25, 2018 at approximately 4:23 pm, Officers with the Eureka Police Department were dispatched to a threats report. The reporting party identified the suspect as Titus Gerrell Hill (37 years old of Eureka) and said that Hill brandished a firearm during the incident. The reporting party believed Hill to be driving a white Honda Civic and provided a license plate number for the Honda. A records check revealed the Honda to be a reported stolen vehicle. The vehicle was last seen in the area of G and 11th Streets.

Upon an officer’s arrival, he located the vehicle fleeing southbound on G Street. A traffic stop was attempted, but due to the road conditions and speeds of the suspect vehicle (about 70 mph), the risks to pedestrians and traffic were too great and the officer terminated his efforts to pursue.

Moments later, the suspect vehicle impacted into a parked vehicle and came to rest in the roadway at G and Del Norte Streets. The driver, later determined to be Hill, fled the scene on foot. Officers began searching the area and quickly located Hill between E and F on Sonoma Street. Hill was slow to comply with orders and at one point reached into his waistband, removing a handgun. Hill [threw] the handgun to the ground. Hill was soon taken into custody without further incident. Upon inspection the handgun was determined to be a replica handgun.

Hill will ultimately be booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of possession of stolen property, felony evading arrest, and Hit and run.

This is an ongoing investigation and any further information will be released when it becomes available.



  • Remember when a white guy pulled out a fake gun in Eureka, standing in his front yard? Mr. Hill should consider himself lucky.

    • Exactly what I was talking about!!! I know of another “criminal” who pulled a knife & was shot dead for his trouble!!!

  • I’m surprised to read he survived his encounter with EPD after pulling a “Handgun” on them!!!! Several others have NOT survived after trying this maneuver!!!

    • Mr. Fuller, read again for comprehension. It says he reached in his pants and threw the weapon to the ground. No where does it say he pointed it at them. He clearly didn’t want to be killed.

      • Don’t matter. If a cop sees a gun or a ( book,handgun,pipe,cellphone,knife etc they’ll spot you!

        • Exactly what I was talking about it was mentioned in another comment as well!!! The DECEASED attempted to pull a “Weapon” from the waistband of his pants & was shot DEAD by EPD for his trouble!!!

      • He is lucky to be alive! Kudos to EPD for their measured response!!

  • Good job EPD, impressive he didn’t get shot, cause apparently he was trying

    • It certainly looks that way at least on the surface!!! Pulling a “gun” on EPD is not a healthy thing to do, several others have tried & paid the “Ultimate Price”!!!

  • Veteran's friend

    Since the incident when 40 shots were fired (by police) on a downtown street, the police have no doubt been cautioned😁

    • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      You think? It couldn’t have anything to do with EPD completely losing their minds and going kill-crazy on multiple occasions? No, not at all…

  • Thanks for the restraint EPD, off t h e street without a gun fight, lucky guy. No scandal of shooting a person of color today. Yeah

    • Bingo. Nice way of framing up the obvious. Though I don’t think the reverse discrimination of progressives should put human life at risk; especially cops.

  • Alt Right For Life

    One less ‘G’ on G Street?

    This is a good story to share with others on issues regarding statements about black people being shot by cops.

    They didn’t shoot him proving cops don’t kill every black person they see.

  • Evidently not “every one” but more times than not!!!!

    • More times than not, people get shot for not complying with officers commands, committing a crime or in the process of committing one, running from police and in possession of a gun. Easiest way NOT to get shot is don’t be a criminal, comply and don’t run. Not defending officers who definitely fire too soon some times, but many dead officers would be alive today if they had shot first. Not an easy split second decision to make.

      • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        Many officers need to be trained to DEESCALATE situations, as opposed to just making things much worse. Fire the dumb cops & hire some cops who can actually earn a score on an intelligence test above that of the average dishrag. 🇺🇸👍🏿👮

    • I remember the comments when they were chasing a almost naked Zach Harrison through Alderpoint and into the river and everyone, well not everyone but quite a few people were saying how if would of been black person they would of shot him dead. Race doesn’t seem (to me at least) to be the main motivater behind the shootings more the actions of the criminal.

      • Start watching body cam footage. Those who get shot ask for it.

        • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

          That’s if the cops don’t turn off their body cams first, prior to committing police homicides. Are the almost uniformly bigoted commenters in this discussion thread (and on this blog generally) actually patting the police on the back for NOT shooting an African-American? Pathetic – especially when you know damn well these same bigots would’ve been rejoicing and celebrating the shooter(s) had they committed homicide against the suspect.

          P.S. – Cops are neither judges nor executioners. If a cop can’t handle that fact, then they need to resign from the police force to go get a different job more suited to their intellectual capacity, like crash test dummy for instance.

    • “but more times than not”
      Fuller, can you prove that statement with statistics?

      Sure, if a shooting takes place it will make the news. But do you believe that every time a person pulls a gun in the presence of a cop it’s reported in the news?

  • Lesson – Don’t bring a toy to a gun fight.

    • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      Lesson – don’t hire idiots as cops. 👮🤪 Just say no.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    The suspect apparently had a replica brain as well. I would not have blamed the cops for shooting him under the alleged circumstances. Tremendous restraint by the police; good work.

  • Gerrell Hill … you are incredibly lucky.

  • “Empty the magazine” is what Eureka Police are trained to do.

    Why did this brilliant criminal escape the usual treatment?

    He must have been doing something right, following the exciting chase…

  • I completely miss the purpose of a replica handgun. I can’t think of anything more likely to get you killed. They talk about bringing a knife to a gunfight… this is like bringing no protection to a gunfight you start. Hello?
    I suppose it might be useful at an over-the-counter wannabe stick-em-up robbery, but while taking a big gamble that there’s not a real gun behind that counter.

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