Man Suspected of Child Molestation and Possessing Child Pornography Released After Making Bail a Second Time

Andrew Jarrod Cunningham,A Eureka man arrested in April on suspicion of child molestation and yesterday, of possessioning child pornography was released on bail from the Humboldt County Correctional Office a little after 6 p.m. last night.

Andrew Jarrod Cunningham, age 39, was arrested on April 24 for molesting at least one minor. His computers were seized at the time. He was released after making bail.

Then yesterday, he was arrested again after Humboldt County Sheriff investigators say they found more than 600 images of child pornography with ten or more of the images involving a child under 10 on those computers.

His bail was set at $500,000 which he posted yesterday evening.

Please remember, the charges against Cunningham have not been proven in a court of law and he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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  • Makes my Skin crawl, boycott the moms business if she’s the one posting bail, this fuck needs to be off the streets!

    • What business?

      • According to comments made about the original article last night, she owns the Subway shops in Eureka!!! That’s all I know about it!!!

        • This Pos’s mommy Also owns Sizzler in Eureka. So people can only speculate that she posted bail for him the second time, but my guess is of course she did. What makes me sick to my stomach is that this dirtbag got arrested again while he was on payroll for the same thing that he got arrested for in the first place. Does anyone at all know why this man got bail again and is out in the community again??? I have never heard anything so sick in my life. Oh wait… The fact that Marcie Kitchen is still out and about. What is wrong with our justice system in this county???? It’s so sickening

          • He was on “payroll”? You mean “parole”? But no, he wasn’t on parole either.

          • Why is he been protect by the system and let free to do all over again. If the money is coming from Subway and Sizzler in Eureka let’s hurt those people that are paying for his bail with money from those restaurants. I guess he works there too? Boycott Subway and Sizzler Restaurants in Eureka or any other business this Family have.

            • done been boycotting those for years.. not sure I’ve ever been in a Sizzler.. why, what about the Sizzler says yum?

              “America= all appetite no taste” -Johnny Depp.

      • She owns Sizzler also

    • Vigilante mobs are pretty ugly, unreasonable. It’s not enough that the accused is pursued, you pursue his mother? Without any evidence of any wrong doing at all? Think, just think about how far to take outrage before it becomes itself an outrage.

      • Can you not read!? He was charged with molesting children and then they found child porn on HIS computer! He could be doing it right now when he should in jail , imagine for one second it was your child and he’s back out in one day, because his mommy has money, if it was just an accusation I wouldn’t be so up in arms but with the computer too come the fuck on!

        • Food 4 Thought

          Maybe he has his own $ to post bail? It is Humboldt Cty, where some have extra $ laying around? Anyone ever think about that before y’all show up with pitch forks and torches to his mom’s business? Sure it’s disgusting what he’s done, but that doesn’t mean his Ma is involved or an enabler because she’s financially well off.

        • You make me defend what I rather not. His mother has not even been accused legally of anything. Yet you think it’s ok to attack there too. Demand facts? Ok. Be angry? Ok. But threaten the livelihood of those who are not accused of anthing, like the employees who work there and you make a shambles of the law. What if some idiot decides to get stirred up by the mob and do something awful? That is where mob violence always ends up. Think about your participation in that. Do you want it?

          • Did anyone read the comment? I said IF the mom posted bail. I also didn’t name any businesses I was expressing my feelings and I stand by them!

            • Yes you did. You were demanding her biz be boycottedd after her business was stated in earlier threads. “IF” doesn’t keep you, from not being responsible as the one who stoked the fire beyond control, on just assumptions .

              • Makes my Skin crawl, boycott the moms business if she’s the one posting bail, this fuck needs to be off the streets!

                Where did I demand anything?, And now that I think about it I don’t care what happens to them, I do know the victims yes it’s more than one in just one family, he is guilty and was a trusted family friend fuck him and fuck anyone who sticks up for him and protects him.

                • I’m not sticking up for him. You’d read that, if you could see past your anger!

                  I just pointed out its Humboldt & folks have $, so he could of bailed himself out.

                  I understand your pissed, frustrated & want justice but you can’t go and make the assumption his ma bailed him out and invoke deformation of character & provoke violence against someone, who happens to be the pervs family.

                  Here’s some advice. Get a stress ball, punch a tree, show up to his hearings in support of the victims but don’t insinuate and assume his ma has anything to do with it.

                  Fine, if you don’t want to eat at her establishments but she’s not the one on trial here and there’s no proof but assumptions she bailed him out, which I find ridiculous considering there are plenty of folks with $ buried away to cover their dirty deeds such as these. Who says he didn’t squirrel this $ away sometime ago considering he knew he was up to Know Good!

          • Mom didn’t raise em right…. and… she/he knows that the skinheads would have taken care of him last night if he didn’t post bail

          • I agree.. innocent until proven guilty is how the system works for good reason. Sounds like a self righteous lynch mob.. I am not defending this guy just our legal system and how it works. If you don’t like it you should educate yourself on the reason it is set up this way.

            • Educacte myself, that’s pretty good. Your talking about due process and the 5 th and 14 amendments right? Kinda funny since a little while ago you were saying how we need to educate ourselves how the second amendment was outdated calling people nuts because the founding fathers couldn’t of foreseen modern technology advances in firearms. How about computers and the internet as is relevant in this case? Just saying I don’t think you can Willy Nilly pick what amendments you like and tell people to “educate themselves”

              • Apples and oranges Mike.

                • Excatly, to you they are. You’ve said you haven’t heard a “gun nut ever make a convincing argument”. I don’t choose between due process and women’s sufferage and the right to free speech or the right to bear arms etc. but obviously you do

            • 600 photos of innocent children being raped and forced into sexual situations found on his computer makes him guilty. What, there’s a chance that he didn’t download or look at them? How much if a chance? What’s sick is these scum will not stop being predators. Bet he’s checking out child porn right now

          • If mom makes her money at said businesses, then uses it to bail out this pos to potentially commit more horrible crimes, then why not protest and not patronize said establishments? Enough with cries of “mob mentality,” nobody is advocating violence, just withholding of money from his source of income, i.e. mom. Gee, I wonder who will cover the legal expenses and I wonder where she will get said cash? I personally know a relative of the victims and this guy’s mom deserves this heat and a boycott, should have left him in jail. It’s horrible what he did, allegedly (only saying that last part to avoid being edited, I won’t be on this jury because my mind is already made up!).

            • Thank you, those kids are going through hell, and he is out enjoying freedom this memorial weekend. Fucking wrong!

    • LOL at all the people in this thread who would rather be ruled but their emotions than let people have their due process as guaranteed by the constitution. I hope none of you are ever arrested for something and would like yo have your freedom until proven guilty in court and I do not mean the court of “public opinion”.

      • Yep! And you don’t even have to be arrested in this county to have the chorus of public opinion condemn, threaten and forsake you! ….Now, let the justice process do their job.

  • What is going on in this world? Why do we have so many people like this out there? It certainly adds another thick layer of stress to raising children these days.

    • I’m wonder if there isn’t a federal, state and local push going on. Something has certainly changed for so many suddenly arrested for long standing crimes.

      • The push you wonder about is happening and it is world wide.

        • And would be long past due. If I could manage to be that optimistic.

          • Look at news from beginning of ’17 until present. Human, and especially child trafficking finally is being fought. It’s happening.

            • locally it is called “Billy” and its not going to stop.

              • Please share any information you can. I have no idea what is happening locally but I believe child trafficking is widespread at a scale that is shocking.

                • I think she’s accusing Billy Honsel, the local sheriff, of something but it’s by innuendo rather than specifics.

              • local observer

                Guest, I am giving Billy props for doing his job. he has identified the problem and is taking action. everything stems from the top and guess who is on top. maybe read his statement that was publicized, maybe you will learn something about him.

      • Big child porn bust in Alabama today (5/25).

    • There has always been pervs out there. It’s just a fact of life. That’s why we have a justice system. Keep your kids safe, and keep an eye out for these kind of people. They are usually hiding in plain site.. relatives, coaches, etc

  • Mercy Me, Mabel!

    When I read that he had been given bail again I shook my head so hard I about gave myself whiplash.

    Do they seriously think he’s not just going to re-offend?!??

    Bail reform is needed NOW, with due consideration given to the glaring need to amend rules governing bail for some offenses — especially serial offenses. In some cases (like this one and a few others I can think of), bail should not be an option.

    • Absolutely 250% agreed!!!

    • He was given bail because the charges stem from the same original arrest. Kym and lost coast are using this for views. Jesus read the article before spewing your stupidity

      • Damn, how dare the press write articles that are of interest to our readers…?

        I wonder in what other profession workers are vilified for providing a product that people want.

        Imagine saying something like “That restaurant just makes those delicious desserts because you will want to buy them.” or “She just built that chair so soft that you just want to sit there all day.”

        Mindboggling that cooks, carpenters and the press want people to actually use what they produce.

        • Christine Carlson

          That’s right!

        • Nothing like selling sensationalism. Kym Kemp- national enquirer the local edition. Comparing news and restaurants is like comparing an apple to a cigarette butt. You of all people know the importance of news aka information. I mean our government is ran by someone who won a presidential race because of sensationalism news. but, it’s your website run it how you want. I followed you here from lost coast because of the quality of your work

          • I’m curious. You think it wrong to tell people that a man who went to jail was released on bail? Or, do you think that I made the news more dramatic than it was? I think maybe I need to clarify what the problem is.

            From my point of view, readers are currently struggling with the bail system. Many don’t like it–either it isn’t tough enough or it is too tough depending on the reader and their perspective. To me, covering this particular situation allows readers to look deeper into how the law is applied.

            • This man is an alleged child predator. That he has been released is unquestionably newsworthy. Thank you Kym!

        • So…heroin and meth dealers are providing a product.

          And so are abortionists.

          Good job.

  • Bail should be denied to child molesters, or set so high as to be unreachable.

    I think our criminal justice system needs many reforms, but child molesters can’t be allowed the freedom to re-offend. I don’t think we have any idea how to change this behavior and until we do, the first priority should be to protect childdren. This is one crime for which I have no pity for the abuser.

  • Bail should have been denied once he was arrested the second time.

  • >”set so high as to be unreachable. ”

    I think he has paid ‘$100,000’ bail money (so far).

    • Try reading, Bozo. “His bail was set at $500,000 which he posted yesterday evening.”

      He shouldn’t get bail at al. Child molesters never stop. They can’t; and the child’s life is ruined forever.

  • He’s living across the street from Sequoia Park!!!!!!

  • Anyone else notice a suspicious absence of “brain wiring” arguement in the last few days?

    • I thought the same but then I noticed that the lectures on empathy do not abound in the case of a person accused of being a child molester either so I thought he might have been banned.

      • Do you truly wish for people who have alternate points of view, respectfully spoken, to be banned from posting on this site? Do you prefer to live inside your own echo chamber?

        • I don’t wish to give those who only want to harm children an audience at all. All they talk about is their wants. Anything to be learned from that is done in about three seconds. And time’s up for that nonsense.

  • The courts cannot enforce excessive bail (8th Amendment) however they can prescribe no bail when certain elements are met. Flight risk or propensity to repeat the same offense while on bail. This case certainly falls under the latter.

    • local observer

      not when you are 5th gen Humboldtian. there are no rules as you can see.

      • What is wrong with you all? You’re behaving like sharks after chum.

        • It’s funny you would use the analogy of a predator as a insult while defending a actual predator. As far as boycotting, if it’s ok to boycott businesses that contribute to the NRA why is it not okay to boycott businesses that are using local money to bail out people who are hurting children here?

          • If he is a predator, no. But calling his mother a predator just because he is? On nothing more? Never.

            And yes, there is a difference between boycotting a business or entity that itself holds a disliked position and going after a relative just because they are a relative. What if this relative is a wonderful human and you attack for such poor reasoning? What if she is just as horrified? If his mother, her businesses or others related come out in favor of child molesting, then fine. Otherwise, I thought you at least would be more rational. Even if you are angry.

        • Yes. Always. Also the ones who have immigrated here, are passing through and found it congenial to stay, also those who have unrealistic sympathy about them. But not their relatives (whatever a chomo is) nor people whose family has lived in the area for a long time. The owner of this site is also from such a family. Want to say that to her?

          • I wonder why he was kicked out of the Campground on redwood creek years ago? we are all from such families no matter where you are from, but if mine had an individual that behaves like this, it would not be tolerated.

        • What part of Mr. Cunningham’s behavior is socially acceptable to you that you would expect nothing less than outrage? The residence [edit] Madrone Avenue is 50ft from Sequoia Park.

          • No one has said what you are saying was said. What part of mother is unclear to you? What part of being outraged is ok but not mob violence is unclear to you?

            • No one is advocating mob violence either. You are the only one who even mentions it. (Not the same guest)

            • Sharks after chum is what I am responding to ‘Guest’. What has he done to earn our courtesy?

              Shall we ask if hes comfortable at home and enjoying his due process or call him out as a repeat offender that should be in jail regardless of the money he/they have coughed up as a result of his crimes to children.

              Your analogy makes it seem that you have some empathy for him, that he is better than chum… Feel free to explain that for us.

              I would ask you consider the underage innocent victims first and foremost before you give a rats ass for a repeat sexual offender.

              • You are mistaken. The response was due to the post on local families getting away with violating the law. That was attacking people who were not involved in any crime. That and the attacks on the arrested’s mother are the mob violence I was addressing.

                And indeed, it would make me angry that a criminal gets relief from the penalties of his crime. But again, never would I resort to attacking relatives based on nothing but them being there. That is wrong. Simply wrong, no matter what spin you put on it.

                Reading sequentially is hard on this site but needs to be done if you want to be justified.

                • I am not mistaken. how about the kid too mentally ill to stand trial for murder. locally his mom was able to get her way. the out of the area evaluation didn’t work out so well, did it. I could go on all day on this topic. I read everything.

                • Local observer, The mistaken refers to Todd’s statement about defending the perpetrator.

          • Maybe wait for the legal process to play out. Maybe wait for a jury of his peers to convict or would you rather live with your mob mentality?

  • Anyone know how to find out which judge gave him bail a 2nd time? Some judges are elected. We should start keeping track of which judges consistently show poor judgment in terms of community safety, esp children, when they have some leeway in their decisions.

    • local observer

      I am sure John Chiv won’t tell you.

    • When a person is first arrested and jailed, the bail amount is set by a bail schedule, not by a judge.
      After that, the bail amount is open to arguments that it should be increased or decreased. That’s the point a judge decides if the bail amount is appropriate under the circumstances of an individual case. Expect that to happen here.

  • As a teenager I worked for his mother. She is not a nice person(IMO). I would remind people that chooseing where to spend your money is a patriotic expression of your ideals. Boycotts are an exercise of free speech. To those whom would call it “mob mentality” or “unjust” I would remind them that boycott or buying from a business is the exercise of expressing your support, or condemnation through the power of YOUR dollar.

    She owns many subways throughout Humboldt and the eureka Sizzler’s. I will not attend these establishments ever again. I will exercise my dollar in protest

  • Since he came up with $50,000 for bail, you know he can afford a good attorney. This will extend things out for a year or more, just like Kitchen. In the mean time, he can commit his crimes again. Criminals are not afraid of consequences anymore. Our laws, courts and judges cater to sympathy for criminals because ‘obviously there must have been some childhood trauma why this happened’. For some this might be true, but nobody wants to admit that there are just, plain and simple, bad people in our society; and they will never change. Our prisons are full of criminals who should never be released, yet are being released several times over. Many people don’t want to enlarge existing prisons/jails, or build new ones; so this is the result. Unless you are for more prisons/jails, don’t bitch about repeat criminals like this guy being back out to do it again. That big neon “NO VACANCY” sign keeps blinking brighter and brighter each day.

  • It has to be frustrating being the police at times like this. They’ve seemingly done a great job trying to put this guy away and but the courts apparently have not. Hopefully they keep on him til the revolving door of the court house finally stops.

  • I generally do not like to show compassion for courts and LE because they are — in general — NOT living up to the higher expectations reserved for those professions, but, in the case of pedophiles who have gone so far as to engage in pederasty, including having the images produced by other pederasts on their computers, is a big difficulty for the courts and law enforcement.

    While we are worried out here about the mob mentality, it’s pretty well known that these criminals can be certain of death or grievous bodily injury when incarcerated. They need to be kept separate from general population to keep them alive or uninjured long enough to stand trail. And, certainly, after conviction, even a short sentence might as well be a death sentence.

    I’m not defending the alleged perpetrator. I’m just reminding everyone that the authorities run the risk of actually exceeding their own mandates before, during and even after a conviction. So I do have some compassion for their predicament.

  • he will probably just get convicted of Child Endangerment like his relative Randy did. what are the odds, 2 in one tree.

    • Are you saying they may have connections to the FreeMasons or any number of their other branches? If so, that would put William Cooper’s interview with a 32 level Free Mason into the not-so-far-reached category. If so, I just signed my own death warrant. Oh well, everybody has to go sometime. In the meantime, people are more knowledgeable if they wish to be.

  • Subway Jarod was a molester. Seems ironic that his middle name is Jarrod. Go Subway!!

  • Just read an article where, on Wednesday, a Stockton man was sentenced to 90 days house arrest and five years of informal probation for a no contest plea of raping a 5 years old. Plus, he doesn’t have to register as a sex offender. Things are really wrong in this state!!

  • Well now alvaro escareno and this trash were let out on bail after both being caught red handed as pedophiles….this judge needs to get the message that he or she is not doing their the courthouse and complain!!!

  • Well looks like we have 2 known pedophiles (caught red handed) on the street..alvaro escareno and now,this trash…this county judge should be charged as an the courts and complain…think of how unsafe the victims and their families feel with these sick beings walking free!!!!

  • Hold them accountable

    The question is why was the bail for such a heinous crime set so low? That was the choice of the court. Why not hold him on ‘no bail’ ? I think it’s time to contact the FBI as citizens who are not being protected by our local court system. Maybe we should all be reporting this to the CA attorney generals office? How do we hold the local courts accountable? Something isn’t right…

  • Maybe I’m just stupid to the laws of bail. But if your out on bail and comett another crime , isn’t your bail revoked???. Just asking?????

    • The alleged crime was found on computers seized at the time of the original crime. This isn’t a crime committed in the last month. But rather a crime from earlier that law enforcement had just found out about.

  • To food for he don’t and yes she does…

  • No Subway, no Sizzler. I’ll spend my money elsewhere. I’d love to know the name of the judge who set his bail the 2nd time. There should be easy access to such info. Perhaps there is. Can someone kindly share?

  • I wouldn’t choose to eat at either of those places no matter who owned them.

  • Juliana Marciel

    I feel sorry for his sister. She has kids,hopefully she never let “Uncle Andy” babysit. Andy has always had a scum bag bully personality,now we can add perv to the list.

  • LoCo is reporting that this guy is locked up again. His bail has been raised. They are also reporting that 48,000 child porn image were on those computers. Every child in those images is an additional victim.

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