Humboldt Masonic Lodge Hands Boy Scouts a Check for $13,000 to Make Sure Their Camp Has Potable Water

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A happy crowd!

Last night the Humboldt Masonic Lodge #79 had a gift for the local Boy Scouts. They handed them a check for $13,000.

According to Matt Nova, a member of the Lodge,

Camp Riggs is our only local scout camp, and is located at the end of Elk River Rd in Eureka. The camp has been used by scouts since the early 1950’s. Over the years they have been working to make the camp compliant with today’s regulations. A major phase in modernizing the camp is to provide potable water. The scouts have so far raised $36,738. They have hired SHN Consulting Engineers and Geologist to design and install the system needed. To date they have installed $27,620.25 worth of equipment, and only have one more piece to install. The final component cost $22,000. The difference between what they have raised and what they have spent is $9,117.75 leaving them to still need $12,882.25.

When the Lodge members heard this, they agreed to help and cut the Boy Scouts the $13,000 check. Nova said they agreed because

By providing drinkable water to the camp it will allow the Boy Scouts to provide more quality recreational and educational activities to local youth. Currently the only other scout camps that provide a complete scouting program are located hundreds of miles away and are owned by a different council. Our help will allow more youth to attend summer camp and other yearly events by reducing the burden of cost and time associated with travel. Another benefit to supporting this project is that it helps keep more funds local. The local scout council will be able to generate more income to spend on local programs by the increased rentals of the camp.

Ken Moffitt and Bryan Enloe

Ken Moffitt of the Boy Scouts and Bryan Enloe from the Masonic Lodge. [Photos by Humboldt Masonic Lodge 79]



  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Way to go Bryan and Kenny for finally after all of these years, Elk River Scout Camp (my job for many years) is finally getting the safe water that we tried to get from the 60’s and 70’s. You don’t have The Pacific Lumber Company around anymore to bankroll the Camp as in the old days. You two guys look great and glad to see you guys still doing what we all love to do. I’m not active anymore with the program and not sure if I will renew due to the many changes taking place in the Scouting program. Anyway, so happy for you guys and Elk River Scout Camp (I’m still of the old school) and you guys look great, even though Bryan still looks like one of those Chicago Gang Bosses. LOL

  • Veteran's friend

    No longer Boy Scouts

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