Reggae on the River Tickets Sales Start Today!

Press release:

Reggae on the River 2018High Times Productions, the event-management team for High Times Media, today announced the release of tickets for this year’s iconic Reggae on the River festival. General Admission, VIP, and camping passes are now on sale via the Reggae on the River website.

Through a strategic partnership announced earlier this year, High Times has joined forces with the Mateel Community Center to elevate this cultural landmark to new heights. Providing both resources and direction, the cannabis icon will implement the best practices it has amassed through it’s years of successful event production to create a world-class experience for Reggae fans and the surrounding community.

We’re pleased to announce that tickets for the 34th annual Reggae on the River are now on sale,” said Adam Levin, CEO of High Times Media. “This event is a cornerstone of the Northern California community, and High Times could not be more excited to help present this year’s festivities. This year’s show will be bigger and better than ever!”

The festival was birthed in 1984 as a fundraiser for the Mateel Community Center in Redway, and held on land owned by the Arthur family. Originally, it was a one-day musical event to raise money to replace Mateel’s hall, which had been destroyed in a fire. This developing partnership with High Times has provided the center with resources to continue growing and expanding the festivals reach.

We are beyond pleased that this special alliance will allow our beloved annual gathering to continue unchecked. We look forward to modernizing and expanding the event’s reach, all while staying at its spiritual home and birthplace – this memorable bend in the river known to the reggae massive as ‘French’s Camp.’” said Mateel board treasurer Eryn Snodgrass

High Times has assumed all responsibility for the upcoming festival’s talent lineup, marketing, and monetization efforts. The brand is also providing the Mateel Community Center the expertise it’s grown through its long and successful production history in an effort to ensure the experience is on par with what the industry has come to expect from it’s premiere brand.

High Times produces a series of Cannabis Cup events annually as well as several other lifestyle and music events tied to High Times magazine, the oldest and best-known brand in the business of legalized marijuana. Given their production chops, knowledge of the landscape, and successful history in both events and media, High Times was the perfect partner for the Mateel Community Center. Reggae on the River marks an important step for High Times Production to manage a broader music event not explicitly tied to the legal cannabis industry, Levin said.

About Reggae on the River:

Reggae on the River is an annual music festival in Northern California, nestled along the south fork of the Eel river amongst the redwood trees. 34 years running, this cultural gathering has long been North America’s premier live-reggae concert destination. Originally conceived as a fundraiser for the Mateel Community Center, the event has become known from Jamaica to Humboldt as the place to be on the first weekend in August. Visit us on the web at

About Mateel Community Center:

The Mateel Community Center has fostered the arts in rural Northern California for approximately forty years. Serving as the cultural hub of the Southern Humboldt community, we provide arts, educational, and social service programs, and present a myriad of multicultural musical, theatrical, dance, comedy, film, craft, and rental events- earning our non-profit organization international acclaim.

Located in the town of Redway, CA, the Mateel Community Center hall is a showcase of fine woodworking, craftsmanship, and solar design that first opened in 1988. Owned and operated by the MCC, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Center is well utilized by the entire community and serves as a venue for both commercial and non-profit rentals, as well as in-house Mateel productions.

About High Times:

For more than 40 years, High Times has been the authoritative voice of authentic cannabis culture, leading the fight for legalization and empowering the burgeoning industry’s legal entrepreneurs. High Times content spans digital, social, video and print platforms as well as location-based events highlighted by the Cannabis Cup global franchise and the High Times Business Summit conference series. Visit us at, and follow @HIGH_TIMES_Mag on Twitter, @hightimesmagazine on Instagram or like us on Facebook at:

Earlier Chapter: High Times Signs Contract With Mateel for Reggae 2018!



  • Peoplearerudetillithappenstothem

    Dang did they jack up prices also?

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    They’re not going to sell many tickets until people see a line up

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    A pathetic attempt to sell something that is OVER!

    The MCC represents an organization so mismanaged, so completely dishonest, that it should not be trusted with funds from any source.

    High Times, well, it’s run by STONERS!

    If you want to attend this mess, be prepared to be underwhelmed.

    • More like overwhelmed with thirty something year old males high on coke trying to solicit underage girls.

    • Veteran's friend

      HT is run by BUSINESS PEOPLE not stoners.

    • T ball… is there anything in our community that you support ?

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        As far as Garberville is concerned, I don’t call it a “community”, or even a town, as I understand it, and, I have very little use for it.

        I do support the Farmer’s Market, and I do like Chatauqua. Hemp Outlet is OK.

        I would probably eat at Flavors, if hungry and present.

        I do enjoy seeing things get remodeled, upgraded, and newly built.

        As for your hospital, that is another matter entirely.

        I view Garberville as a place on the cusp of chaos, a village nearing a renaissance, but resisting it with both hands.

        All in all, Dave, I consider the whole of SoHum to be approaching a very hard limit.

        Change is not bad, Garberville! In fact it is essential, and, one of the most healthy and assured aspects of life.

        And life, is short. Enjoy it, Dave.

        I do not require Garberville, as I always go forward to the next phase, the next plane. I fight emotional ennui every day, but I ignore the past and embrace the future. Garberville is well advised to do the same!

        The hippie paradigm demands that we let everything go, accepting our physical, psychic and existential discomfort as normal and in alignment with the universe. Focusing on the details and politics of a small settlement beyond the reach of normative and positive behavior, this hardly interests me at all!

        On the other hand, I do have a problem with incompetence, corruption, and dishonesty. These sensitivities make it hard for me to be in SoHum.

        Happy Trails Dave!

    • Can you do better? I have nothing but love..i throw that show.. and I work nonstop for 20 days…

  • Somethingdifferant

    Metal on the Mattole! 🤘🏼

  • Ray crapped in the river.

  • Keep Killing The Eel River With This Crap

    Now We know who to hold accountable. They are free game corporations now they will be the ones polluting the river and environment. Oil leaking cars and antifreeze on the river bar and bad drugs and dangerous people. time to call the North Coast Water Quality Control Board …..ten times more damaging than a tier 2 grow. I see lawsuits abound

  • Be There Or Be Square!

  • Mendocino Mamma

    In the past Reggae on the River took months and months to organize and build infrastructure. No lineup listed on the website it’s going to be hard to get people to buy tickets without any of that information. And if that’s the artwork for the t-shirts that is definitely far inferior not the nice pictures this event is traditionally known for. The lion graphic looks very strange! Poorly done 3 minute result of some computer program…hoping to sell t-shirts at 30 bucks a pop I would speculate, so the event has to have SOMETHING? No Bueno.

    • Oh it's a lion

      My first reaction too… Scribbles.

      • Mendocino Mamma

        Question to the site as well…there are these…”testimonials” from performers who were deceased prior to the event, and some other entertainers. Did you ask the estates to use the names in your advertisement, or the people you quoted? And it is not really a “testimonial” since the quotes are not specific to the event. There is no CONTACT info to be found only a tickets sales link. SHADY! SHAME ON YOU! Remember the the debacle of REGGAE RISING? TAKE NOTE HIGH TIMES FOLKS. Lawsuits can be costly.

    • I think its the best logo in many years. Looks like some original 80’s reggae art work..
      L💚VE IT….
      Especially recent years.. classic

    • Ive been attending “Reggae” for 19 years.
      Many people can hide behind fake names, but anyone who has any true experiance goin to this show can ‘testify’ ” tickets used to go on sale in feb or march.. we would “mail a check” and hope you got tix before it sold out..
      No lineup.
      When attending a historically great show…
      Life is what you make of it.
      Happiness is in your heart.
      I will be there working my fingers to the bone for my friends, family and anyone who want to have a life changing Tangible experience…
      The rest of you.. if you dont like it dont come .✌

  • Alt Right For Life

    Another example of the dope dealers having garage sales.

    So glad the nightmare is nearly over.

  • Be best!

  • ROR used to be a place where one could smoke weed without retribution. Now it’s legal. Lights out ROR.

  • you can go to Reggae or you can come to Redway beach on the same weekend and I’ll bring a couple of 12 packs and we will have about the same size crowd.

  • Rape on on the River, Rage on my liver, all the nicknames say enough about this event. I’m happy I attended before it was an unconcious raging party instead of a loving gathering. No one spiritual or enlightened attends anymore. Enchanted Forest is full of beautiful people who don’t have to be shit faced to be happy and have fun. ROR is when you get to see all that is wrong with Humboldt in one place. Trash, greed, sexual assaults, alcohol and drug abuse, Humboldt in a nut shell these days.

  • What a joke. No lineup, yet tickets are on sale? If Ras Trent is headlining, I’m there. Watch Hightimes screw this up. I bet their angle is to turn this into a weed selling event at some point.

    • Mendocino Mamma

      OMG Ras,Trent lol somebody download that video I can’t or I would. 2008 it hit Adam Samberg LOL!

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