Cubs Softball and Baseball Teams Advance Towards the Championships

Lady cub scooping up the ball

Cub scooping up the softball. [Photos by Crystal Salomon]

Both South Fork High School’s baseball and softball teams made it to the second round of the NCS playoffs after this week’s games.

According to Tess Cotter, South Fork’s Athletic Director, “Our softball team goes down to California School for the Deaf Friday and plays at 5:00.”

Then she said, “Our baseball team plays at South Fork Saturday at 1:00 against Laytonville. Come watch the game if you can.”

Cotter is enthused about the two teams’ chances. She stated, “If our teams win this next round they go to the championships. GO CUBS!!!”

Cub pitcher starting off the game with style.

Cub softball pitcher starting off with style.



  • Great job teams, get em!

  • Martin Stockel

    Good luck to both South Fork teams. Rock and roll right over them!

  • Thanks Kym for covering our local sports. Also thank you to the coaches, parents, and fabulous new athletic director, she has been doing a great job so far. Also good job to both teams for earning the scholar award for there high accumulative GPA!! We have some great Student athletes at our school!!!

  • Great job again Cubs

  • Great job cubs. You have proved that it doesnt take a one million dollar gift like St. &@/$(/5$&:((1& Bernards got to make us proud.

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