Suspicious Note Found at Arcata High That Contained ‘Threat of Violence’ Determined ‘Not Credible’

This is a press release from the Arcata Police Department:

Arcata police badgeOn 5/22/18, the Arcata Police Department was notified by the Arcata High School that a suspicious note had been discovered on campus. The note contained a threat of violence that would occur on May 24th.

The Arcata Police Department and the school district conducted a joint investigation and determined the threat was not credible. The APD will continue to work with district administrators and staff to ensure the safety of everyone at the school and will provide an increased presence at, and around the campus.

The Arcata Police Department takes all threats of violence against our schools very seriously.  Remember, if you see something, say something.



  • Hope they locate the author and the person gets the mental health care they need.

  • Ok. So all this school violence has gone wwaayyyy beyond guns and there effects!!!! Wake up people, this is just copy cat,attention getting, sociopath,prescription drug, and propaganda driven violence. Taking away guns from people will not solve this!!! Our society as a whole is perverse. Android driven violence, broken homes , lost jobs , overpriced everything, stressed resources, rampant drug use, bullying and lost souls IS the problem. Wake up and open your eyes people. For all of those who are pointing there fingers at a peice of metal designed for killing are just adding to the problem with delusion paranoia and fear of something they cannot control. People are at there breaking point, and yes….there will be violence…..guns or no guns. Chopping the tail off a snake does not kill it.

    • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      People who want to blame everything but guns for gun violence have no credibility. Video games have never killed anyone (other than digital avatars). Violence themed movies and songs have never killed anyone.

      And the NRA has no credibility. Oliver North as NRA Dear Leader? Please…

      • Except for the inconvenient long history that guns have had in this country without numbers of school shooting.

        • you might want to study that history. just in the last 10 years the number of guns sold in the US has increased dramatically.

          • Besides the number of people increasing, the volume of strident agenda driven rhetoric has increased during the same period. If the public feels unsafe and that the government won’t protect them, then they will seek to protect themselves. If they can’t respect those who are supposed to protect them, they buy guns. If they have guns, they buy more.

            Instead of seeking reliable public order and civility, there has been a concerted attack on it by accusing wide swaths of institutions of endless evil doing. All without understanding the complications.

            We are in the middle of a public blame fest. And somehow those doing the blaming are the least adept at recognizing their own deficiencies. Too many conduct their complaints at maximum decibels. There is no “we have a problem”. There is only “you are the problem.” And then even more outrage that people take the screamers at their word and seek to buy guns as protection. Self centeredness has always existed but the world of the internet has indeed made it into an artform. So many victims looking for their victimized. So many people designated as acceptable to blame.

      • Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.
        Just like spoons don’t make you obese.
        The tool is only that, a tool. Your argument that video games don’t kill only supports the argument that guns don’t kill people. Its the person that pulls the trigger that does

      • so Is blaming alcohol for alcoholism? Or is alcoholism a social disease fueled by false advertisement,debt,personal insecurities,rx drugs and mental illness? Did probation help that?

        • Maybe it is always better to be self aware before blaming outside influences. It’s possible that circumstances are so overwhelming and constant that they can wear down a human but most of the time we frankly love our vices so much that we give ourselves to them whole heartedly. They call and we answer.

          A person can be rich, talented, healthy and loved yet still end up a drug addict, alcoholic or whatever. A person can be poor, inept, ill and unloved and not be any of the above. The trick is to find alternative choices and that lies almost exclusively inside ourselves. If we want them.

          That is why the idea that offering a better choice is good enough fails. The person already had their own ideas about that and no matter what is told to them will come back with a “yeah but…”. Endlessly.

    • It’s all propaganda, perpetrated by the media for nothing more than simple ratings and money. Spending 15 minutes on the internet researching, you’ll find that shootings at schools have declined significantly since the 90s. When tallying up mass shootings perpetrated with an AR-15 “assault type” rifle you’ll find that there is 12 “mass shooting” incidences utilizing an AR-15 in the last 35 years. In fact since 2012 out of the 48 mass shootings that have been committed only 13 of those even utilize a semi-automatic rifles, not all of which were AR-15 variants. Even though some estimates put the number of privately owned AR-15s at somewhere around 20 million. To put this in perspective, you’re almost three times more likely to be struck by lightning, than to be involved in any kind of mass shooting. You are over 25 times more likely to be struck by lightning, than being in a mass shooting while the shooter is utilizing a semi-automatic rifle.

      • local observer

        there have been 103 mass shooting since 1-1-18. have a look, includes all the details in the incident report. cool story thou bro. no one needs an AR-15 except a gun nut with LDS. and they come in pink for SBS.

        • The last school shooter certainly didn’t need it. He went with a shotgun and a handgun of some type. Oh, and miscellaneous failed pipe bombs.

          People with a social agenda seem always to dismiss human nature, not to mention reality, in their choice of what to blame. There was the idea to raise children with good self esteem, which boiled down to never telling them something negative about themselves. Then they certainly would be happier, better balanced adults. They grew up very self centered instead, with little respect for other humans, who constantly fail to give them the respect they think is automatically due them.

          A little self blame is a good thing for a whole lot of people, even if it makes them feel bad about themselves. Because life does that anyway. They need to learn to deal with it better than wholesale violence.

          • local observer

            I wonder what he would have used if his Dad owned an AR-15? its important to use the brain.

  • As a parent of a student there, your brain tells you it’s fine but your heart feels anxious none the less. Can’t wait for the school day to be over.

  • So soon -to- be Ryan. How about you raise your kid with violence inspired video game ,violence inspired movies and music then feed him ridelin (meth) and put him in a broken home with parents who are to busy to pay attention to him/her and watch the turn out. There will be violence! Raise a kid with discipline, respect , courage and love and it won’t matter if you have a hundred guns around…..there will be no violence.

  • i think the obvious solution is for Arcata to ban suspicious notes.

  • Last month, schools were assaulted by hoaxers.
    This month, schools with the same names, but in different areas, were assaulted.
    It would be insane to not file this ‘hoax note’ with the national data base.
    Also, it is common knowledge that whenever there is a ‘drill’, a real event soon follows.
    Don’t be so rolleyed, follow your instincts.

  • Here’s one last food for thought…… fact. Social media and the phone your looking at kills thousands of more people than ALL “mass” shootings combined in a year. Yep. Chew on that….. then kill your Facebook page

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