Dog Dies in Trailer Fire

Cal Fire fights a blaze in a trailer near Crescent City.

Cal Fire fights a blaze in a trailer near Crescent City. [Photo from Cal Fire HUU]

Information from Cal Fire HUU:

Cal Fire HUU Engine 1295 firefighter’s responded to a trailer fire in Crescent City this morning, The trailer was a complete loss and a dog perished in the fire. There was no fire extension into the surrounding vegetation.



  • John North Willys

    remember , only you ( meth-heads ) can prevent ( meth ) trailer FIRES … s. bear

  • Poor doggie 😒

  • Poor dog.

  • I lost both my dogs when my trailer burned down back in sept-22-2008 also rolled my brand new car 0n 9-11-2008 bastards inseance hardly gave me anything back on it was not a good time at all lost every thing i owned in a matter of days then to top it off my wife devorced me after 14 years so life been tuff but im have been working on rebuilding not just my material stuff but also my life

  • Usuall protocol here I see. Very first comment laying it all out. How the hell can you be so certain drugs had anything at all to do with this unfortunate fire. Unless you were connected to it in some way. [edit]

  • I have always been paranoid about trapping my animals. Even when I live in an apparently secure conventional home. So I always had an outdoor kennel for them to stay in when I was not home. They had a portable one when I was stuck living in a trailer. Of course some people though it was cruel to expose them to weather even though they could go in or out of a shelter in the kennel. All you can do is make the best choice you can and hope for the best.

    I’m sorry they lost their dog. It’s a true grief.

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