New Sergeant in Charge in SoHum

Sergeant Sam WilliamsPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Beginning this week, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Garberville Substation has a new sergeant in charge. Sergeant Sam Williams has been assigned to the Garberville supervisor post. Williams replaces Sergeant Jesse Taylor, who has accepted a new position at the Sheriff’s Office Main Station.

Williams has been a member of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office for 17 years. Seven of those years, Williams lived in Redway and worked out of the Garberville Substation.

“I’ve always had a special affection for Southern Humboldt,” Sergeant Williams said. “When the opportunity came to be able to return to the area, I eagerly accepted the assignment.”

Please join us in welcoming Sergeant Williams to his new position



  • Welcome home Sam ! Good to have you back in the neighborhood !

    • Looks like the sheriff Fish and Wildlife and a few others are Possing up Northside of Redway didn’t see a wood chipper

  • Got your work cut out for you, but we’re happy to have you here.

  • Thanks for keeping SoHum a safer place for everyone.

  • Glad you are back Sam thank you for your service. May our good Lord always watch over you.

  • Heisprobablynicetho

    Doesn’t look like he’ll be chasing anyone down.

  • While it is great that there is a sergeant in SoHum and congratulations to the new cop in town I wonder how far he can run before he can’t run any farther. What is with the fat cops? This guy is not only fat he is obese. Come on Sheriffs Dept. this makes you look bad!!

    • unbridled philistine

      Hes just gotta get his hands on you and then! If he can. Bet he can whoop some ass tho..

    • Stress of constantly dealing with jackasses. And sitting all day in the car, driving from one mess to another.

    • What is it with people who make rude public comments about other people’s weight and appearance?

    • Honestly just because he’s heavier set doesn’t mean he can’t run. I’ve seen many cops considered heavy and they can still keep up. Everyone is built differently, I’d rather be stocky and muscular if I’m going to potentially fight people.

    • Yeah, because professional football players are all 5’10” and 150 lbs. I bet he’d surprise you.

  • I for one am pleased to perceive a more visible presence of sheriff’s and CHP cars on patrol in Garberville-Redway and especially on Briceland-Thorne Rd, where too many drivers seem to think they’re in some sort of race to beat everyone else on the road to town or home by a couple of minutes. I’m sure anyone who drives this road regularly knows what I’m referring to.

  • He should bust zac .

  • He’s got done lapped , his belly done lapped his belt , or aka a dickie do , his stomachs sticks out further than his @&$* do ! 😞Isn’t there a fitness test they have to test for or was that a one time thing when first hired ?

  • I think its very wrong to mention his body composition in a mean way. This man is doing a difficult job that serves our community. I do however agree that fitness should be a requirement for LEO’s. They should have to pass periodic fitness tests in order to stay on active duty.

  • Shame on the bullies who bring up his weight. The guy is obviously wearing a vest. He does not look fat to me. Besides, he has passed the physical tests, so who cares? He can do his job. That’s all that matters. Get a life, bullies! What a way to give the guy a welcome to our community. Bullies are cowards!

    Welcome Sgt. Williams. Ignore the bullies hiding in anonymity on the internet.

  • I’m surprised and bemused that y’all are doing this to a man for a change.

  • All the negative commentary comes from the nervousness and insecurities of those throwing out their venom. Williams I is a man of substance who knows what he coming back into after leaving to get real life experience to help his community out.More than these Hill Billies who will NEVER leave SoHum because it’s all they’ll ever know and hide behind and use as a cover up as being “local contractors “, LOL. I feel sorry for you as our government closes in every day and will dismantle the Emerald Triangle with their back door big tobacco company deals and war on drugs excuses.Then what will you have when causois breaks loose and you need help from law enforcement? Oh-Who will be there to save your sorry A**s ?? Seargant Williams will. Meanwhile, you’ll still be uneducated, broke and pathetic living in the Humboldt bubble…

    • Or you’ve never ran into a cop wielding his or her power when you’ve done nothing but be born . Sounds like you need to eat out in the world. And going to eureka from redway doesn’t give you real world experience.

  • Sam!! Sam!! Congratulations Man!!

  • “Sergeant” – military term.

    Recruit – military term that’s plastered all over The County’s job list.

    • Doctors and Nurses are recruited by hospitals. I was a “recruit” in a church choir once. Maybe the police have become too militarized in some aspects but that is what happens when the public has become so hateful that insists every thought it has is a right enforced with their own violence. The extremists of the right wing are more militarized than the police and with a lot less cause. As are far lefties apparently. Everyone seems to have become infected with the virus of seeing themselves as so bloody important.

  • F the police. No cop is a good person . Sorry.

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