Happy Hour for Measure F Today

MEasure F posterPress release from the SoHum Health Foundation:

The SoHum Health Foundation is looking forward to the “Mixer for Measure F” at the Gyppo Ale Mill…Thursday, May 17th, from 4 to 7. This information sharing get-together is hosted by some of our awesome Healthcare District employees, SoHum Health Foundation members, and the Yes On Measure F Committee, all of whom have generously donated their time to make it happen!

While enjoying the ocean view from Shelter Cove, Healthcare District employees and board members will be available to share information about Measure F. Meanwhile we’ll have a chance to sample any of Gyppo’s eight special brews, as well as their chef’s delectable appetizers!

Note that SHCHD is not hosting this event, and no SHCHD funds will be expended to produce it.

We are looking forward to visiting with you and answering any questions you may have about Measure F.



  • What is “The SoHum Health Foundation” and who are the “SoHum Health Foundation members”?

  • Healthcare workers gettin drunk, great! All to convince you to increase taxes on your property so they can have a job. Most of their votes come from the retired people in Shelter Cove.

  • Great, let’s get drunk and run over some kids and dogs on the new bypass, or send some drivers off the cliff. That way we can keep the hospital afloat by saddling people with healthcare debt.

  • 🎶 “lets get drunk and screwed” 🎵


  • Veterans friend

    It will take more than “happy hour” to get this turkey passed.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Well, give them free beer… THAT will make them vote to pay an extra slice of property tax!

    Drink the beer, then:




  • Sounds like a good way to drum up business for the hospital.


      Isn’t this the brewery that Redway refused to allow in their little druggie town?

      Interesting that they support Garberville…

      If you go, please don’t drive home over Shelter Cove Road…

  • I just voted no on F, proud to not give public money to a privately own for profit business.

    • local propety owner

      You are extremely short sighted. If the parcel fee doesn’t get renewed, we will probably lose our hospital, and along with it, all related health care services.
      Many jobs will go away (not just medical related) and you can roll up the sidewalks in G-ville as the town slowly fades away… you think not? Check out other towns that used to have a hospital, that closed, and see how badly it hurt their whole area economically.
      I have three parcels and am glad to support the hospital and the whole community it serves, by paying
      the parcel fee times three.
      If you don’t use the hospital, think of the people who do, and our community, and it’s future. Your nay vote is just selfish. Nobody is making any profit from the hospital, but a lot of people are getting
      local health care that won’t be here if it closes.
      Taxes & fees collected and spent locally give us so much more for our money than state or federal taxes.
      Vote Yes on ‘F”!

    • You are incorrect about the ownership-
      Here is a quote from the Jerald Phelps Community Hospital web site, under history:
      ” in 1980, the hospital went from private to public ownership by the newly formed Southern Humboldt Community Hospital District, while the clinic remained privately owned.”

  • Concerned for SoHum

    clearly none of you have heard of carpooling and designated drivers… also just an FYI for the illiterate above that can’t read the ballot. Measure F isnt raising any taxes and without it the ER will close and the hospital along with it. That includes all xray, ekg, etc. that will no longer be availble in our community. The clinic and long term care wont survive long without the hospital due to complicated reimbursement rate issues. Educate yourselves with facts before you start spewing mindless rhetoric and claim it is fact.

    • it is a tax. $125.00 per year. per parcel. it already lasted 40 years. it expired last november 1st, but was not prorated on our tax bills which are fiscally renewed every july1st. if it is passed yes the tax bill will be the same. if it fails it will be reduced. either way no one gets a refund of the six months worth we all already overpaid.

      • volunteer firefighter

        Wrong. It is called a fee, not a tax. Fees are a flat set rate per parcel, taxes are based on a percentage of the property value.
        And it first passed, I believe, in the late 1980’s, that’s 30 years, not 40.
        Either way, it just makes good sense to keep a hospital open in our town.
        That small yearly fee will keep your property value going up. If it fails, your property will probably lose value.
        The smart people who understand what it takes to keep our community alive and healthy are all
        voting yes on measure ‘F’.

        • the “fee” was passed 40 years ago

          • volunteer firefighter

            No. Check out the hospital history, the fee was passed in1986, and went into effect the next year, that’s 31 years ago.

        • Calling a tax a fee is pretty pointless as it is exacythe same thing and arguing over 9 years in 40 years is kinda pointless when the community still thinks the hospital is ineffective today. So your fee could be one year or one day and maybe they have a excuse but after 31 years and they still are for lack of a better word horrible you think it is worth continuing? Let’s just give it another 31 years and maybe they will actually try. If you can’t do a decent job after being subsidized for 31 years why do you think the community should support you? I just mailed my vote of NO and I have never been prouder in my life.

    • Veterans friend

      But voting no could give my family back over $900 a year that we currently pay, for something we wouldn’t use on a bet.

      • make that 8 months we overpaid. any class action lawyer out there interested in filing a suit for two thirds of 1.4 mil? if you charge half the take even if 50% opt out thats over 200k for an easy win on behalf of sohum taxpayers

        • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

          Great, more frivolous lawsuits. I guess more frivolous lawsuits in America makes sense considering the fact that the leading perpetrator of frivolous lawsuits Donald “I’ll sue you if you ask me to pay my bill” Trump 🍊 is currently illegally occupying the presidency. What a cheap bastard!

      • taxpayer for F

        Won’t use on a bet? Really? You would rather travel an hour to an hour and a half to get to an emergency room? You go see the Catholic Church’s monopoly hospitals in Eureka or Fortuna, and wait a couple of hours in their E.R. for help you could have gotten much sooner here,
        and tell me again that you won’t use it.
        You only pay $900 a year because you own at least 7 or 8 parcels, poor you.
        You don’t sound like much of a friend of the Veterans if you don’t even want to support the hospital in your own town.

        • People keep focusing on the ER. I keep thinking about our elders in the old folks wing.
          It’s hard to put parents and grandparents in long term care, but what if we had to drive to fortuna or Ukiah to see them? That would be bad. Here they are where their friends can come by and in a place with only a dozen beds instead of hundreds.

          It seems like the place should be kept open just for that.

  • I’m voting yes! You people voting no spend more than that on cigarettes and bubble gum in a month! Emergency care, hello? The only thing this industry is any good at! We need it down in Southern Humboldt.

  • People who vote no on this are stupid. If you can’t see the value of a hospital nearby, you are a fool. If you think you would be better off driving over an hour to reach medical services than paying a small fee, do you deserve to have someone care about your health? If you care more about a little money than your life, what does that say about you?

    • Its like a divorce, having a spouse that gets drunk and beats you. You love him, but after years you cant take it anymore. When is the last time you got to vote for a tax decrease? Never. Greedy fees chasers are standing on every corner, and it keeps getting worse.

      Vote No on F.

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