[UPDATE 12:50 p.m.] Gas Leak in Arcata

Arcata Police Square BadgeAccording to an Arcata Police tweet, “There is a gas leak near the 900 block of 17th Street. Arcata Fire and PG&E are on scene. Please avoid the area while they work to fix the leak.”

According to the scanner, nearby residents are being evacuated after a “digin out” caused an “audible” gas leak.

UPDATE 12:50 p.m.: According to a spokesperson for PG&E, Deanna Contreras, “The homeowner was digging with a shovel and he hit a gas line…He had chopped a half inch service line. We were able to stop the flow of gas by 11:15 a.m.”

Contreras urged homeowners to call 811 before doing any digging around their home. “We will come out and mark where the lines are for free,” she explained.



  • A lot of gas escaping in Arcata these days.

  • Bad neighbor! Bad!
    He’s damned lucky he didn’t cause a spark.
    Who doesn’t know to call PGE to locate the gas lines first?

  • You’d have to work pretty hard to get through sch40 iron pipe with a shovel, unless it was already completely rusted out. Most people don’t bother getting the lines marked for hand digging because of this…

    • The majority of gas lines after the 70’s are polyethylene plastic, easy to put a shovel through. Always call 811 before digging.

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