Humboldt County North Area Most Wanted

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Most wanted north humboldt

Those sought: John Michael Rutherford, Jonathan Raymond Ghidinelli, Carter James Daniels, Rob Oneil Harvey, Michael John Cady, Jr., Jeffrey Allan Harper.



  • I guess Humboldt LE has given up on ever catching Zack Harrison. After all the wasted time & resources, not even on HC Most Wanted.

    • This is the North area not south area’s most wanted.

      • I noticed that and know it isn’t your wording for headlines, but we all know criminals don’t have boundaries of travel. Just wanted to get notice in that nothing has been said about Zack for quite a while, who should be on all of Humboldt’s Most Wanted lists. Always appreciate your great, current reporting!!!

      • I think the guy with the neck tat was arrested some years back for stealing tribal artifacts from a museum or something. I remember the elders shaming him in the comment section.

    • Yesterday I was talking with some people about Zach. They claimed the police were afraid to go after him when he jumped out of the river. Some locals with boats found where he had climbed out and tracked him a ways through the woods. Then they showed the cops the trail, and said it seemed none of the cops wanted to go after him. And didn’t for a while, letting him get away.

    • There were undercover police officers at the Mateel durring the Wyclef show. I noticed they were paying alot of attention to the outside bar area. I figured they were checking up on bartenders following ABC laws, looking for Zach or both. I know they were police because they carded a friend of mine for drinking on the street before the show.

  • unbridled philistine

    I worked with Cady 5 years ago he seemed like a good guy although he was on probation then.. He has 3 kids and seemed like a good father? Go figure? Multiple felonies wow! Home invasion again? Pretty damn sad I tell you.

  • Nope michael cady is not a good guy, hes always been a POS from his childhood days till now. He has had alotnof chances too many to count. Now he will atleast serve some real time in prison.

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