Vote No on Measure F, Says Letter to the Editor

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flowersSHCHD once again is asking the folk in SoHum to tax themselves millions of dollars, for the purpose of general operations of the Healthcare District. It is my understanding that the SoHum parcel tax raises $1.3 to $1.4 million per year, and that the money is handed over to SHCHD to do with as it pleases. Another term of 10 years is proposed, which will tax the public approximately $14,000,000.

SHCHD is a Healthcare District, operated since the failure of a previous entity. Healthcare Districts were formed at a time when stopgap healthcare operations became common in rural areas. Many districts operate Skilled Nursing Facilities, and other services, such as Ambulance services and Clinics.

Healthcare in rural areas is a serious issue, sometimes addressed with Federally funded Healthcare Clinics, such as Redway Rural Health, and various other healthcare operations. In Garberville, the hospital has lived through several organizational arrangements, and this is not a history lesson. Suffice it to say that the current existence of SHCHD is dependent upon energies expended by certain individuals, continued Governmental support through payments from Medicare, Medi-Cal, Insurance, and other programs, Governmental Grants and payments to hospitals, donations and gifts, and the parcel tax on real property.

The popularity of District Hospitals varies extremely from District to District. Where the population is larger, better centralized and more cohesive, the hospitals may be perceived more positively. In a community which is diffuse, and non-cohesive, such as SoHum, we need to consider many factors before attempting to levy a parcel tax to support an operation like SHCHD.

The general mode of operation, at SHCHD, is for the Board to discuss the “nuts and bolts” in closed meetings, and then to discuss the ordinary, the repetitive and mechanical business in “open” meetings.

This process conceals the “real” operations from the “public” ones, and one of the primary orders of business at SHCHD appears to be maintaining a Board that is favorable to the Old-Line membership. This continuum of “same as it ever was” has defeated the purposes of SHCHD in the sense that no new thinking is permitted, and repression by the old, keeps evolution from happening.

As the District goes forward, the agendas of the persons who “used to be” on the Board, are thereby maintained. The “missions of the past” are pursued relentlessly, while the needs of the community are often ignored.

The Board of SHCHD claims to have a “Mission”, or a “Vision”, if you will.

When business is conducted in secret, and financial details are not publicly revealed, we develop a culture of “because we say so”, on the part of the District.

So, why do we need it? Because “they say so”!

This kind of thinking, and the acceptance thereof by the employees, and to a limited extent, the community, is severely broken.

The “mission” has become a “delusion”

SHCHD has become an entity far beyond the control of the Community, not only because there is very limited concern and utilization of and for SHCHD in the general region, but because SHCHD has been so poorly and secretly operated, and for a long period of time, while maintained on the funds of the public.

SHCHD feels that we should support it’s low quality of operation, “because they say so”, and because “they say” that “we need it”.

It’s THAT simple, and THAT obtuse!

Without even attempting to discuss specific qualities of management, and the mechanics of the employment processes extant at SHCHD, we need to consider the poor regard which SHCHD actually has for its community.

SHCHD just does whatever it wants, and then expects us to pay for it. Few people in the community ever use SHCHD, but the District expects everyone to pay.

If we vote down one tax measure, SHCHD will simply try again. This is how the parcel tax was passed in the first place!

It is my strong feeling that SHCHD will never change, unless it is denied the support it craves.

The District needs to be operated out in the open, with full disclosure, in a profitable and businesslike manner, and by different people.

Until this occurs, I cannot support the tax measure known as Measure F.

Please join me in insisting that SHCHD change for the better!


Paul Riley




  • This is one of the clearest admonitions I’ve yet read here. If I were up in your neck of the woods, I’d surely vote NO.

    • Anon, since you don’t live in our neck of the woods, you don’t know our community’s reality regarding the Hospital/Clinic/Lab/ PT/SNF, etc. Why base a (hypothetical) decision on this particular person’s perspective? Each of us has our own relationship to the SHCHCD. Why deprive those who use it and SEE THE NEED for its continued existence? As a property owner/double fee payer, I will certainly be voting YES.

    • What we need now is for the So Hum hospital cheer leaders and Yes on F poster boys to get the blog owner to restrict access to the comments section so we can spread our propaganda without opposition.

      • That’s exactly how it works over at Lost Coast out house, their reporters and articles are all agenda-driven and their comments sections are riddled with fake commenters that are actually the reporters and Associates, I worked in their office for 6 hours one day as an outside contractor and I listened to all the bullshit, and how their agenda driven operation works

        • I worked at the Lost Coast Outpost for several years. And, as far as I know, during my time there, no reporter/employee ever commented anonymously. And, the comment section was an area that I focused on.

    • Well Anon, you are not here.and mr rileymakes some good points, but draws the wrong conclusion. Who cares what is popular elsewhere. They are not us.

      We all drive these roads and risk our lives doing so every damned day. The County surely doesn’t take care of them.

      I will gladly pay this small tax to be sure that when, not if, people fall off these dangerous roads, there is a place nearby to wrap their head and send them out for care.

      Mr. Riley is correct that shchcd could use some improvement in governence, but that simply means more qualified people running for the board seats.

    • A Conversationalist

      Anon… Check your facts before you vote no. There is nothing clear about Paul Reilly’s comments other than a previous employee of several hospitals with a beef to carry because he was fired from several facilities, and no one will hire him back.

  • Hallelujah!!! finally some common sense! NO! ON MEASURE “F”AILURE

    • A Conversationalist

      No common sense here. Any medical laboratory clinician can make stuff up that sounds legit. Check your facts?!

  • Ok, I knew this would be coming. I sure wish you all were using your real names. Everybody knows there are a few Haters of the hospital district. They don’t care who is running it, how well it’s doing and how many people use it. They have personal beefs and we all have to hear about them AGAIN. I urge you to not pay any attention to them. They are very loud and obnoxious. They don’t like the way they were treated probably many years ago.

    I really object to having to hear their stories again. In fact I haven’t read the letter or the hate comments. I’ve heard it. They are wrong if they think many many many people don’t use the Clinic and the SNF Unit and the Radiation Dept and especially the Emergency Room. They ask you to vote no, don’t stay open for the folks in emergency situations….of which there are many. Lives are saved and they ask you to vote no to keeping it open. For their own selfish reasons. Sometimes things long ago with different practitioners. So now we all have to write our stories of lives saved, which we have done before.

    We have a few Haters, they hate everything around here. They bitch about everything. I wish they had happy lives but apparently not. Don’t listen to them.

    • The name is right at the bottom, did you read it? As for the 2 comments I don’t see any hate.

      • I guess you missed the previous comments from disgruntled ex employees hiding behind their aliases. Getting canned from any job is a bummer but trying to take down the hospital district to get even is way over the top and one might say selfish.

        • A Conversationalist

          Fully agreed Dave. Absolutely right, very selfish and unnecessarily endangers others jobs as well.

      • A Conversationalist

        Yes Paul Reilly wrote the letter, it’s obvious. Bunny used the statement very broadly signifying commentators in general. I’m pretty sure Bunny can read and can see Paul’s name. What’s concerning about what you view as clearly stated as a few comments stated is why you don’t qualify his statements and the history of his experience in the field. After personal conversations with Paul I can gather several ( several several several several several….. and then some….) jobs he’s been terminated from and has done the same thing to hospital districts all through-out California, including multiple Humboldt county hospitals. Paul clearly has a beef to carry as one comment stated here and it’s not just this hospital district, it encompasses quite a few others. Vote no on listening to Paul Reilly. He is not aware of any of the current changes his previous employers have updated and they refuse to hire him back.

    • The hospital is horrible. It’s nothing personal against you or anyone that needs medical services. I have gone to the ER twice and it was a complete waist of time, a stopping off point until I could escape and get referred to a real practitioner. Luckily it was not life threatening or the wasted time would have been even more valuable.

      It’s also a hard place to get a job even if you are qualified, because of the general frown and closed club. But getting turned down for a job was not really what changed my mind, it was the horrible experience with the ER visits.

      Maybe if the adminstrators are weened from the property tax revenues the hospital can be born again and serve the public interest instead of catering only to the pocketbooks of the private club members. Something better will rise up.

    • Bunny, there are a few haters. You might term me one of them. I don’t hate anybody, but I was ripped off and badly treated by people whom I trusted. I don’t trust them, and I won’t vote to continue things as they are.

      Not everybody who opposes F is “a hater.” And we’re not “a few.” We were more than 60% of the folks who voted the last time. SHCHD has reduced their tax proposal, eliminated a solid block of “NO” voters, and initiated the fear tactic…Save our ER! It may work. I personally support having the facility, but not the secretive, nepotistic, self-serving board of a publicly funded institution.

      You, of course, are a part of the inside group. That explains a lot right there. You’re really not impartial. And It’s a little sad that you choose to attack people whose experiences have led them to oppose the continued public support of the institution.

  • I do respect Mr. Riley’s point of view but mine is different. Here’s a true story of the district. Once upon a time Jerry Phelps and Roy Smunck owned the hospital. When it became apparent that they, with the pressure of ever expanding regulations, could not keep the institution in black ink the district was purchased with a bond issue from the U.S. Farm and Home Administration. Chartered as a public not for profit healthcare district. Through years of dedicated leadership the district struggled to maintain service until the late 90s when the financial shortfall threatened to shut down the district. Even with Dr.s Mark Phelps. Bill Hunter and Ron Hood on board and working the clinic and E.R. the district was losing in excess of $150,000 a month. An outside consulting firm was called in to help. They cut staff and overhauled the administration. The district then filed for bankruptcy and the current parcel tax was proposed. The community stepped up and as a result the tax has passed several times and the District survives today.
    The hospital has been designated as a Critical Access Hospital by the government. One of 34 in the state. The Critical Access program was put in place after dozens of small rural hospital closed through out the state. It does improve reimbursement for Medical patient care but doesn’t close the gap between operational costs and income.
    Much has been made by opponents of the parcel tax regarding the omission of public input and “secrecy” on the part of District administration. In the 6 years I served on the board at the District I can count on one hand the number of times the monthly board of directors meeting had more than one or two members of the public in attendance. The financial reports were available to the public at these meetings. Closed sessions were about personel issues or specific patient care information.
    The bottom line is that voting yes on Measure F will insure we keep the local healthcare options available to our small community. And in our current uncertain economy the parcel tax is a real bargain. Please join me in voting YES on F.

    • Thank you for this history, which is clear and cohesive. If it were not for the hospital, which sent an ambulance out to pick me up and get me to the ER when I suffered a heart attack a few years back, I would not be alive to write this. I urge everyone to vote YES, for the sake of the whole community. We need this hospital, clinic, ER and care facility.

      • My experience was completely different than yours. My brother had a heart attack while washing his airplane at the airport. I called my sister who is an ER nurse at the hospital. She told us to go to Eureka, do not stop at the hospital in Garberville.
        Turns out she was right.
        If I had stopped at the hospital, they would have given him drugs that would have prevented him from having stents installed and they would have had to take him to Eureka anyway.
        The Cardiologists at St. Joe’s stated that my brother would have sustained massive heart damage from the delay in Garberville.
        As it turned out, my brother was out of surgery, with stents installed before I filled out the paper work.I took him home the next day and he has been fine ever since.
        Another time, my brother and his car was run over by the Phillipsville Fire Depts. water truck in the Salmon Creek. The truck was on the way back to Phillipsville, and was completely on the wrong side of the road.
        When I arrived at the scene the ambulance was there and my brother told them to take him to Fortuna. The ambulance people told him that they had to take him to Garberville, my brother said no. They tried to load him up, but my brother pulled his gun on them and when I arrived almost at the same time I did the same.
        I loaded him in my truck and took him to Fortuna, where he had surgery. Again, going to Garberville would have a waste of time, as they could do nothing and would have to ship him to Fortuna anyway. Again, going to Garberville would have put my brother in grave danger.

        • Sure! He would have been arrested at the hospital for pulling a gun on the ambulance personnel . So full of it!

          • A Conversationalist

            So very true and great statement here. hooktender did your brother get any charges file against him for endangering the ambulance drivers. So not very ok to be pulling a gun on an EMT when they’re trying to help. And you almost did the same thing? I wonder what else was going on behind that scenes that you felt you had to be carrying a gun around? Just protecting yourselves from the crazies eh?
            Also EMT’s are trained to know when and when not to cause more damage to someones health. Any one in their right EMT mind would have been able to see in such a massive cardiac event the So. Hospital would not have been the right place to go to. Hooktender did you and your brother again feel the need to pull out guns to stop the EMT’s from stopping at Gville hospital or did the EMT’s do their job and save your brother’s life? I’m very glad the cardiologist made an obvious statement. Sure wouldn’t want heart surgery from someone that didn’t know their job. Did you happen to ask the cardiologist if a critical care access point in so hum is a benefit/help to the southern half or do you just assume you know what you’re talking about?

    • Dave, as much as I appreciate your history and to set the record straight; the SHCHD has been a not-for-profit foundation since 1967 (FEIN 94-6172987). It’s founding Board of Directors were; Malcolm Coombs, James O. Johnson, Harold J. Mendes (Pres), Edward H. Wagner (Sec), E.L. Parrish, Katarina Mitchell and Frances Miller. In 1993, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws for the SHCHD Foundation were amended and re-organized by Dian Pecora (Pres) and Douglas A. Ingold (Sec). And currently (since 2009) administered by Corinne Stromstad (Treasurer).

      There is NOT a lot of information about the Southern Humboldt Community Health District Foundation, nor does it seem they do much for the SHCHD or the community. Given the fact the SHCHD is a public agency and funded by public property tax assessments and fees, why SHCHD never used their Foundation as a tax exempt and public benefit support organization for the hospital district is mind-boggling.

      Dave, you were on the SHCHD Board, right? How come they never used the benefits of the Foundation? Do you know who is currently on the SHCHD Foundation Board of Directors?

      • A Conversationalist

        Ed Voice…..SHCHD is not funded by public property tax, and what fees are you referencing? The property tax operates to subsidize the short fall of funding/reimbursement from the public agencies which local folks may or may not pay taxes into, yet receive the benefits still. Still the district gives credits to property owners in the same amounts as the tax assessment so really not seeing where a property owner is loosing out except for potential property value decrease with out localized healthcare? Also I’m confused about your question to Dave…..I’m almost hearing you say SHCHD and the foundation are separate? If they are i would gather public funding and the tax assessment are paying the districts bills and there’s this separate pool of money’s somewhere? In that case I would want to know as a public person what the foundation is doing seeming as your statement is suggesting its not actively benefiting us. But if your statement is all inclusive, I’m sure folks are seeing the benefits on a daily basis.

        • It doesnt matter to Eddie. He is not a member of our community. He once was, but was nothing more than a tick

        • A Conversationalist ~ Then if I were you, I would suggest you start asking questions; given the fact the SHCHD Foundation claims they make less than $25,000 in gross annual revenue and even less in total assets, I would say they are separate from the SHCHD:

          In all the years my family lived and owned our property in Redway/Garberville (1961-2015) and my Mom volunteered at the hospital (Sunshine Girls), I never knew the SHCHD Foundation existed until this year. But like I educated Dave, they have been around since 1967. Why was the SHCHD Foundation never used as intended, i.e. as a tax exempt support organization for the hospital? It seems they have a separate Board of Directors from the hospital, do you know who they are and what they do, besides sponsoring Measure F “mixers”?

  • Today I had another excellent Physical Therapy appointment with Martjie and Trevor at the SHCHD facility. Every time I have been to an appointment for PT I have run into neighbors from my original neighborhood, my now neighborhood and places in between. A good cross section of our community members.
    One item that the district tax does pay for is the Thera-con PT folks travel costs. They come form Eureka 5 days a week and their 4+ hour schedule is Always full. So they see a lot of outpatient folks everyday and some of the SNF or hospital patients as necessary.
    Thera-Con will not be able to continue their 5 day/week trips to Garberville if the parcel tax is not passed.
    What that means is that Every person receiving PT locally will have to travel to Fortuna or Eureka once or twice a week for Physical Therapy IF they can manage that or get a ride if they don’t drive. Besides costing a lot in folks time the cost of gas can add up pretty quick.
    I don’t agree with all that has happened at the SHCHD facility over the years and have had some experiences I wasn’t happy with either, but I have also gotten good services there over the years since 1970.
    I feel when people try to make the place the issue verses their smaller issue they are not seeing the bigger picture.
    There is always some bad with the good in any life adventure.

  • Look, this is very simple. This is only about money, control, and regard.

    Save the history. That was then. This is now.

    If you go to an “open” board meeting, you will have trouble staying awake. They talk and talk. In 2018, they talk about the same things as they did in 2012.

    They never talk about where the money is coming from, they never post the financials, and, they never indicate that they care about the needs of the community.

    There is never any account of the dealings covered in the “closed” meetings.

    In the end, the same people are in control, and nothing ever changes.

    Money from the tax levy is scooped in with the rest, and the salaries, bills and other costs are paid.

    The community controls nothing, and after the tax check clears, it’s business as usual.

    You and I have nothing else to say that SHCHD, a supposedly public entity, wants to hear.

    ONLY by withholding these funds, will anything change.

    SHCHD is NOT essential. There is healthcare up 101, and down 101. There is healthcare in Redway.

    In an emergency, you are better off in an ambulance. Or a helicopter.

    Save your tax money and buy helicopter ambulance insurance instead. The helicopter crew is crack-trained, has the best equipment and pharmaceuticals money can buy, and they are in the business of getting you to care quickly.

    Going to SHCHD during a crisis is a waste of time that could cost you your life. They are disorganized, poorly trained, badly equipped and barely staffed.


    The community has NO control over SHCHD.

    SHCHD does as it pleases.

    Why pay for this?


    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      Isn’t it about time for So Hum growers (and No Hum ones as well) to stop pleading poverty; some of you should be ashamed of your selfishness. We all are well aware of how (unofficially) RICH so many of you are, so quit complaining about 34 cents per day! Especially when some of you have paid absolutely NO INCOME TAXES FOR DECADES. If you need to dig up a few hundred thousand dollars out of your backyard to cover the 34 cents, then go do it and stop complaining already.

      P.S. – It must be nice to have your “problems”.

    • Inquiring minds want to know more

      And Paul where do you live? You have such a strong opinion on the healthcare district, do you live in Southern Humboldt? Or, are you just a disgruntled former employee who was fired because he nearly had the facility shut down due to his incompetence.

      It’s amazing that someone who does not live in this district, and yet continues to apply for a position at this facility, would campaign so hard against this facility. Those of us who know you know that most of what you claim is based on hard feelings and not facts.

      If you hate this facility as much as you claim, why do you keep trying to get a job at this facility? If you do not think the board or the administration is doing a sound job why don’t you show up to board meetings?

      Quite frankly, you just seem like a jaded, disgruntled former employee who is seeking revenge against your former employee — kind of reminds me of a bad Lifetime movie. 🙁 (sad face)

  • bunny: i only see the word “hate” (4 times) in YOUR “bitchy” whining long winded comment. unlike you do – i actually read it because although i disagree with your opinion i respect your right to express it. my life is very happy in a new place where truly competent quality health care is a reality. i simply do not wish to throw my limited income down the SHCHD toilet.

  • My problem with the publicly funded hospital is that they want commitments from the community but will not make any commitments to the community. One half of the employees at the hospital are non medical support staff. For decades the hospital has treated these team members like shit. The hospital is fine with a huge turnover in these positions because the hospital is a club of highly trained and highly paid supremacists. The non medical team members at SHCHD should get a living wage and the same benefits that the medical staff receive. The hospital should encourage lifetime employees instead of encouraging short term employees. We are the ones that have committed to living our entire lives here. We do not have portable medical degrees that allow us to move on to greener pastures when we get bored with SoHum. One day soon SoHum will have a massive earthquake and the most important staff in that hospital will not be the medical staff, it will be the non medical team members who clean it all up and put it all back together again while the doctors are doing triage in the street. Do you really want minimum wage employees in those positions? Is SHCHD really a part of the community?

    • Don’t forget the allied healthcare professionals, XRAY, Lab Staff, and Nurses who have also been churned and burned by SHCHD.

      SHCHD is excellent at one thing: creating ex-employees and community members who do not support SHCHD.

      This facility has one of the worst reputations, among allied healthcare professionals, in California. SHCHD habitually staffs with contractors and travelers, some of whom are not even US Citizens, because no one else will work there.

      Travelers do not care about your community.

      Hold back the money.

      Withhold support.

      VOTE NO ON F!

    • Inquiring minds want to know more

      If you have have read SHCHD job openings advertisements you would see that SHCHD minimum wage is $15.50/hour, well above the state minimum wage, as well as San Fran minimum wage — not sure what you consider a “livable wage”.

      I can assure you that SHCHD values every employee at SHCHD. This facility would not function without every member of the SHCHD team. There is not a single employee who is more valuable than the next.

  • Mr. Riley,
    I would like to respond to your many, many comments, under your various aliases and personalities. I made a promise to myself that I would not respond to the hate and lies found daily on the blogs. One of the things I dislike most is when free speech is used to discredit people when it is unwarranted. You can say all the hateful things and lies and no one can stop you. Responding just brings on more of the same. But you crossed the line with your ongoing diatribe against the Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District. I understand that you are a very disgruntled ex-employee and are on a campaign to destroy the district. Perhaps you would like to share with the readers why you were fired and why you were not allowed to reapply. I for one don’t really care, but that seems to be where you are generating all this hate. Our current lab manager and his staff have recently been nominated for two awards for their exemplary work and for that I applaud them. When you make false accusations and slam the district, you are personally attacking me and those I work with who are dedicated to what they do and to those we serve. In the last two years the entire administration has changed with the exception of one position and the governing board has two new members. Speaking of the board meetings, yes they can be boring, but then daily business of any entity like this is boring for the most part. Closed session is held to discuss personnel matters and/or patient care, which are both protected by law. As for the financials, Finance Committee meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month and the public is welcome to attend. The financials are once again presented at the open board meetings the following Thursday and anyone can obtain a copy of the board packet if requested. My family has received excellent care in the clinic, laboratory, radiology department, physical therapy and the emergency room. One member had to receive 10 days of IV antibiotics and we were sure glad to have the ER so we didn’t have to travel to Fortuna or Eureka for a one-hour appointment each day. Concerning employees, our starting wage for any position is $15.50 per hour when the minimum wage in California is $11.00 per hour. So once again you do not know what you are talking about. We also treasure each and every employee who works here to keep us going day after day. You have not worked here in years, so you do not know what you are speaking of. Every time you insult the district you are insulting each and every one of us who work here and all our patients who put their health care in our hands. One of our longtime residents asked, “If Measure F doesn’t pass am I going to lose my home?” I couldn’t come up with an answer for him other than to say, “I have faith in our community that they will want to keep our clinic, lab, radiology, physical therapy, emergency room and skilled nursing facility.” Please Vote Yes on Measure F. Over 85 employees, 8 residents and many community members depend on it.
    Susan Gardner
    Employee of SHCHD

    • Susan:

      There is a lot of difference between a parcel tax, and an employee of a healthcare district.

      I don’t want to pay a parcel tax, but I do want you to be able to make a living. I am glad the lowest paid persons got a raise.

      I don’t oppose healthcare workers, and I am one myself. Have been for 41 years.

      It’s the tax I object to, and the operation I perceive in Garberville at Jerold Phelps Hospital.

      I can’t close a hospital. I do not hope to destroy it. I want it to change, evolve, and be operated by new people. I want the hospital district to serve the community, by providing needed services, operating profitably, and by being managed in a businesslike manner.

      I do not need to work there. I came there to help the district, and for my trouble, I was treated pretty poorly, and so were many who came with and after me. I and they are now helping someplace else.

      Nobody is attacking you personally. I do not seek to take your job, or someone’s SNF bed away.

      I seek to return control of the hospital to the community, and end the parcel tax until the community perceives control of the hospital district has passed back to the community. This means new administrators, elected board members, and retirement of some long term employees.

      Ending the parcel tax is about the only leverage the community has against the poorly operated Healthcare District, other than going elsewhere for services.

      85 employees, and 8 residents’ needs are not greater than the needs of the 10,000+ residents of SoHum.

      You can have the hospital, just not the tax.

      NO ON F!

    • Vote No On Being FDDDDDD

      My son came home with a letter from UCSF telling them in no uncertain terms were they qualified to treat my child and they were directed to call them first before any treatment. They consider them not qualified to even do a blood test.

  • Veterans friend

    Redundent CT scanner, with no one to run it (a currently advertised position)$250,000. And utter disruption of the ER.

    • Get educated before spreading false information

      so sad that people want to spread false information (aka lies) about the facility. SHCHD has a very qualified CT tech, who is well versed in Xray and Mammo. My understanding is that they are looking for a 2nd tech to work per diem so that the current tech does not not to work 7 days a weeks — she can have at least 2 days off a week. If you have questions about SHCHD staffing you can always call them up and ask them — seems rather hateful to spread untruths (aka lies).

      I can just as easily come up with untruths about you, Veterans friend does not actually have a friend who was a veteran…see, I don’t know the facts but can claim untruths just as easily; seems odd, but I can. It would make more sense for me to ask you directly rather than spread untruths (aka lies).

      And who is making $250,000 at SHCHD — the CEO doesn’t even make that much! And where was the disruption in the ER — I’m pretty sure the disruption was caused by the homeless chick who threw a garbage can at the glass door and shattered it. And thankfully we are living in a police state and the facility had to get OSHPD approval for the replacement door; which is why to took so long. Yay teakers and yay state regulations!

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        The CEO is paid $230,000yr, or approximately $110/hr.

        SHCHD frequently hires one Rad Tech when it needs two, one Med Tech when it needs two, etc.

        The one they hire will be paid to be “on-call” around the clock, 7 days/week.

        This is, obviously, unsustainable, and results in an employee so burned out that he will make a mistake, chew someone’s head off, or just be cranky and “unlikable”, and, the person doing this will make a very large paycheck, and everyone will start hating them. Then the lucky tech will be fired.

        Happened to me at Jerold Phelps Hospital, and a few other places.

        Hiring and staffing like this is idiotic, and guaranteed to result in problems, but they just keep doing it!

        Threatening to close the ER if the tax does not pass, and threatening to close the hospital, repeatedly, is THE most disingenuous tactic used by SHCHD!

        The hospital will not close. The ER, it won’t close EVER, because several Doctors get paid LOTS of money to work there.

        In fact, the hospital won’t close because the Administrators get paid LOTS of money to operate this poor quality and badly managed facility, and they want their paychecks!

        The board at SHCHD is totally unqualified. Corrine Stromstad has has her run for ten years, and where are we? Matt Rees is overpaid and low performing. The CAT scam cost a million bucks, and also cost over $300,000 for the lot purchased North of the ER.

        Where is the money coming from? Who originally thought up this crazy plan to drive the hospital off a financial cliff? And why do you hire 85 employees to operate a 3 bed hospital that seldom has even one inpatient?

        SHCHD is an EXTREMELY poor steward of the public’s funds! The decisions made there, appear to be VERY poorly thought out.

        Threatening closure is NOT new for these people! SHCHD will try this election over and over.




        • Shanna Archibold

          What do you mean by 85 staff members for a 3 bed facility? Have you ever been there? The Garberville hospital is much more than just an emergency room. Every Christmas I take the local 4-H kids caroling and to deliver Christmas presents at the skilled nursing facility. There are usually around 10 full time residents who are living their lives there with full medical care. They also have a waiting list of more people who need this service.

          Besides bed space and emergency room, many services are offered. There are also labs that are used by the hospital, Redwoods Rural Health Center, and other doctors. There are x-ray, mammogram, CT scan and other services available. There is physical therapy services also.

          Then there is the ambulance. The ambulance service that picks up injured people with their life blood draining away or gasping that last breath and delivers them to the ER for stabilization or to the nearest open field for a life flight/ emergency helicopter ride to San Francisco or Redding.

          The truth of the matter is no one ever wants to use an ambulance or emergency room…EVER! But when you need to use it, that 1-2 hour drive to Willits or Fortuna can mean death. When the neccesity for an ambulance occurs and you are the one making that horribly surreal 911 call and counting every second until the ambulance shows up while holding someone’s hand, you don’t want to wait for a lost driver from Fortuna who followed the GPS to the wrong road.

          If you feel so strongly about change being needed for the hospital, please put your time where your concern is and run for the board. I say Expand the skilled nursing facility so the hospital makes more money. Let’s open a birthing room. But people are saying they won’t even give the hospital the amount of money they spend on coffee, cable, amazon prime, a dinner for 2 at Cecil’s restaurant. This isn’t sending anybody to the poor house. This is NOT A NEW TAX, just a continuation of the old one. Please rethink your reasons for voting no.

          • Birthing room would be nice.

          • Hmmmm…

            I worked there for a year. So, yes, I have been there.

            They do have some services, but a birthing room? Look around. Nobody at SHCHD wants to provide Women’s Health because they don’t want to hear the word ABORTION!

            Women’s Health is quite unimportant to SHCHD, since they feel that there is too much liability associated with caring for women. And since certain churches greatly influence their decisions…

            SHCHD mostly only HIRES women, but it does not seem to want to CARE for them.

            A public agency, they call it…

            And, Shanna, Susan G. above assures us that the roster of employees contains 85 persons. And 8 SNF residents. Seems like there used to be 50 employees, and 16 SNF residents.

            It was only about 3 years ago that Mr Jasper was promising to pay $12/hr, and now there are supposedly many persons making $15.50/hr. Business must be improving!

            So why do they need a tax?

            They WANT the tax, but they still are failing to:

            -Operate profitably.
            -Operate lines of profitable business, like Pharmacy, Women’s Health, Behavioral Health.
            -Operate with ELECTED Board members
            -Operate with reasonably paid and competent Administrators
            -Follow SHCHD’s own employment policies

            Among many other deficiencies.

            SHCHD does not operate an Ambulance Service. Too much competition.

            Fortuna is 45 minutes. I can find it in the dark, and in the fog. Worked there too!
            Howard Hospital is 65 minutes South. I have worked there. Brand new, nice!

            Jerold Phelps Hospital is NOT essential, and may be a poor choice in an emergency.

            I recommend Helicopter Ambulance Insurance for each person in SoHum. Save your tax money and purchase this service each year. It might save you or a family member. SHCHD should provide this to it’s employees!

            YOU might love the hospital, but I think it’s a poor excuse for a medical facility, I think SHCHD is pretty lost, poorly applied, and I think SHCHD has little regard for the needs of the community. The tax is not necessary, and my feeling is that the campaign is dishonest, based on fear tactics, and that it is people like YOU that don’t know what is going on in your hospital!


            • [edit] Abortion has nothing to do with a birthing room. I didn’t even bother to read the rest of that winded statement, which seems to be a fear tactic in itself.


            • Shanna Archibold

              Paul Riley, Taurus Ballsoff and what ever other names you are going by today,

              I won’t bother with responding to most of your diatribe. However I feel even you would agree that City Ambulance would no longer station two ambulances in Garberville if the emergency room closes. I’m also guessing that even you would agree it is not safe to get to Fortuna in 45 minutes from many locations in the Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District, such as Shelter Cove, Alderpoint, upper Salmon Creek and Piercy.
              The golden hour is essential in many life threatening emergency situations.

              I still ask everyone to PLEASE reconsider their vote on measure F. Thank you to all who take the time to read this and make informed decisions on election day.

              • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

                That’s just silly, of course the ambulance will be here.

                The ER won’t close. The sky will not fall, either.

                This tax is unnecessary, and so is SHCHD.

                If you love it, YOU pay for it.


                NO ON F!

  • I am relatively new here and can’t say I know anything about any misuse of money! I can say that I have spent time in the ER recently. I was treated professionally by wonderful staff, nurses and the doctor on duty. They were doing their best in a crappy hospital!!
    I understand that last year when a new hospital was proposed, tax payers turned it down! Why? There is a lot of money here…..You know who you are! Instead of complaining about this old facility, why not put your money where your mouth is.
    I live in Shelter Cove. If I need immediate care, I will be taken out by helicopter to the little old, not -up -to standards hospital in Garberville. When people complain that it is “terrible”, then they shouldn’t have voted NO
    on the new hospital last year.
    This building will close shortly because it can’t be upgraded, and there will be NO care. None, nada, nothing, then let’s see who is complaining.
    There is a lot of money here in the hills. Put it to good use and build a new hospital.

    • you won’t be taken to Garberville by helicopter

    • you will be taken out from shelter cove to the “crappy” (your word of choice) garberville hospital in a helicopter? really? hahahaaahaa good luck with that! “NO” ON “F”ailure (and on the “crappy” SHCHD money toilet)

    • p.s. sandra you are new and motivated. perhaps you will be the one who initiates a measure funding a shelter cove hospital where your mouth is. 4000 lots X $125.00 per year. 5 million dollars over the next ten years that shelter cove would contribute toward this tax you love so much could then be put to good use toward a new hospital. be the change!

    • Land of the fee

      Do you own property in Shelter Cove? 4000 people do with about 3000 of them that can not vote to protect their own interest. If you don’t own property you can go to the tax auction next year and score some cheap pieces from the people who can’t afford to pay the taxes year after year, and then you can pay the taxes year after year, buy as many as you want and give to the cause you love. We just got a higher fire fee too. Knock yourself out. Welcome to the land of the fee. Truck registration just went up to $1100. Gas is going to $4, chip in on the tax for your canopy to support your favorite government retiree. There’s no end in sight for good causes you can support. And well, if you don’t want to pay, you can always let the next guy pick it up in 5 years at the auction. Maybe he will build you a new hospital.

      • i still own and pay tax on several shelter cove parcels, and paid the tax on 23 parcels there for over 20 of the 27 years i have paid this tax. i bought many of them at the county tax auction. i neither get to vote on the tax, nor do i use that “hospital” becsuse i live in oregon. shelter cove could have had an excellent hospital with the money we paid this last 40 years.

        • Don’t own a bunch of property and then complain about taxes, no one made you buy it.

          How many of the hospital haters and no on F commenters here actually OWN PROPERTY IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY? Too bad we couldn’t get an honest count.

          • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

            Poor multi-parcel property owners (otherwise known as landlords)… It must be rough being a millionaire. 💰 And anyways, it’s not like YOU are going to pay the 34 cents per day; you’ll just pass the cost along to your tenants[edit]

    • There you go again, volunteering your neighbors to pay for something YOU want!

      • if i am going to be forced into paying this horrible tax, then it should at least be for a decent localized hospital, and not for a death trap in garbageville. NOOOO ON “F”AILURE

      • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

        And you are correct, it’s crappy.

  • Vote No On Being FDDDDDD

    I have one answer where our money went Harry Jasper was the main rip off and now a new clown takes the big bucks. Some of the bigest paid shmucks in Humboldt County

  • I’m voting yes & so are 5 of my family members! Saw 4 of my neighbors are also!

    Vote YES on F!

    Don’t give into the

    I’m not gonna be cheap about 34cents a day, when I can cut $15 dollar worth of coupons a week, from the Sunday paper, online etc & cover the difference plus! Geez people!

    • XCoastalPrincess

      You can’t cut coupons to save $15 a week on groceries in So Hum. Unless you’re shopping North or South of Garberville/Redway, that is. So you want us, the people that ACTUALLY support our fellow community members by doing our business where they are employed or own businesses to piss away our money on a tax for a disorganized poorly run supposedly community based hospital district that doesn’t really care about the community?
      I think a better solution would be a Skilled Nursing Facility. Period. I’ve had dealings with this “hospital” . My son had stitches From an ER doc. That was ok. I’ve had xrays there, and was double billed. One billing as an inpatient service, and another for an xray. Funny, they were the same price. I also had PT there, except that the therapist kept getting called away to do assessments on hospital patients. My appointment was supposed to be approximately 30 minutes and I was there sometimes for over 90 minutes. I was informed that was one of the reasons they were able to come into Phelps hospital, to work on hospital patients, while booking their own patients for physical therapy at the same time. But that the hospital patients had priority. Why? They weren’t going anywhere if they were inpatients. And I wasn’t the only one they kept waiting. Again the billings were a bit suspect.
      When I broke my arm about a year ago, I opted to go to Fortuna and bypass Phelps completely. Yeah, I was in a tad bit of pain from Whitethorn to Fortuna, but I would have ended up in Fortuna anyway.
      I’m tired of the halfway house ER treatments people get at Phelps. If the EMTs can’t get you stabilised for transport, we need better EMTs, not a stop at Phelps where they’ll not be able to help if you need emergency surgery, blood transfusion, to give birth, ect. Why do I want to continue to propagate that type of care with my hard earned money?
      VOTE NO ON F!!!

      • I gather more than that per week for free, every week and I save that extra & plus, shopping locally too. Only take 20-60mins a week. Have you ever tried it? Obviously not

        ps. Sign up your email online with Ray’s and you’ll receive extra in the mail. Also sign up for their card, which brings more discounts & coupons. Plus online manufacturers have coupons readily available to print.

  • I live in Southern Humboldt.
    I’m not a hater of the hospital.
    I don’t plan to use the hospital EVER.
    But, I do plan to vote against the proposed tax!

    • No on F, it mainly penalizes rural land owners.

      • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        I feel sorry for you rich, racist redneck Republikkkan multimillionaires – how will you survive? 34 cents a day??? You’re so oppressed… Don’t cry. 😢

        You might even have to purchase some new stills to be able to increase your moonshine production for the purpose of increased profits to be able to cover that exorbitant sum of 34 cents! How awful… 💰🌝 🥃🍸💰

  • I wonder how many of you No’s really have an alterior motive here, say maybe, land grab after all the prices fall bottom bucket, because no services available, rape & pillage, say maybe the last resources in So Hum? You no’s think you might be saving a dollar but you might be signing over your only running car.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      The people, the citizens, the 10,000+ persons present in SoHum, they are not the ones trying to sell you a crazy plan, a total mistruth, a fraudulent scam!

      The people of SoHum are not the ones with ulterior motives.

      The people who want your $14,000,000 are the Administrators and Board Members of SHCHD. These are the poor stewards of the public’s trust, the ones misusing the resources and always asking for more!

      These are the characters, less than 10 individuals, with the personal, fradulent motives.


    • The ER there is a complete joke, they will not be forced to close the ER if this tax doesn’t pass. And even if that was the reason for the tax the retrofit to make it earthquake proof cost something like 750,000. They want 14 million claiming so they are using a 3/4 million job as leverage. It’s another classics example of misusing public funds plain and simple and landowners have had enough. They think by trying to pass the tax on parcels the public will be more likely to vote for it thinking that landowners have the money to spare. The problem is that most of the time renters end up paying the difference making sohum unaffordable housing even more expensive. My neighbor owners 9 parcels, not because she is wealthy some are only just over a acre in size and valued at under 2000 dollars. And contrary to what they claim the county will not let her merge them. Everyone saying “it’s less than a dollar a day!” This would be a 12,000 dollar tax on her over 10 years and she is retired on a fixed income. Taxing some of the parcels almost their entire value. None o f her parcels are rentals or income properties. She is considering having to sell her property and more, not because she wants to just because southern Humboldt is and has been becoming too expensive to live here and this is just another nail in the coffin. You want a bigger budget and a newer hospital? People want to be able to afford to live here. Not only do I say no on F this time, but the next time and the next time as they will never learn to balance their budget. I’m sure free money is awesome but it isn’t free to everyone that has to pay it.

      • 9 properties & broke, Sure! She couldn get an extra $1,350 from the community credit union with all that equity on hand, to cover the payment. To own 9 properties and be surprised about being taxed multiple Times, wow!

        • 9 unbuildable Shelter Cove properties might be enough to create poverty all by itself. And you suggest she finance more to meet your expectations?

          • $o her financial mishap is why someone should go without ER services in So Hum? Because she made bad choices? If your So concerned about your friends bad choices, then start a GoFundMe for her, explain her bad choices and I’m sure someone will help cover that for her. I’ll be the 1st to donate toward it.

            • You missed the point entirely. But no surprise there. It’s not bad choices. You work your whole life to be able to afford what you have. And then you have irresponsible people who can’t manage their budget lying to the public to raise the cost of living (in a already expensive area). When you pencil out your retirement you usually don’t figure on being taxed more than some of the parcels are worth and it is a blatant lie that the county will easily allow you to merge these parcels

            • Then donate away. But extortion by crying moral outrage at those who do not want to do so is nothing but attempted bullying. Anyone has a perfect right to feel that they can not afford someone else’s expenses or that they did not get value for their taxes. Argue the value if that is what you believe.

        • Why should she go into debt so your wife can keep her cushy job and support you? Why don’t you donate your property and take out a reverse mortgage on your home and bequeath it to the hospital you love? Because you are too cheap and you only love the money. You want to put people at a disadvantage so you can profit.

          • Missed no point at all. When planning a retirement, a good plan, includes a buffer for life’s curve balls, like extra taxes, that my occur yrs later. Readdress it every way you like, it was still bad planning.

            As for me, I’m willing to pay my fair share of 34cents a day, not for myself, but for others that have openly shared their stories, who did benefit from SHCHD, in their times of need. Simple really.

            • WOW so a property owner who votes NO on a bad tax should not own property, and has planned their investment poorly. that makes so much sense. how intelligent. such insight.

            • for the life of me I don’t see how anyone would call not wanting higher taxes bad planning but operating cut rate hospital at a loss for basically forever isn’t. a flat rate sales tax would make more sense or even a tax for the actual amount of the retrofit not 20 times more. But what business wouldn’t like to operate with virtually no accountability or financial responsibility? I would like to think if they weren’t lying about their situation and actually requested a appropriate amount that this measure wouldn’t be opposed so strongly, but they didn’t now did they?

              • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

                Do you expect the world to come to a screeching halt just because YOU retired? Life goes on. The fact that you are voluntarily unemployed is YOUR choice. The residents of So Hum require these medical services, whether you like it or not. Be selfish if you want, but you WILL be outvoted. Deal with it.

                VOTE YES ON F. 👈🏼

    • I don’t have a dog in this fight but I can see where the land/property/land parcel owners are tired of packing the tax weight.

      Why is it always the property owners?

      Why not establish tax for everyone in that district?

      You know … community effort for a community hospital. To me, it makes more sense (wider tax/user base) and also more fair.

  • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

    Kym, how do you put up with all of these right-wing trolls? You have much more patience than myself, I must say.

    • The left wing folks who rage on are almost worse because I have higher expectations of good behavior.

      • Oh Kym. That’s sweet. And something I think about people who confuse being conservative with feeling they have the right to do whatever they want too. I expect principled behavior from anyone subscribing to a political philosophy. What really happens is self aggrandizing behavior just hides behind the name. People who can not be civilized in a comment section shouldn’t hide behind label as justification.

        Dang it. I think you may be my favorite liberal. I might have to leave off tilting at windmills if this idea takes hold.

      • Ooo, burn, nice one Kym.

      • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        Are there any left-wing folks in this comments section? Because it sure doesn’t seem like it… 😌
        (Which was my implied point in the first place, of course. 🙂). Hey, left-wingers (if you’re out there) – REPRESENT!

        And, if you perhaps think that I’m left-wing, that would probably come as a shock to most people who know me. Being a partisan Democrat doesn’t automatically make you “left-wing”. (But of course Kym already knew that, but as for the rest of you… Well, enjoy The Summer of Mueller!)

  • Voted NO on F. I and other family members have experienced unbelievable unethical conduct. Had a relative who had 25 years of nursing experience working in specially areas like ICU/CCU/Burn Units/Hospice in the Bay Area apply. She was not even given a response. This happened to another family member who was EMT. No response. Reading in the paper that they hired a former Chamber of Commerce Director, with no Healthcare experience and a questionable past, as Human Resource Director, just because she had a B.A.,was a very telling. The public and much more qualified individuals denied the opportunity to apply.
    Being a resident of this area for many decades the hospital dynamics has been manipulated by the very same incestuous Garberville click whose values are reflective of the drug culture. There is no over sight and the mores and values of those running this organization reflect in the ongoing staff turnover!

  • Get educated before spreading false information

    The current Human Resources Director has over 10 years in hospital management experience, a bachelors degree, and her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification. If you would like to review her credentials I’m sure she would be more than willing to have a conversation with you.

    • Fact: Your Human Resource employees have received countless applications over the years. Professionals personal information!! Explain your review process and why perfectly qualified applicants are not given the professional curtesy of basic communication. Like “We received your application and will notify you for an interview etc.. Your CURRENT HR Director has not worked at that facilty for 10 years in that position. Dee Way held that position which was stated in the Independent.

  • I already made my NO vote on my mail in ballot. I feel good about it & hopefully this tax will lose & I’ll be keeping my money in my pocket.

    I really do resent the YES cheerleaders calling people haters or whatever their talking point insult of the day is to anyone that doesn’t agree with them. When I see these rants by people I always vote against their wishes if I have no opinion on a issue.

    The liberal CA politicians are already robbing the citizens with that fat registration fee increase & gas & diesel tax increases. At what point will all these extra must have taxes & fees increases stop.

    I’ve NEVER voted to raise my taxes no matter what feel good sob story is pitched.

    VOTE NO on F & keep your money in your pocket so you can afford to live in your retirement years!

  • The parcel tax is already in place. It is not a new tax but a renewal of an already existing one. Garberville need its ER. I’m voting yes, as I have in the past.

  • The parcel tax is already in place. It is not a new tax but a renewal of an already existing one. Years ago I experienced an anaphylactic situation from a tick bite and was having trouble breathing. I drove to the local ER, where I was quickly and successfully treated. A friend experienced an even more serious anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting and could barely breathe before he could get to the local ER. I’m not sure he would have made it if he’d had to be driven to Fortuna. Garberville needs its ER. I’m voting yes, as I have in the past.

  • A disgruntled former employee is the last person I’m going to let inform my decision. Not exactly unbiased.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    From my point of view, the people who say that:
    -the folks opposed to Measure F are “haters” and
    -they are “disaffected former employees” who want “to destroy” the hospital,
    -property values will plummet
    -“the hospital will close”
    -“the ER will close”
    -the opposer is “lying about everything”
    -you should volunteer to be on the board
    -you should go to a board meeting

    The “pro-measure F crowd”, are very emotional, rather over-wrought, and full of the half-truths that SHCHD circulates before each election.

    SHCHD threatens to close, but, in fact, if it was in bankruptcy, management companies would appear wanting to take over, and the hospital would continue, under new management or new owners.

    Look around, this is currently happening in Colusa, Cedarville, Tulare, and in Lone Pine.

    It could be that outside management would be an improvement, but, THE HOSPITAL WILL NOT CLOSE. THE ER WILL NOT CLOSE, regardless of the outcome of Measure F.

    Property Values are NOT linked to available services. There is no peer-reviewed study indicating that this will happen in Northern California. And especially not in Humboldt County.

    The property value argument is all smoke. Don’t buy it.

    You can go to a board meeting, but bored is what you will be. Take some No-Doze. The Board does not want your input. You can’t just be on the Board by volunteering! If they don’t know you or like you, you will never be on the board. You would have to be in their church, in their club, a relative, or the child of a prominent donor. Or you would have to BE a big donor.

    They don’t ELECT the Board, the Board appoints persons they like! Period.

    If you previously worked there, at SHCHD, no one in Garberville EVER wants to see you again. You are poison. Especially if you worked under Harry Jasper, or made a decent salary. POISON.

    EVERYONE will blame you for EVERYTHING bad that EVER happened at SHCHD. You. can’t. ever. work. here. again. The End.

    They are very afraid of competent people who “might change something”.

    It’s very amusing.

    The pernicious, paranoid, particularly provincial, parochial, puerile and persnickety folks at SHCHD LOVE their silly little hospital. They will tell you to “join the family”, but they don’t tell you how dysfunctional the family really is…

    Which brings us to the haters…

    The REAL haters are the ones who call everyone opposed to Measure F, a “hater”, and the REAL liars
    are the SHCHD crowd trying to sell YOU this mess.

    The Mess that was assembled at the last minute, just like Measure W.

    And they are selling it with the same disingenuous tactics.

    The REAL “disaffected” are the ones who want no changes, and who want you to “just pay for it”!



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