31.38 Miles of Irrigation Hose and More Cleaned Up From Trespass Marijuana Grows

Shasta-Trinity National Forest marijuana illegal grow sitePress release from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest:

Law Enforcement and Investigations (LEI) on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest completed a marijuana grow site reclamation operation focused on sites in Trinity County that affected the South Fork of the Trinity River.  The operation was funded by the Forest Service Pacific Southwest Regional Office with resources set aside strictly for marijuana grow site clean ups.

“These grow sites were in remote locations and were difficult to access, making remediation efforts challenging and costly,” explained Patrol Captain Carson Harris. “The sites are far from roads, and because they contain toxic pesticides and other hazardous materials, HAZMAT protocols must be followed.”

In February 2018, LEI, assisted by Integral Ecology Research Center (IERC) and the Watershed Research and Training Center, were able to collect grow infrastructure into pre-staged sling load sites at eight different marijuana grows for removal with a helicopter at a later date. “To reduce the grow site impacts and discourage illegal growers from returning, we remove all the infrastructure. If we leave it intact, growers will return and reuse the same sites,” said Harris.Shasta-Trinity National Forest marijuana illegal grow site
From May 7 through May 11, LEI, assisted by IERC, the Watershed Center, Trinity County Resource Conservation District, Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, California Department of Justice (Siskiyou Major Investigation Team and North State Marijuana Investigation Team) and California National Guard performed reclamation on the eight pre-staged marijuana grows. They were able to reclaim four additional marijuana grow sites as well.

Shasta-Trinity National Forest marijuana illegal grow site “We used helicopters to air-lift tons of garbage and miles of irrigation piping. The team removed 950 pounds of fertilizer, 30 pounds of hazardous materials including pesticides, 24 propane tanks, 12 car batteries and 31.38 miles of irrigation hose. The total weight of infrastructure removed from the sites was 21,895 pounds,” stated Harris.

Law Enforcement and Investigations is pleased to report that this operation restored 95 percent of the 69 acres of land involved in these grow sites. This operation could not have been successful without the support and dedication from our cooperating agencies and partners. LEI on the Shasta-Trinity National Forest is committed to reclaiming our national forest system land and striving to preserve our natural resources for the public and for generations to come.



  • No arrests wtf i hope this does not end up in the landfills

  • Too bad you can’t throw pipe in a chipper.
    I’ve cleaned up a lot of old line and you can drag it pretty easy as long as there are no clamps on it.
    Some dumps require you cut it into small sections.
    I throw old chicken wire into landslides and blowouts to try to get something for the dirt and regrowth to settle into.
    You can hook pipe up to a vehicle and drag it forever.

  • That is a pretty exact measurement of poly pipe …

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    These trespass grows are all over them thar hills. We used to find them all the time during our timber sale tree plantation inventories for the Forest Service back in the 80’s. Some times it was a little scary because the grow was still in operation. Just back away slowly…….

    • I wonder if any of the grow materials would have been left if Law Enforcement hadnt busted the grow…… time to clean up and restored destroyed logging lands, way worse environmental degradation…… this is just a PR attempt…..

  • The 3 million cash they recently confiscated would just about cover this operation

  • What? Rogue pot growers not being stalward stewards of the ecology? Who woulda’ thunk….

  • Too bad they couldn’t donate/recycle that drip to community gardens, food bank gardens or senior/low income families.

  • Thank goodness there are resources to take this crap away from our precious landscapes. The grow industry is so heavily invested in plastic.

  • This is just appalling. Some people think that law enforcement should just drop confiscating from grows, but this shows why they can’t. Makes me sick.

  • Isnt it wonderful what the DACA and DREAMERS have done to our local hills.Time to deport their asses back to el salvador.and mexico.deport the addicts with them.

    • Hey, lots of these scenes look Mexican but have local bosses.

    • Can we send the racists, too? And anyone ignorant of how the DACA program works. Sounds like a plan.

      • Thank you.

      • Esme, you confuse national origin with race. It certainly sells an agenda to scream “racists” rather that “legalists.” “Racist” put the burden of illegal immigration on the person objecting while a “legalists” might actually have a point, even if you don’t like it.

      • Divide by Zero

        “Can we send the racists, too? And anyone ignorant of how the DACA program works. Sounds like a plan.”

        OK, but don’t forget La Raza which translates to “the race”.

    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      Blaming DACA & Dreamers based upon what? Based upon nothing factual [edit] And while you’re deporting people, don’t forget to deport Traitor Trump to Russia while you’re at it. 🇷🇺

      • Ooohhh. Nooo not you again!😩

      • Trump is crushing it..I know your crying inside..all collusion points to Hillary..nothing on Trump sorry..😁as I type cities in California are dropping out of sanctuary cities..😁wake up

    • Yeah, lots of illegals working in the woods….. in our local timber industry, everyone knows when illegal workers get killed logging, the local gyppo loggers just leave them in the woods…. why no cleanup of erosion from corporate logging operations??? Thjs is smoke and mirrors

  • Matt, what are names of some of the neurotoxins that are commonly used? I propagate perennials & shrubs for 2 diff non-profits, including a school garden. If I find a stack of pots, I use them to cut my costs. (I donate everything.) Thnx

    • matt seems to think they mix the rat poison and pesticides with the water storage before siphoning it down the 31 miles of drip line. matt is incorrect.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    If the growers will return,mark it and investigate the trap

  • Thanks to all who cleaned up this mess. All that crap in our forest lands!!! Makes me so mad.

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  • The waterline can be flushed out and reused, save people from paying 35 cents a foot for new line.

  • It could also be turned back in to oil,like this;


    or this;


    Then there wouldn’t be any buried in a landfill.

  • Garberville Vagrant Dingleberry Underpants

    They musta went to daisy days!

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