Family Searches for Man Last Seen in the Arcata Area

Christopher Yonan
Chris Yonan was last seen in the Arcata area. According to friends, he stayed at a motel in Arcata Valley West. On April 20, a friend chatted with him for about 10 minutes. Reportedly, Chris told the friend that he and other friends were headed to Clam Beach to camp. He hasn’t been heard from since.

Chris is 33 years old and has brown hair and brown eyes. He weighs about 200 to 210 pounds.


If you have any information, please call his mother Nancy J Wilman Hafner at (701) 870-0883.

If you would like to follow this case, Chris’ family set up a Facebook page here. Below is the missing person’s flyer.
Missing person Christopher Ryan Yonan



  • Garberville Vagrant Dingleberry Underpants

    Hope they find him!

  • I feel for the family. Hope he surfaces.

  • Absolutely, No disrespect to the family, I hope you find your loved one. I’m only sharing this, if its him & related, but I’m not positive. Maybe 4-6months ago I saw a post on Facebook, thru the Humboldt Thieves page. I swear I saw this picture posted with a warning. Also was another person in the same pic, sitting opposite of him for pic, being accused of theft also. Like I said, I’m not positive, but could be worth it, to check it out .

    • But your post is disrespectful. You offer no first hand evidence, just an insinuation, based on fucking Facebook. Pathetic.

      • I offer a post of someone who was possibly looking for him 4-6 months ago with the same picture.

        If this was my family, I’d want to see if it was my family and who was looking for him 4-6mos ago, duh.

        I’m not insinuating anything, it’s just where I saw the post. The person who posted on the fb page is the insinuator w no evidence but a claim, it doesn’t mean it’s true but where someone might of had ill intent against their family.

        On that fb page or not, I’d want to know who was looking for my family sometime prior to his disappearance cause foul play isn’t always spontaneous but planned.

        I said I wasn’t positive other than, that looks like the same pic used, that was posted on this fb page & that they should look bk on that pg just in case it was him. He’s sitting opposite his friend, who has his head turned back, to smile for the camera too. If that’s the same pic, they’ll know, I may have seen the same pic & should check. I hope its not your family but if it was, I hope it helps with a direction to start. Then again he could of been swept out to sea by accident, it happens but the fb post is still worth a look just in case.

        Guest, you obviously have never had to look for someone or looked good enough, so take you judgement & chew.

  • Don’t see the resemblance… Typically it would be hard to see someone and think he is 5’8” when he was actually 6’3”. I hope that Chris is found or contacts his family! It’s a parent’s worst nightmare! I feel for them.

  • Hope he is found safe and sound. The word needs to be spread that this is no longer a safe area to roam around. I am sorry for being a negative Nellie but I have lived here for over 50 years and it is a dangerous place to be. I personally am not scared, I can defend myself, but strangers to the area do not always fare well here. Be safe people. Always be safe.

    • My first thought wasn’t foul play, but how many lives the beaches take. That is scary.

      Then, that he might’ve broken contact of his own accord, as so many seem to do.

      Then foul play.

      You only had one scenario?

  • JohnH curious how you remembered a face from an article 2 years ago, did you run facial recognition software?
    For that matter why isn’t that software used more in missing persons cases?
    Cant be that hard to get if the guys on the tv show Catfish can get it and use it every episode!
    Those 2 pics look different eye shapes to me….

    • Actually it was that I am familiar with the victim and was surprised when more information didn’t surface considering the photo was so clear (taken by another patron of the bar prior to the incident). No disrespect meant to the family at what is no doubt a difficult time. By the way there are more photos at the Facebook page.

  • Not another one…😢


    Somebody check the K-Hole

  • What was he here for?
    Was he looking for work to establish a residence?
    Was he looking to live on the cheap for awhile? It is only 1/4 mile to go camp by the Mad River.
    Was he looking to be a trimmer?

  • When I was 17 my mother asked me to visit my older brother in Venice, Ca. He had had an unsuccessful back surgery and was quite depressed and in a lot of pain. This was in 1970. We went to visit his upstairs neighbor who was a pot dealer. While we were being entertained by the guys wife he was being picked up walking from the beach because he matched the description of a black man the police were looking for. The photo they had was quite obviously not the same guy, who also was 10 inches shorter than the suspect. But they brought him home to get his ID in cuffs, smelled marijuana and burst in, 4 cops, and arrested us all for dealing. I was the only one who did not end up going to court or having a record.

  • What do the friends who he went camping with have to say?

  • A missing person in the county that is drug/crime central for the west coast? Shocking.

  • ItWasMeWaitingForMe

    If marijuana is supposed to be enlightening, why are all of these home grown comments so completely opposite of that? With this site’s relatively low audience, the speculations and accusations in the comments section never cease to amaze me, even compared to reddit comments. People are biased, plain and simple. The cure, the answer you are all looking for is your own extinction. It is what you are afraid of, yet it is inevitable, and it is the solution.

  • You never know around here. Just last week some guy whom im assuming was drunk was stumbling up a steep hillside in the dark right by my house in miranda near the river. I heard him yelling down there when it was still light. Its the miranda bridge… so like an hour later its dark, dude is stumbling up the hillside screaming and yelling, panicking like hes lost(which idk how you get lost at the miranda bridge swim spot) screaming for light, all kinds of cars were driving by. We turned some lights on and told him where he was, he was mad we didnt assist him sooner but unfortunately rowdy drunk folk are very common at the river and his circumstance was weird. He walked up the road. Someone told us they saw him wandering outside our fence like he was trying to hide in the bushes. I checked the bottoms of some steep drops to make sure he didnt dive down and break his neck. Never saw the guy but he made a helluva racket. You never know around here. Maybe he got bad drugs or passed out drunk tubing the river. Hope whoever it was made it home.

  • HE is still missing any help would be greatly appreciated

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