Fatal Accident Near Mad River

Fatal crash iconAt approximately 11:39 p.m. on Friday between Journey’s End and Hwy 36, a solo vehicle overturned on Mad River Road. The vehicle was a grey Toyota 4Runner. One man was ejected from the vehicle. His wife was in the vehicle and managed to call for assistance.

The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports the man died.



  • Yet ANOTHER Fatality on Hwy 36???!!! A damned shame & this one seems to have been at least partially preventable, if the victim had been restrained the outcome of this accident likely would have been MUCH different!!! RIP & Next victim PLEASE slow down & ABOVE ALL ELSE, Wear the damned seatbelt it well may save your ass, as well as the rest of you also!!!

    • Not on 36, on Mad River Road between Ruth Lake and Hwy 36.

    • Most people do not understand a 3 point restraint like those in our cars and trucks, do NOT prevent ejection in a rollover. It is designed for front and rear impact only. I have personally witnessed people ejected that did have the seat belt on. It takes a 4 or 5 point harness to prevent being ejected.

      • So that’s your reason for not wearing them?

        • I don’t think so. They are just pointing out that we can’t know that the person was not wearing a seat belt based on the fact that they were ejected.

        • No, I think you misunderstood me. Always wear any and all safety devices available. It’s just most people don’t understand that a person can have what is called a 3 point seatbelt on and still be ejected in a rollover. It’s sad, all these deaths on that stretch is just sad….

      • You were saying?

    • Liquor and lack of seat belt played a role here according to friends of Dj and family. Very sad for his wife and his 3 kids!!

  • So sad, blessings to his family and friends.

  • May a healing hand be on his whole family right now 💛 They’re good people. Dan now is not the time for griping, while many people are grieving!

  • Can we all please stay off the phones, I blame that for most of the Humboldt accidents!

    • Agreed!!! That & not wearing a damned seatbelt that could have likely saved his dumb ass!!! I’m sorry if this is an unpopular message BUT if he had been restrained as he should have been, this more than likely would have had a NON Fatal outcome!!!

      • Dumb ass? Really you have no respect..if this was your family member I doubt you would say that!

      • Read above reply about a regular seatbelt

      • Dumb ass ?, get you head outa ur ass he died and his wife was there and it was probably a while before help got there , you are a piece of work man . You must be perfect. Rip to the man condolence s to the wife and other family. Call star emergency direct 7075746421 if you wreck or need medical attention it’s faster than 911

      • Just shut up!!!!! His family may read this!! I’m sure you’ve made one mistake in your life too! You are so ignorant to call him a dumbass 😡😡😡

      • Dont you dare call my cousin a dumb ass!!! His family is grieving and your worried about being corrected about a seat belt??? [edit]

    • LOL. There isn’t cell service on that section of Mad River Road.

    • Please don’t use my cousins death to further your agenda. Both phones were in his wife’s purse that is why she was able to call for help.

  • Seatbelts not always 100%

    Seatbelts are not 100%. I don’t see anywhere in the article that says he was not seatbelted. I lost a friend who was very securely seatbelted, but due to the way the accident happened, the seatbelt did nothing to prevent the death. Yes, seatbelts do save lives, but do not jump to conclusions that you know nothing about. The last thing this persons family needs is a bunch of “if only”. No compassion, no empathy, just a judgement.

    RIP to this man who died. I am so very sorry for your loss, to his family.

    • Veterans friend

      What part of “ejected” eluded you?

      • Ejected does not mean they were not wearing a seatbelt. They are not designed to restrain you in a rollover

      • Seatbelts not always 100%

        My friend was ejected also while wearing their seatbelt. Did not make a difference. Ejected doesn’t mean anything without more information.

    • The article clearly says the victim was ejected!!! To the best of my knowledge when restried properly victims are NOT ejected!!!

  • Cops talk on there cells all the time I’ve seen them doing it .

    • I have as well but it’s still not smart or even legal!!! A classic case of “Do What I Say t What I Do”!!! Not to mention at least the cops are smart enough to USE their seatbelts!!!

      • The California Vehicle Code allows law enforcement to talk on their phones while driving. It’s not illegal. CVC 23123.5

        • Like I said, a classic case of Do What I Tell you To Do, Not What I’m Doing” it might not be illegal but it doesn’t seem right either!!! Just my $.02 worth YMMV!!!

        • They’re professional drivers those Sherriff and highway patrol. Idk why folks give the cops a bad rap constantly. They help out no matter what they arrive at all accidents it deserves some respect.

        • You can also talk on your cell phone as long as you are calling 911….

    • No. Service works from 36 junction for about a 1/2 mile, then off until 1/2 mile before Ruth Rec (Jimmy & Debbies)…then all the way up the road to Ruth & beyond.

      Very very spotty otherwise and even then, generally only Verizon’s.

    • Cops are allowed to use their cell phones for work related purposes while driving. Just like they are allowed to use their on board computers. Why dont you educate yourself on the laws and exceptions to the laws [edit]

    • In that stretch there is no service by any provider. Emergency calls will not go thru. You have to go a few miles in either direction to hit the Verizon signal from Pickett peak or Mad River cell towers..

    • Cops have cell signal boosters. Make the signal stronger so you can make calls in marginal reception like that. The Forest Service Fire folks also have them in some of their Chief vehicles..

  • Shut up with your opinions!! This is a close friend and you all are talking out your ass’s about nothing you know of but feel you need to have an opinion on!

  • Big Sister😿

    My brother is and was a good man. He loved his family especially his wife and kids. We are trying just to wrap our heads around what has happened. Please pray for my Mom she is totally destroyed on this mother’s day eve. Remember to tell those that you care about ,how important they are to you. We just don’t know what is going to happen in life.

  • Mr. Fuller needs to be restrained in one of those old chairs The guy has no compassion for anyone Has to be Lonely…

  • He had a sober driver, he left before they could get him into the passenger seat. The sober one then followed in their own vehicle and found the vehicle wrecked.
    That part of the road, like most of the rest of it, was a dead zone but they managed to contact a close friend to request a call to emergency services.
    Two local members of the volunteer fire department happened to be in the company of said contacted friend, and raced to the scene of their own volition.
    Medical aid arrived as quickly as possible, but life saving action was to no avail.

    I only know because I was there.

    • Concisely told without wasted blaming. I have been to the site of a fatal injury crash and it took months to stop flashing back constantly. Even now I have to push back the things I saw. I don’t know how those who do this regularly cope.

      If he was a friend, my sympathies to you. If not, even then I know it is a hard thing to see and you have my sympathy too.

    • Thanks for trying. I’m guessing you are, or were with, said sober driver. I’ve had people duck out like that too. Then you hear their car drive off and you race out there and hope for the best. Hope his wife recovers physically and emotionally

  • Just wanted to send my condolences to family and friends! Stupid comments don’t help the fact that it was an accident and someone’s life was lost. Please drive safely out there no matter the rd. Thank you first responders S.T.A.R. And S.T.V.F.D.

  • Cheryl Raymond-Johnson

    It is not a time for people to be judgemental, when people are grieving! This my cousin’s son and you are never suppose to go before your children! My cousin has been through a lot lately with other deaths in the family! Shame on any of you with the negative comments, in someone’s time of loss!!

  • This is my good friend’s little brother so anyone who has anything bad to say please just save it I am so sorry for your loss I love you guys very much R. I. P DJ

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