[UPDATE] Missing Child Sought by Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office needs the public’s help to locate a missing 23-month-old girl.

Mira Ann Carter was reported missing today by her mother. Carter was last seen at the Humboldt County Courthouse with her father, Gregory Donald Carter, on May 2. Gregory Carter is believed to be concealing Mira to avoid the service of a temporary restraining order granting the child’s mother full custody. Gregory and Mira Carter are believed to have left the courthouse around 1:25 p.m. on May 2. The two may be traveling in a gray Subaru Hatchback with license plate number 5WW512.

Gregory Carter, 34, is described as a Caucasian male adult, with brown hair and blue eyes. He is 6 fMira Carter is described as a Caucasian female toddler, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 2 feet tall and weighs approximately 30 pounds.

Gregory Carter, 34, is described as a Caucasian male adult, with brown hair and blue eyes. He is 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 175 pounds.

If you see Gregory and Mira Carter, or their vehicle, please call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

UPDATEMissing Child Returned to Mother



  • Veterans friend

    Is that a vanity plate? Or an incomplete one?


  • I really wish they’d keep these private unless there was evidence of actual risk to the child.

    • Well since the court date was to grant Mom full custody it would lead one to believe that maybe something isn’t going quite right with dad at this time. I hope he realizes the severity of his actions and returns her safe and sound. Not a good thing.

    • He’s a risk and completely insane.

    • It’s a warrant weather the child is in danger or not a crimes is committed. If you don’t like that work to change the kidnapping statues

  • It can’t be private a court ordered a restraining order and full custody on behalf of the mother clearly states something. A judge ain’t going to grant a reatraining order unless the mother and child was in danger around the father. How much more evidence that the child may be in harm do you need bushytails.

  • Ezra Morgan Hill

    Deadbeat, and Monster Parents should be handled in the dust, hope the HCSO puts him in double secret probation and he lives in fear.


    God save the child.

  • The child is with her father so I’m certain she’s safe

      • Are you trolls? She has been taken by her father, who is hiding her from her mother. Who has a restraining order against the parent who has her. What the fuck don’t you two get? Assholes defending a kidnapper. Hard to tell which of the three of you losers would win the prize for Humboldts finest.

        • Just because a mother gets a restraining order does not make the father a bad person. I worked at child support and I saw a lot of parents get orders after lying to the court so there are 2 sides to every story. This father is avoiding service so there is no restraining order yet.

          • Sometimes a mother has two primary instincts. First the protection of her child and second the alienation of the father of the child, regardless of circumstances. Possible in this case.

        • Calm down. You throw out insults and innuendo like it is second nature to you. Calm down and take a breath. Geez.

        • Oh totally, because no one ever lies to look innocent and make the other party look guilty. Restraining erders are easy to get if the right thing was said, DUH! And if the dad didn’t care he would be good with the situation and NOT take his daughter. I would steal my kid back too in a second! Try looking at both sides before trusting the system and possibly hysterical mothers. Smh! Things can easily get ugly when there’s feelings involved.

      • Veterans friend

        Many, many times the parent in like situations KILLS THE CHILD & THEMSELVES out of pure spite. Do not assume the child is safe.

      • I know is man and he is not mentally stable, the child is not safe.

    • Why would you assume her father is safe?

  • Caucasian American……

  • Come on people

    He may have been a great dad but this is not the way to KEEP your child. You don’t keep a child away from her mom by stealing her (or from her dad) unless there’s a good reason. Everyone has to play by the rules and then (if both parents are good) raise the child together apart. KIDS ALWAYS COME FIRST. Been here, done this. Praying for both parents and the child.

  • It is a sad to see people jumping all over the father and defending the mother. Yes, it could be that the father is going through things right now that have brought on the situation of a restraining order.
    On the flip side the mother could just be jaded and trying to make the father suffer.
    Obviously the child was with the father at the court house and was able to leave with her.
    I’m a woman and can honestly say that woman can be very conniving and make things difficult. I wish that people would stop judging others so harshly before the facts are know.

    • The “facts” are hardly ever known to the public. Just the public exchange of accusations. Yet if something happens to the child, there will be plenty of people to charge society with caring nothing for children’s needs. Frankly the blamers always want to saddle others with accusations. Blamed if they do and blamed if they don’t.

    • He’s abusive and dangerous, I know him…keep an eye out Humboldt!

  • looks like he loves his daughter and wants to save her.
    its not always as the bios news.

  • Why wait 9 days to ask for help finding the child?
    You can cross the USA and back in 9 days!

    This gap in time asking for help seems to happen often in these cases.

  • Umm… went missing on the 2nd??

    Very confused as to WHY this just came to light now. What did I miss?

    Am hoping she is found alive and well soon. And, raised by someone that truly loves her.

  • I empathize 200 times over.

    God bless and goddess speed to all.

    I hope some mutually agreeable arrangement can be found.

    Till then, I hear you Brother

  • Face value says Bad decision on his part, that said… Judges are people too and as such prone to mistakes. Speaking as someone who has been through an extremely acrimonious split from a beautiful, loving, intelligent and at that time (by her own admission)completely insane with anger, fear, jealousy, spite, malice and
    (Her words again)the worst intentions. Im going to say a prayer for the child, both parents AND THE JUDGE in this case tonight that they all find the peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness, wisdom and understanding necessary to move forward gracefully with compassion for eachother. THIS IS THE MOST TRAGIC OF CIRCUMSTANCES FOR ALL INVOLVED. I hope there is a peacful resolution. We dads can tend to be gruff at times but papa bears have instincts too and we love, hurt and will stand and protect just as fiercely with our lives and freedom at stake just as much whether courts recognise it or not. Additionally, the (widely acknowledged and thankfully now mostly debunked) “moms are the important parent”, blinders on approach that courts in this land systemically levied out for decades was in far too many cases a crime against fathers and the little ones they cared so deeply for. That same misguided theology created many of the confused little boys and injured little girls that grew into the broken men and women that became a plague our society for past generations and that litter our streets to this day. Pray for all of them. Im thankful for my ex, i love and forgive her everyday just as she loves and forgives me (and truth be told, i can be kind of a douche sometimes) she is a fantastic mom and an amazing woman and i have 3 intelligent, beautiful, well adjusted, compassionate kids that i can thank her for because we were both willing to grow up, empathize and forgive.

  • Willits Grange has a set of Subaru keys lost or left behind after Cinco de Mayo event last Saturday. No one had claimed them as of Thursday night. The keys were found by or behind the Subaru on the ground but the car was gone so they must have had two sets of keys. Not sure if it’s related.

  • Argh! I hate to get involved with these kind of situation s! I know too many women and men, lying, scaring their children, and bringing in authorities just for revenge against an ex lover. I know one woman in Arcata who sued for full custody because her ex brought their daughter to Summer Arts! She said the whole so hum community was debauched cause they smoke weed. Right after that, she married another woman and 5 years later he is still having trouble getting visitation.

    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      “…she married another woman…”

      How dare she do something so LEGAL.

      Yeah, Mama Bear, the 1980’s called and they want their bigotry back!

      And the 1960’s called & they want their sexist hippie nickname back! You seriously CHOOSE to go by the moniker “Mama Bear”? Wow. Time to join the rest of us in the 21st Century already…

  • If a parent cannot locate their child, there is something wrong. Period. Who did what to whom, why and when does not matter. The safety of the child must be the ONLY thing that matters.

  • Truth and justice

    Okay I know these folks, mainly the dude. He has always seemed nice but I have freal seen him freak out on innocent people…… never physical but if the folks he were harassing weren’t peaceful, it could of been ugly.

    The mother is a sweet soft spoken woman….

    Just saying

  • Go to his house in shelter cove. Right? Greg and Katy your better than this shit

  • I hope this end ok. Shitty for this dude to take this baby.

  • I can see he probably had no other choice if he planned on being able to see his daughter…I would run too if i were faced with the same situation…when people have a child involved ,there should be a better way for the child to have access to both parents on a very regular basis…like half of the time -if the parent has the interest in spending quality time, it should be both of the parents objective to provide the best for child…taking away the other parent ,due to personal feelings ,having nothing to do with child is only hurting the child..and this man saw this as probably the last time he would see his daughter if he didnt take her.. he probably felt trapped with no other option..i put myself in his shoes which is why i say what i say…i have children and if i faced losing my children u better believe i would snatch them up ifi could do that would be natural instinct to do that…i dont feel it was done out of spite..

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