Lavish With Lupine, the Bald Hills Are Awash With Color Through May

Lupine Field

Lupine Field [Photo by Jeffrey Schwartz]

Wildflowers bloom in abundance right now but perhaps nowhere in the Emerald Counties is as rich with color as the area east of Orick. The Bald Hills Road (not recommended for RV’s and those pulling trailers) to Schoolhouse Peak from Hwy 101 and back takes about two hours round trip without stops.

About 10 miles east of 101, large sweeping meadows glow with color through May. Yellow buttercups, baby blue eyes, orange poppies, and great swaths of purple lupines enrich the already glorious green landscapes.

Check out more of photographer Jeffrey Schwartz’s photos here or buy some here.

And if you have some of your own wildflower photos to share, we’d love to see them uploaded in the comment section.



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