Karuk Tribe Endorses Steve Madrone for 5th District Supervisor

Press release from the Karuk Tribe:

Steve MadroneThe Karuk Tribe enthusiastically endorses Steve Madrone for 5th District Supervisor for Humboldt County. Mr. Madrone is a strong advocate for natural resources and will be responsive to the ongoing needs of our Eastern Humboldt County communities.

Mr. Madrone has spent his entire adult career here in Humboldt County over the past 45 years working to restore salmon habitat. This work has been carried out in nearly every watershed in Humboldt County, working with Tribes, agencies, and others to restore our fisheries and uplands.

As a teacher at Humboldt State University, Mr. Madrone includes Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) in his class offerings. In that way he has educated the community regarding thousands of years of stable natural resources stewardship by local tribes. Steve is a consistent supporter of indigenous culture and has encouraged the university to do more to recruit and retain students from local Tribes.

The Tribe is leading numerous community building initiatives that can benefit from a strong partnership with the County and we will need responsive and energetic leadership to accomplish those goals.

The future is complex and we have much to do. We are committed to problem-solving through communication and transparency and believe Mr. Madrone will fulfill his commitment to our respective river communities.

Russell “Buster” Attebery, 

Chairman, Karuk Tribe




  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Vote for Steve!

    Kick out all the incumbents!

  • His opponent, Ryan Sundberg didn’t even show for the debate at the Labor Temple yesterday. All other Sup candidates did. Apparently that he was not endorsed by labor caused him to stay away. What does that tell you about Ryan??? ….If you aren’t his supporter, he doesn’t care to mix with you!

    • He might change his name like Steve at some point. If you have to change your name what’s that imply? You have something to hide?

    • I read somewhere that meeting was scheduled deliberately knowing that Sundberg had a previously scheduled meeting and was not going to able to attend. If that is true, then it does say a lot but not about Sundberg.

  • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

    That’s B.S. The date of The Labor Temple candidates forum was changed to accomodate incumbent Virginia Bass, and the same offer was made to Ryan Sundberg, but Sundberg (being the scared little incompetent corrupt coward that he unfortunately is) wouldn’t even respond to the offer of rescheduling. What does that say about Ryan Dumberg?

    I’ll tell you what it says about Sundberg:
    #1) He’s not only ignorant, he’s arrogant
    #2) He’s too rich to respond to workers
    #3) He treats voters as poorly as Ryan Sundberg treats women
    #4) He’s scared & on-the-run, because he’s going to lose in an embarrassingly humiliating fashion next month

    • If a man is known by the friends he keeps, you are about to kill Madrone’s chances.

      • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        You wish! LMFAO! 😆🤣😂😭😁

        By the way, I’ve never met Madrone, but from what I’ve heard from those who do know him, he’d be a great county supervisor. Vote for him. 🇺🇸

  • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

    And how about the way Ryan Sundberg has mistreated women while Dumberg has been in public office? Do you care, Republicans? No, obviously male Republicans don’t care, but I know for a fact some Republican women DO care.

    • How has he mistreated women? Any specifics? Otherwise your candidate probably wishes you’d keep quiet rather than continuing to alienate potential voters.

      • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        Obviously you missed the broadcast of the Labor Temple candidates forum last week on KMUD. The issue came up and was debated in Dumberg’s absence & I simply can’t do it justice here. Go to KMUD.org; it’s probably available in KMUD’s archives. This is one you have to hear for yourself.

      • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        And what’s up with these right-wing Trump Cult members in this comments section insisting that I be censored, that I shut up, etc? Are you familiar with the First Amendment, or do you need to go back to junior high for some remedial civics lessons? Don’t blame me for your inability to deal with differing opinions. And I am not part of a campaign, so don’t worry about that Mr. GOP. I just happen to know enough about Ryan Sundberg from my professional position to want that corrupt incompetent idiot Dumberg out of public office. Humboldt County can do much better than Ryan Dumberg.

        • Anti troll league

          Because you are soooo easy. A little poke and off you go- ” Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

          • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

            “Fire And Fury” by Michael Wolff is an incredibly enlightening and entertaining book. I suggest you give it a read sometime. You can catch up on Klannity after you’re done.

  • Typical politricks

    Very Interesting. remember that Steve madrone is the same guy whose son was arrested for doing a huge pot grow that was considered to be one of the biggest environmental damaging grows in Humboldt history. look it up all files are public.

    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      But no mention of right-wing Republican Trump-worshipper Rex Bohn’s pot-growing, environment-destroying children, etc? (How convenient for you extremely hypocritical facts-challenged “fiscal conservatives” to omit that rather pertinent FACT.). LOL!! 😆🤣

      Keep spreading your “alternative facts” (i.e. lies) about Madrone’s family, and all it will probably take is one phone call from me to the DEA to have half of Rex Bohn’s crime family hauled off to prison in chains. Can you say, “conservative (crime) family values”? 🐘👮🏻‍♂️⛓🚔

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