Former Owners of Many Hands Gallery Lose Everything After Lava Consumed Their Home in Hawaii

Lava Flow in Hawaii Two former Humboldt County business owners have lost everything after lava flowing from the volcano Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Phil and Lunel Haysmer, the former owners of Many Hands Gallery in Eureka, are now without a home after lava burned through their property.

Phil and Lunel Haysmer

Phil and Lunel Haysmer

The two sold their business about five years ago and retired to Hawaii. According to their friend, Astra Burke, who purchased Many Hands from them, the two were “longtime community members in Humboldt, entrepreneurs, artists and very involved in many groups and organizations in the local area.”

She has started a fundraiser for them here. It states,

Lunel was hospitalized immediately before the evacuations and left her home with literally the clothes  she was wearing. A lifetime of valued possessions and art has been lost, but also the simple day to day items we take for granted. This fundraiser is to help them land a  little easier after this tragedy; to help replace the basic necessities, like clothes, sundries, art supplies, housewares and more. Please keep up to date with their blog  HaysmerHawaii on blogspot for the most current information.

If you would like to help, you can donate on their GoFundMe page here.



  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Just left Hawaii May 2, right before the eruption. Looked into Kiluea on April 27th and got a very uneasy feeling.

    Pele is angry, very angry.

    Sorry for your loss! I hope things look better soon!

  • I’m not sure why this local Yurok girl who also lost everything to Kilauea was not featured on this site, but she certainly deserves a boost.

  • Veterans friend

    My friend lost everything too, but she is not a beggar.
    The volcano has been active for 30 years. Caveat emptor.

  • Sorry they lost everything but that is why there is home owners insurance.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      No insurance for those living upon the slopes of an active volcano, I bet…

      Soon, we in fire country, will be in the same boat! No insurance, you pay cash for property and take your chances!

      • Homeowners insurance will cover a home destroyed by a lava flow. It is considered destruction by fire. The problem is that this area is considered, and rightly so, high risk. A $500 a year policy would cost $3,000 a year in high risk area. You take your chances and they are of volcanic proportions in this area.

        • I pay 4200 for fire insurance here in Humboldt , just saying. All because our fire dept. in Garberville is not maned 24/7..

      • Veterans friend

        Yes there is insurance

    • Hawaii has much aloha & does a pretty good job taking care of her own, but a little extra help from Humboldt is a nice feeling. Some of you commenters are a tough crowd- what’s the point?

    • Poster formerly known as Matt

      And I’m sure you have earthquake insurance for your house…

    • Another compassionate asshole.👎🖕🏼👎🖕🏼👎

  • Garberville Vagrant Dingleberry Underpants

    That sucks!

  • Some of you folks need to grow up please. No one is begging. A person is trying to help a friend and fellow artist.
    Get a clue! What do you think would be worse….
    Being told to evacuate so you could grab your pets, valuables and run?
    Or, being stuck hopeless in a hospital and knowing your valuables are lost and possibly your pets too!
    I strongly believe the meaner, more selfish a person is the more unhappy they are with them selves!
    My heart goes out to all effected in HI. I’m very glad my family is on a different island.
    PAX to them.

  • Buying a home on the slopes of Kilauea was safer than a home in lower Redway (Flood!) darn guessed wrong.

  • I can’t believe the hateful comments here. This is a disaster. Astra started this form the goodness of her heart. The Haysmers are good friends of mine too. They have giving so much to Humboldt. No one is forcing you to give but don’t come down on the person who started their GoFund Me. Even if they have insurance it can’t begin to cover all of their cost. For the other people who have lost their homes I hope someone starts a fundraiser for them. Have compassion and quit the hate speech.

  • Anti troll league

    Ah, the compassion competition… complete with personal insults and snarkiness. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

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