‘Farmer 2 Farmer Field Days – Lean Thinking on Your Farm: How To Work Smarter, Not Harder’

From the School of Adaptive Agriculture:



  • Hohokam fertilizer,Grand canyon of Cambodia ,Richard fisher,describes a revolutionary form of agriculture.these plankton ponds were fed phytoplankton,from ne Zacatecas.unexplored tunnels.he is very intuitive photojournalist.but he is unaware of mined inlandsea phytoplankton ,used to feed plankton cultivation ponds.shown in pictographs on rocks,hohokam,atlantis.circular.pond in center,circled water/ gardens.ducks see,visibly,algal coloration,indicating better nutrition than sewage,runoff(us,usa),and an elemental complete beginning of a separate food chain.starting with pond,over spring,or artesion well,ponce de leon,giglamesh,the man who sought out,and then lost plant that restores youth(epic of giglamesh),in times of this inlandsea,runoff was increadably full,saturated,with suspendables and soluable 85 elements.people of ankor were intelligent and handsome.werkaholics,strong.now it endrocrine disrupters,fatting like cows with yellow ,numbered ear tags,transdermal estrogen,now girls in 20’s have 40x acceptable estrogen,cancer of breast,but boys?read Boys Adrift,junk food,capitalizm,weakness and stupidity.trumpsters.was wanting my neighbors in region of deposit , and friends in humdolt to be part this.the Canadians ,gold/silver extraction is cartel type of operation.robbery and poisoning water.phtyoplankton for sale 3cents/ton/mile.train gondolas.from most murderous state in n anerika.estados unidos de mejico.pura vida..zoltanwelvart.

  • Used to turn the soil in my gardens. Now all I do is build up and top dress, keep a nice layer of composted horse manure on top to hold the moisture and trickle-feed when watering. For plants like carrots and some herbs that don’t want a lot of nitrogen, just a layer of mulched straw or leaf litter. If the plants look a little yellow around the gills, I just apply a little more manure. Easy peasy. Just do a little zen weeding by hand now and then. Good for the blood pressure and the spoils are worth it.

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