Glowing Greenhouses Light Up Rural Hills

Light pollution Marijuana

[Photo of greenhouses glowing in Southern Humboldt during late April provided by a reader]

Once again spring brings light to the hills of the Emerald Counties–large industrial lights that flood valleys, glow into neighbors’ windows and possibly confuse wildlife disrupting natural cycles. Rural communities complain that greenhouses constructed specifically for growing marijuana bring unwanted light into rural areas usually only lit by the stars, the moon and an occasional pinpoint of light from a distant cabin.

Concerns about the lights vary. Many rural residents are worried about environmental issues ranging from the light creating problems for animals that are nocturnal hunters to the light impacting the night skies making it more difficult to view the stars. Others are concerned about lights shining in their homes and the generators that power them disturbing their quiet neighborhoods.

Many greenhouses lighting up the night in Southern Humboldt.

Many greenhouses lighting up the night in Southern Humboldt this month. [Photo by a reader]

According to Kyle Keegan, a local resident who has studied the issue, “[A]n increasing body of scientific knowledge tells us that altering the day/night cycles of environments can have a profound effect on the physiology of human and nonhuman species, as well as ecological systems.”

Keegan said, “The whole phenomenon of light pollution was not taken seriously until the last decade.” But, he said, scientist have become increasingly concerned as they’ve looked into the situation.

Keegan particularly worries that the large number of greenhouses lighting up the dark will affect nighttime pollinators such as moths. He worries that the glow will attract moths and other insects. “If they are out there chasing that light, they are not being pollinators,” Keegan explained. This can disrupt natural processes and possibly change our local ecology.

Keegan says the number of greenhouses uncovered appear to have slightly decreased in his neighborhood this year. However, in March 2013, as the following light map shows, there were few lights showing beyond those found in towns.

Light map from 2013 for Southern Humboldt.

Light map from March 2013 for Southern Humboldt. [Screengrab from here]

By last year, in 2017, light pollution had exploded.

Light map from 2017 for Southern Humboldt.

Light map from March 2017 for Southern Humboldt. [Screengrab from here]

One side effect of the uncovered greenhouse lights is that they are frequently confused with wildfires. Firefighters, most of them volunteers, are then roused from their beds and sent chasing the false fires wasting their time and their resources.

Light pollution marijuana

When low-lying fog hangs over a greenhouse, water droplets amplify the light. This can look like wildfire to observers and can trigger calls to bring in firefighters and inmate crews.

Possibly of the most importance to the actual grower is that having a light source provides a beacon to the greenhouse and the light itself is illegal. According to Humboldt County regulations “cultivators using artificial lighting for mixed-light cultivation shall shield greenhouses so that little to no light escapes. Light shall not escape at a level that is visible from neighboring properties between sunset and sunrise.”

According to a spokesperson for the Humboldt County Planning Department, “The Planning and Building Department line is the best contact for light complaints…”

Closeup of an uncovered hoop house.

Closeup of an uncovered hoop house. [Photo provided by a reader]

Below is a video taken in the Salmon Creek watershed in the last couple of weeks facing towards Bear Buttes and Miranda. The orange glow to the far right is Garberville. Most of the other large lights are greenhouses.

(Note: The creator of the video who doesn’t want to be named says that he attached a soundtrack that begins with the sound of an electric transformer and moves to Nasa’s Symphonies of the Planets.)

Many, if not most, greenhouse owners cover their lights but, the glow from the ones who don’t continues to frustrate rural neighborhoods.

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  • Pull your blackout tarp you lazy fks.

    • I agree, use your huge profits to get tarps, I’ve even seen them advertised to be used by one person! Decades of worrying about profit over Earth.

    • Then they have to get up before dawn and uncover the greenhouse.

      • You mean have to get up early like a real farmer?

        • LOL – indeed……in our area there were far fewer this year – think at least some people are getting the message.
          I’ve heard songbirds in the middle of the night due to these things – poor animals must be so confused! The bears, foxes, and some other mammals love it – easier for them to hunt. OTOH I find that bobcats and mountain lions avoid the lights a little…..But those pictures! Unbelievable….

  • A graphic indication of priorities. But now will come the comments about the problems being due to logging practices decades ago or cows and ranchers or Big Pharma or corrupt police or evil pot haters. Or whatever shuffles off the burden of responsibility away from their own beloved indulgence. Yup. If you don’t like what you see, break all the mirrors. Or point to the next guy.

    Wonder when we’ll start hearing about “Big Cannabis” . I expect not until a new generation has become tired of the same old nonsense.

    • I agree with Guest, been so long that the blame has been shed here or there. Pathetic growers who have no respect for others … (salmon and steelhead) that struggle to survive in creeks that now go dry, other wildlife such as the poisoned fisher, marten, others that eat various rodents contaminated by illegal rodenticides, erosion from hundreds of unpermitted grow sites and illegal roads, on and on….now lights that are out of control as can be seen from comparing the 2013 photos to the 2017 photos.

      Mostly its about community and the lack of care that the growers have shown to the community for several decades.

      Someone will chime in and say its all cool man, were just growing a medicine in the hills!!!

      Stick a fork in it, the story is old and done, hopefully so is the mega grows.

  • There is no enforcement. A very well-known and permitted 8-acre conversion in Honeydew has lights showing every night. A grow right on Mattole Road between Honeydew and Petrolia has lights showing every night. A Supervisor’s son has lights showing every night. There is no enforcement.

    • Enforcement for a permitted grow site ?

      • There are ordinances concerning g light and noise pollution and YES, EVEN PERMITTED GROWS ARE SUPPOSED TO COVER THEIR GREENHOUSES FROM SUNSET TO SUNRISE. I say

    • Thanks for all your bullshit concern Estelle you babling idiot you haven’t done a fricken thing about this situation you had previously spoke with your so called “ concern “ oh thats right you dont wont to rock the “Boat with your Buddy” Rexy out in his familys Hood , SO SO dissapointed in your responsibility to your constituants in your 2nd District . Totally Disappointed with all Your rhetoric

      • Your spelling is terrible, but I absolutely agree with what you were saying, if not the method!!! Estelle “GETTY” needs to be voted OUT next month!!! She is beyond useless & she as well as the rest of the Board of STUPIDvisors are as crooked as Hwy 36!!! Vote out ALL of them next month!!!

        • Just want to let you know that the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Districts are not up for elections for another 2 years. The election for supervisors next month are for the 3rd and 5th Districts. But is never too early to find new candidates.

          • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

            “…find new candidates.”

            That specifically means –
            NO BUD ROGERS, please.

            Also, the 4th District IS up for election in the June Primary (the Eureka area). This is your chance to express your concerns about Eureka’s direction at the polls in June by sending long-time incumbent (supervisor, mayor, city council member, failed steakhouse owner) Virginia Bass into retirement where she belongs with the other equally corrupt & incompetent supervisor Ryan Sundberg.

            The 3rd District (Arcata area) is not for another 2 years.

    • Disgusting

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      What supervisors son? I’m 99 percent sure no supervisors son has a permitted grow.

      • Your wrong it’s in honeydew and very bright and loud. Just two turns up the Hill from the store. It’s got the farm plaque on the gate with permit #’s.

      • Rex Bohn *cough cough*

        • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

          Rex Bohn, Donald Trump fan.

        • Anonymous Humboldtian

          Trevor Bohn doesn’t have a permitted grow. I know the person who holds the permit but I’m not going to name drop. Buut I can say with absolute certainty that Rex Bohn’s son doesn’t have a permitted grow. His friend does.

  • You have to make a complaint. Enought complaints the cops will show up. You have to take the steps.

  • Double standards

    A 40 year culture built on mutual outlaw behavior is now tattletale town .

    • No one has been identified. And obviously, the grower must not be too worried as they literally are shining a light into the sky indicating the position of their grow. Some people find light pollution problematic and this article addresses those concerns and lets those growers who may be clueless learn of the concerns.

      • The one up on Bear Buttes ( north east part) is particularly obnoxious.
        Some sort of LLC.

      • Double standards

        How about those clueless to the disruptive nature of reckless gunfire and idiotic illegal fireworks? Both which disturb human and wildlife .
        Explosives like fireworks mortars, and gunfire cause stress and disorientation not only in humans and their domestic and companion animals but also in small mammals , bats and nesting song birds.

        Maybe Kyle needs to do some research on that.

        …”Wild animals have much more sensitive hearing than ours. Mothers may get so disoriented they abandon nests or burrows of young.”

        Who cares about wildlife? Or do people just care about tut-tutting their neighbors & feeling self important and “right?”

        The pick and choosing of the “infraction”-of-the-day is laughable from a population of outlaw rebels.

        • So wait…you don’t approve of “the infraction of the day?” But you have several more to suggest? C’mon, you and I both know that you have things you don’t like and complain about. We’ve complained together. Everyone is entitled to have issues that concern them.

          • A healthy plankton pond,not fed sewage,absorbs co2 from air,bubbles pure oxygen.enhances coloration/reproduction of water life.teaches kids something worth the time,unlike eschool.

          • Double standards

            So wait, is right.
            Whoa now girl. I know this is your blog and all but that doesn’t entitle you to tell me what I think..  read my post.

            I don’t approve or disapprove of the “infraction of the day.” I think it’s laughable!!!  So many perfect people around here ! Their lives are so in order that they can run around telling others how to improve. When they themselves built their entire lives and livelihoods here partially or wholely on the cultivation, processing and sales of (illegal) weed.

            I’ll explain further. My point is that right now there seems to be this hyper focus on lighted greenhouses, at the exclusion of on other equally illegal or egregious behavior  . And considering the very roots of this industry it’s a  joke that  folks are all waving laws around .  Really? Suddenly people think  making sure that everyone else  is law abiding is their  job? And this article & multiple comments give tacit encouragement to Narc out a neighbor? I call BS.

            It’s obvious no one, even you Kym, gives a true thought about wildlife because if so, there would be much more complaining about reckless discharge of firearms and mortars.  But there isn’t   . Because, really , they don’t . They just like to complain!

            Oh and I wonder where was all this environmental concern, upset and whining was when folks blew it up indoor spewing deisel particulates on everyone and everything in every watershed for a decade? There wasn’t any . Because not only did people mind their own fucking business, in truth , some of the loudest crybabies now were actually the ones running diesel dope 24/7 — for years!

            Oh the irony

            • I’m not telling you what to think. I’m just saying “Hey, some folks find this problematic–including me. I have a son whose view at night through his window was a light as big as that from a car lot.”

              Now may you have something happening near you that is frequent and ongoing but the discharge of firearms and mortars in my area is very infrequent and doesn’t trouble me. So consequently I don’t write about them.

              As to the diesel doping, I remember in 2008 attending the first large meeting on how to deal with diesel grows. I don’t remember you there but I do remember a number of people there–many of whom are the same ones concerned about the glow from the greenhouses.

              • Double standards

                “doesn’t entitle you to tell me what I think.. ”

                Not what to think.

                Big difference.

                And i know one (former ) huge & long term indoor grower who is now the loudest loud mouth about a few hundred watts of light.

                No hobbies obviously

                Ps I appreciate your honesty.. but did u actually mean to say that wildlife means nothing and you only cover issues if you or your son are personally impacted (?) Because my concerns over wildlife abandoning nests during fireworks has nothing to do with my own comfort. And everything tondo with the bullshit double standards around here.

              • Hmm, I could have worded that better.

                My personal reason wouldn’t have me writing about this if there weren’t many others affected. And if I believed that the occasional gunfire around here was detrimental then I would speak up about that, too. But you are the only one who has ever brought it up.

                I’ve never read a single other complaint. Let alone a scientific piece about it.

    • About time, don”t ya think?

    • Talk about double standards. These people are not trying to be secret, can’t you tell? If you step outside at night, you see them! You don’t have to do anything, just open your eyes, and there they are.

      • I’m actually surprised that they advertise their positions so brightly. It could bring all KINDS of unwanted attention. Not just from the neighbors, the news, and suffering wildlife, but from people like the LAW and low-life rip-offs.

        What but laziness would keep you from preventing all of that with a simple cover?

        Money? I guess after building the entire operation, a thin bit of plastic to cover it is just too much. Gosh.

        Ok, so laziness and money… what else?

        Am I being overly sarcastic here?
        My point: you should cover your bright lights. Just do it.

        • A healthy plankton pond,not fed sewage,absorbs co2 from air,bubbles pure oxygen.enhances coloration/reproduction of water life.teaches kids something worth the time,unlike eschool.

    • That “same team of outlaws” ethos went out the window when the mega-grows and greenrush parasites started coming in. We always had basic standards of decency in our grow neighborhoods. The greedy and selfish parasites used that credo of “us vs. them so don’t say anything” against all of us. They got a good head start before most of us realized what was happening and that we actually needed police eradication of the most destructive grows to preserve our communities. Too late! But yeah- that sticking together thing we had ended up being used to hide out real criminals who wrecked our scene. Maybe you missed that?

    • To live outside the law, you must be honest. -B. Dylan
      That includes the law of nature.

    • These folks have closed my biz down by pulling a thousand pounds a year each. They wont help the mom and pops sell a thing, but they expect us to watch their backs and not say anything. If its not covered its not legal, and its damn easy to find.

  • unbridled philistine

    Been working on putting up building in Ferndale for a bit now and it is funny how the Coastal Comm will not allow me to have a single light bulb above the door cause it will affect nesting birds out in the field? Not one light bulb outside on the building? Crazy!

    • Power can never be delegated which the delegating authority never possessed itself.
      N.J. Steam Co. v. Merch. Bank, 47 U.S. 344, 407

      Commissioners do not make law. But then, neither do Supervisors. Super Man, Super Star, Super Visor.

      How many know Humboldt’s western boundary? It’s three miles out from the mouth of the Mad River.

      ‘The Myth of Authority’ on YouTube is a prize-winning video.

      • Yea , and i was also wondering about a state vote that says anything about an abatement fee for growers ?? Is that fee even legal? Did we the people of Humbolt co vote that in?? I vote all the time, did i miss it on the ballot?? Would that have to have a 2/3 vote to pass because it wold be a special / local issue??Seems like the county is trying to pull anything and everything out of there hat ? Dont they have anyone for legal or practical advice ?? Or do what they want until they get sued , then we the people “ Pay” Do they ever work with people who voted for them or do they even care?? Seems like the latter.

  • I can’t stand this shit.. it’s sloppy and inconsiderate. Not one of the things I enjoy about my mountain home.. along with the automatic gunfire last Sunday morning.
    I can’t wait til it gets less stupider around here.

    • It’s only going to get worse. Desperation is showing it’s ugly teeth. The smart people are leaving or have already left.

      • No it seems to me the dumbasses are leaving, and the good ones are sticking around to live a normal rural life. I’m not going anywhere, that’s for sure. It’s nice that it’s a little quieter this year.

        • Yep Emily a big group just left back to eastern europe, cant wait til the rest go too!!!
          I love growing pot respectfully and hope the cops actually enforce the rules about lights at night, it’s easy to locate and the fines bring in money so whaz the holdup sheriffs????

        • broke n quite. Serenity at last!

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      Sorry Emily I’ll make sure to only fire semi-auto next time. You sound like a horrible neighbor complaining about gunfire. People have the right to shoot guns on their own property. Get over it [edit]

      • I use a gun as tool, not a toy.

        When I hear my rural neighbors shooting dead of night post-vodka sessions it pisses the hell out of me.

        Not to mention my dog pack, like many others, dont enjoy gunfire.

        Again – it’s a tool not a toy, for those that are responsible gun owners.

        • Anonymous Humboldtian

          Brian, some people enjoy shooting guns as a hobby. While I agree its not a toy, I don’t get why that means you can’t shoot on your own property. Nobody is advocating for a late night vodka filled range session either. Shooting targets for fun in a safe manner doesn’t make you any less of a responsible gun owner.

          This just touched a nerve because I was just shooting on my property last week and I had a neighbor across the canyon honk their horn continuously for a few minutes to get me to stop. It made me chuckle a bit. Then I went right back to shooting. I just don’t get where people get off telling other people what they can and can’t do especially on someones private property.

          As far as you look it up, No I don’t have my hoops shining at night. I don’t even use supplemental lighting. And you don’t have to enjoy the gunfire. I don’t enjoy hearing my neighbors run their dozer and quads all day, but I don’t complain because it’s none of my business what they’re doing on their property. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you should be able to stop someone else from doing it.

          • Well, I don’t honk my horn or try to stop neighbors from shooting.

            I don’t think there’s anything wrong with shooting at your property safely and responsibly.

            Target practice is a good thing to practice as a gun owner.

            My frustrations come from stupid-acting gun shooting, not all gun shooting in general.

            Sorry, not trying to push yours or anyone’s buttons bout it. I just got some neighbors that I’m frustrated with for that and other reasons.

          • then keep your private noise on your private property, is all the neighbors can hear it, it ain’t private.

        • To operate a tool effectively you must practice. I shoot three times a week on my property for hours. Your point?

          • My point is: shooting a gun while intoxicated, especially drunk, is not “practice”.

            If you’re really shooting for hours, three times a week I would say you should be a good shot by now, so save some money. But I’m frugal.

          • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

            I would say, if I were unfortunate enough to be CoveTroll’s neighbor, that if CoveTroll is shooting three times a week “for hours”, CoveTroll could expect a visit or two from a Sheriff’s Deputy. 👮🏻‍♂️

            Gun nuts require regulation, because they are violent & potentially dangerous people.

            P.S. – Oliver North is a war criminal & cocaine kingpin. Great choice, NRA gun nuts!

            • Anonymous Humboldtian

              If you called the cops on him for shooting during daytime hours, the sheriff would realize you’re the wingnut. Guns are the symbol of american freedom. Always have been, always will be. Excercising your 2nd amendment rights doesn’t make you a “nut”. Irrational fears of groups of people makes you a “nut”.

              • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

                Irrational fears of groups of people makes one a nut, you say? 🥜. Well, how about your favorite nut (other than Ollie North that is) – Donald Trump? 🍊🇷🇺

                You of course heard Dumbass Donnie Two Scoops 🍦🍦recently say (in a racist foam-at-the-mouth rage) that he believes undocumented immigrants are not people, but “animals”.

        • You’re a Russian sowing discord among the American populace, right? And are posting simultaneously screaming about democrats demanding voting to eliminate guns in similar troll language?

      • You’re the type of inconsiderate neighbor that probably has his hoopster lights shining, huh? The only person that enjoys gunfire is the person with the gun. Otherwise it sucks.

        • “ I love the smell of napalm in the morning”

          • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

            Said like a legitimate gun nut, CaveTroll.

            You do of course know that Robert Duvall’s character in Apocalypse Now was completely mentally unstable, don’t you? “Surf or fight, soldier!” 🌊🚁🇺🇸

            Does the NRA (National Russian Association) 🇷🇺 also believe any idiot with a pulse should own napalm as well? 🔥

            • I prefer the image of the ring wing gun nut in Tremors. Where subterranean carnivorous worms have the biggest mouths on the cast, the most egalitarian outlook (they eat everything that has life) and the people are pretty interestingly diverse.

      • Yeah anonymous humboldt we can all do obnoxious stuff on our property that’s fine, but if your neighbors hate you it might not be the best for your operation.
        I don’t normally mind shooting but, Sunday morning, springtime, walking around watching the apple trees and then it sounds like a fucking war zone and my dog is running off? That sucks.. is my point.
        And you sound like a shitty neighbor.

        • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

          I agree with Emily’s sentiments, but “…we can all do obnoxious stuff on our property that’s fine…” ??? Yeah, not so fine if what’s being done is illegal, or preparation for something to happen of an illegal nature, like mass murder for instance.

          I realize Emily is trying to be fair, but is it fair for CaveTroll’s neighbors to be terrified by his erratic violent behavior on a regular basis? I think not. Start calling the cops 🚓 next time a gun nut tries to terrify & intimidate your neighborhood. Do your community a favor, before it’s too late & people die. If people die as a result of yet another gun nut going on a shooting spree – and you could have been the person to prevent it with a simple phone call – how will you feel then?

        • Anonymous Humboldtian

          You know what else sucks Emily? Neighbors who thinks the world revolves around them and think that people shouldn’t be allowed to shoot on a sunday. You sound like the crappy neighbor. People now a days have such a weird fear and dislike of guns its mind boggling. People like you should move to an HOA so you can have full control over what your neighbors are doing at all times. I think it would suit you better.

      • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        Not if your bullets stray off your property onto THEIR property.

        And you do of course know that the NRA is on its way to becoming the near equivalent of NAMBLA.

        Oliver North? LMFAO!! 😆🤣😂😭

      • Soon-to-be Former County Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        Why don’t you stop fondling your firearms for your neighbors’ sake? PlayStations and X-Boxes are cheap these days; try one out (better than pretending to be Rambo & pissing off the entire neighborhood). Are your muscles as big as Sylvester Stallone back in his steroid abuse days, tough guy? (Probably not.)

    • Auto fire is estupit,each bullet counts.tijuana murder rate has tripled in 2 would not believe the cruelty they use to propangize.a damn can stop a salmon.a fence is scaled by Mexican girls on utube,but not by especial forces.usa,not Guatemalan,they scale walls like ants.tromp is dope.

  • That “many greenhouses” photo is one of the best I’ve seen on here.

  • This is seriously off the hook.
    How did Humboldt get this way?
    Why did the Board of Supervisors allow it to get this bad? Where are our leaders?
    Well, we need new leaders I guess. And please turn off the greedy lights when you leave.

    • The BOSare also contortionists with a extreme ability to park there head up dark places between there legs …. Awesome the circus would Love to hire them all….

      • The Board of STUPIDvisors is as crooked as Hwy 36 if not MORE SO!!!

        • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

          Speaking of stupid, send Ryan Sundberg back to his old job as an insurance salesman!

          Who in the hell ever thought voting for an insurance salesman was a good idea?

          Next time, the rich, conservative good ol’ boys network here in Humboldt is going to run a used car salesman for the Board of Supervisors. Harvey Harper is even more right-wing than Virginia Bass, so when Bass is defeated in the November runoff don’t be surprised when Harvey Harper (one of them, since there are like 4 or 5 of them in the Harper klan all with the name Harvey) runs in 2022.

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      I don’t think this year is this bad. Last year was obscene because it was a last hurrah for all the illegal growers around my area. This year it’s a ghost town. Last year around panther gap every greenhouse was lit up, this year there is only a handful of legal growers. It’s settled down considerably from last year due to all the abatement notices.

    • ‘How did Humboldt get this way?” It did happen fast . . the greedy greenhouse gods pushing their generic government high, just swooped on in. You and me, us people, live in a Matrix that’s hard to see through. Of all the meetings, filed documents into the public, and filed litigations, nothing has changed. Measure Z is still touted as valid. And “Legal” is somehow preferred to lawful.

      “How did the BOS a l l o w it to get this bad?” Allow? They planned it. It increases the bottom line -and that’s all they’re about.

      “Where are our leaders?” . . . they vanish to Galt Gulch, a hidden valley, where they wait for the government to cave in, collapse, thereby ushering in, by necessity, a truly free market. Ayn Rand lets the chips fall where they would, in favor of the creative individual and his private property, his own inventions.

  • What Would Rod Deal Say? (WWRDS)

    To the tune of “Herbicide Danger” (remember that?)

    🎶“Herb Hillside Danger”

    “I hear the cries from the spirits of nocturnal things…
    “But the growers can’t hear it through their greed.
    “Yet I know that the green-grower men
    “Can’t destroy the souls of nighttime lives;
    “Still you can’t deny that there’s a need —
    “For getting rid of this: 
“Herb Hillside Danger!”

    Cover your damn greenhouses, you lazy people. I am thinking of the nocturnal animals who’s habitats are wiped out by careless and preventable light leaks. Not to mention all the pollinating and other natural processes that are interrupted when their life requirements are wiped out by blazing pools of light in their environment.

    (iTunes link to “Herbicide Danger” by Rod and the I-Deals: )

  • Melatonin and Cancer

    There’s more to this issue of night lights than is generally understood. Many of us know that melatonin production in our bodies facilitates sleep, but it also helps to slow the growth of or avert cancer. Night lights keep melatonin from being produced. So night lights can increase the growth of cancers! We should insist on night light enforcement for the sake of our health and welfare!

  • So pathetic, so sad. We all need to complain to the supervisors every damn day. Maybe it will do some good. A few citations might help get the grows covered at night.

    • The only thing that will help with the “More Crooked Than Hwy 36”, Board of STUPIDvisors, is replacing them ALL!!!!

      • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

        Complaining about the stupidvisors is pointless. The point is to vote next month to send Virginia Bass & Ryan Sundberg packing. 🐘💩

  • They should only have to run lights for a couple hours past sunset each day. They dont even have to be there to turn the generators off, simply pour the right amount of gas and let them run out on their own.

    • That is not a good idea, it can wear cylinoids out in the motor.

      And if electrical equipment is running, someone shold be there for an emergency situation.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Yeah they “should” hmm, but they DO NOT. I would say quiet knowledably and quiet confidently a lot of these folks are pushing 18-24 hour cycles. I would also say again knowledably and confidently they do not have any botanical training. Goal is to push maximum size for the golden window for outdoor planting June 1st-15th. If not for that goal aim is to push for light dep harvest in late June early July to beat outdoor harvest time. Thing is plants need rest like all other life. Roots do not grow while the plant is photosynthesising, simple science. But they push and push. Eventually these manipulated plants crash, get bugs, mites, molds and mildew problems due to the lack of proper root systems. Give it all a break! If you insist on the “push” just extend the light time by 3-4 hours your plants will still get big and clones will not set into flower. Only problem with that scenario is you do have to constantly adjust your timers and a lot of Growers are lazy as far as that it’s much easier to just let the generator/lights run 18 to 24 hours. Ugh. Study a little plant or environmental science it goes a long way. Don’t get me started on the Turpines farce oh my!!!

  • State regs prohibit this lazy behavior also. So if filing complaints with the county aren’t getting results try filing a complaint with the state. There is no excuse for this lazy irresponsible inconsiderate bullsh!t.

  • The County’s always complaining about money. Couldn’t millions be made by simply flying over, identifying the locations of, and busting these blatant lawbreakers?
    We shouldn’t have to call them in and complain. There’s the law, and there are the big bright greenhouses, every night. And here (for instance, right here on Kym’s blog) is the general consensus that the people don’t like them.
    So –no-brainer– the County just starts picking off those who stand out like sore thumbs after sunset: for permitted grows, hefty fines and orders to cover up (made on pain of total revoking of licences); for illegal grows, complete busts including asset forfeiture.
    Win-win for everyone except those counting on a busy law enforcement ignoring them while they obnoxiously alter the landscape and annoy the neighbors.


      No way! Fines will turn growers away. Permit fees will bring them in. They can’t collect taxes on growers that aren’t here. Officials dream of the big bucks more than anyone.

  • Veterans friend

    Why do I have to tolerate STREETLIGHTS shining in my window all night in my tiny rural community?

    • Because you choose to live in a community? On the other hand I asked the contractor to remove the light in the door bell at the front door because it was keeping me awake at night. Different worlds.

  • The first picture says 2013 but not the month, was it taken on the same day in march as the 2018 one?

    • The maps only indicate the information was collected in March. They don’t give the day. The second map was of 2017. But I’ve included 2018 below.

    • I was surprised at the difference in maps too.

      I think your question is a great one and likely plays a big role in the difference of lights/year.

      • Both were collected in March. However, you can get a better feel for this by going to the link in their captions and changing the years yourself. You can watch the lights grow year by year.

        • Odd though , Shelter Cove doesn’t really have any greenhouses in the fish bowl where most of the light is concentrated . I don’t know if i can trust that map

          • I don’t see any greenhouses on the light map in Shelter Cove. I see the sort of light I would expect to see in a relatively populated area.

        • Now they have 2018 and less lights.. To be expected in the new economy.. A fantastic site..!!

  • The map says it all. You have allowed your beautiful natural world to be destroyed by greedy egos. You have constantly made excuses for terrible behavior and welcomed this ugliness into a space you were lucky enough to find- you were supposed to protect it. You were supposed to protect your community. And you were supposed to protect this last of wild places that was hanging on. Instead you allowed ballers and greenrushers and ugly, empty souls to come and destroy. [edit]

    • I complete agree with this synopsis by “Scarlet Fire”, well done! I will add that the Humboldt community, mainly So. Hum. community has been turning a blind eye to this radical behavior and environmental destruction for many, many years. Not wanting to reach out to law enforcement, “the man”. Now they are screaming for the enforcement….enforcement needs taxes to support the “the man” in the field. Dopers/Growers don’t pay taxes…..

      By the way, officials do care, BOS are trying to get this right, but neighbors need to report the illegal activities. The people out in the hills know what is going on, they have been in denial.

      The accepting drug culture grown over the years, hell…decades has broken the community, the spirit; and the grow punks, ballers, and greenrushers are ruling the roost. Its crashing all around us because we lacked the balls to do the right thing early on when we knew something was wrong. We knew it deep down.

      • Estelle is that you posing as Bill??

        The supes completely f’d over all the small growers doing it right for 30 years.
        What were we supposed to do, go shoot at the new mega grows?
        Or have a gun battle with the Bulgarians who showed up with semi-auto guns telling us to sell them our neighboring land or they’d kill us all???
        You didnt listen to those concerns and for that matter what happened to the you have to prove you have lived here at least 6 months before you can apply for permit??? Or sayibg you cant legally grow unless you have more than 5 acres??? Talk about classist!!! After Estelle joined up with rob arkleys group she has slowly slid to the dark side. Didnt even show up for community board of supes meeting in so hum from what I heard!
        So if neighbors have to call for cops to come then WhyTF are you spending $200,000 to have a satellite imagery system? Stop putting it on us, the blame the community game is tired.

        • Nope definitely not Estelle, don’t like her or most of the politicians. That’s why I am saying again, IT IS up to the community to take on the responsibility for policing the hills. The County is huge, law cant possibly keep up.

          Saying small growers did it right for 30 years…..WTF your smoking way too much of your product! No way Ugh! Growers have been pulling water out of springs, creeks, rivers illegally since start. Yea, maybe 5 % were doing it right. Majority, no way.

          Again, denial in this crowd of growers is pathetic. Take ownership, make amends as best you can, move on and do it right from now on.

      • None dare call it Con spiracy. Meanwhile, it’s perfectly fine to expect something, Yet, on the other hand, the sooner you realize the power and influence of money, you realize there is a price for everything.

        • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

          Is that you, Bud Rogers? Just kidding. (You’re not that crazy!) 🤪

          Tavistock Institute, perhaps? The moniker you’re using is hilarious!! Good choice.

          Let me guess… you probably think Paul McCartney died in 1966 in a car crash & was replaced by a look-alike, right? With the story being that the Tavistock Institute was the unseen hand behind Sgt. Pepper, the flower children, LSD, etc? Definitely one of the most entertaining conspiracy theories ever told. The Paul Is Dead (PID) theory is very interesting (primarily if you’re a fan of The Beatles), much more so than all of that boring “chemtrail” crap 💩.

  • Humboldt Hillsman

    It’s ok everyone. Those lights won’t be there in a couple years.


    “Many, if not most, greenhouse owners cover their lights ….”

    Damn. If that’s just the ones you can see at night,think how thick it really is.

    This shows how little “the officials” really care about community and nature.

    A rat can die from too many flea bites.

  • The Milky Way photo caught my eye. Nice!
    It reminded me of a sequence of nighttime photos I took in September, 2016. I was just trying to capture the beauty of the Milky Way over the landscape at the time, and it didn’t occur to me that the lights were grow scenes. But now I think they might probably definitely maybe were.

    Anyway, I grabbed the 2018 light map that Kym shared, and put it together as an insert with a couple of my photos from that night. The insert shows an estimate of where I was when I shot it, and the angle of view. Garberville is out of view to the right. I suppose there are more lights now. The lights are amplified when it can bounce off of fog or clouds.

    You can see the whole 7-hour sequence of images as a 45-sec timelapse that is similar to the one in this story on my YouTube page here:

  • When you put even low wattage lights in a skinned greenhouse the entire skin becomes an enormous flashlight.

    • That’s why it’s called “Glow-worming”. It’s also a principle used for photographic soft box lights.

  • Lets see if they do any night time pictures with the new high resolution satellite photos,
    and then decide to do anything about it. ha ha ha

  • I think it’s still a “complaint driven” system. Please neighhbors – do the right thing. I was told that the name of the person who files the complaint is confidential although it might be revealed if the complaint is contested in court (very unlikely!) Here’s the form.

  • Insane in the tisane

    These lights irritate me about as bad as sitting near a table of a blubbering grow chump (Grump) in the local restaurant. Announcing his grow this year to everyone like it makes him a celebrity.
    No one cares! You in fact are the invasive species that took over our valleys and mountains and exploited our heritage!
    Not-my love

  • No shit! This has been going on for years. The county will do ZERO about this. The f@cked up part, is they are supposed to be enforcing the rules for permitted grows. All they do is tell us what the rules are and leave it at that. What a joke.

  • Whu cant people just use the natural light what a joke try to get ahead of nature all it is i think ligjt dep is tbe stupidest thing that ever happen to pot

  • Unfortunately getting the information needed to file a complaint is very hard to come by when you don’t live near the grow and know the people, their address (if it’s even posted), or the parcel number. You can drive our roads and see dozens of violations out there across the valleys and ridges in the dark, but can’t do a damn thing about it. So there’s obviously no incentive for growers to comply until the law enforcers drive through the gate with an abatement order or warrants and the wood chipper.

    However, what the county can do with the fancy satellite mapping technology they want to buy is overlay the night light shots with the county’s parcel map to see exactly who is doing it, their permit status or not, and from there generate an enforcement action.

    I’m not optimistic the issue is going to change because light pollution is probably way down the priority list of enforcement actions and compared to trespass grows, illegal grading, illegal water diversions and hazardous material pollution, light pollution is going to stay an orphan. But it sure is annoying in that it’s kind of a “fuck-you” to the people who care about how their neighbors mistreat this land or place a value on being able to see a dark sky full of stars at night and hear the hum of generators powering the lights.

    The bottom line is these growers are no different than the strip miners, the clear cutters, the chemical companies, the arms manufacturers and the bankers—it’s all about maximizing shareholder profits and externalizing your costs on someone or some place else you don’t really give a damn about.

  • Where’s EARTH FIRST????? Oh wait, they”re growing….. EARTH FIRST ARE SELL OUTS…

  • What’s up with wonderland nursery not covering their “legal” clone operation. When it’s foggy that section of the valley glows brighter than all of Garberville put together. It’s causing so much damage to all the wildlife in the valley. I guess Kevin Jordy is just another greedy east coast green rusher who doesn’t care about the environment, he’s just here for the money. Go back to Rhode Island!

    • Not really he is just keeping his Stock of mites in production to keep all the ladybugs in the world fed , Great Job Kevin!

  • The Age of Petty Tyrannies

    By John W. Whitehead
    May 14, 2018
    “Whether the mask is labeled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship of the proletariat, our great adversary remains the apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier of the battle lines, which is not so much our enemy as our brothers’ enemy, but the one that calls itself our protector and makes us its slaves. No matter what the circumstances, the worst betrayal will always be to subordinate ourselves to this apparatus and to trample underfoot, in its service, all human values in ourselves and in others.”—Simone Weil, French philosopher and political activist

    • And yet the lack of effectiveness of “the apparatus” gives the world such wonderful things as the gold rush, the Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, Venezuela and the age of the Robber Barons. Someone in all those cases did not have “the apparatus” to protect what could not protect itself. Truth is that humans never, ever can resist being co opted by the ambitious and self important, whether indivduals or organization. The best we can do is define and favor the rights of the individual over the rights of any group. And tolerate the government that can balance doing what we want against doing what is needed for rights to exist.

      Yet rights are not the equivalent to wants. Wanting to take all the water in a stream is not having a right to it. Nor is offering contaminated food a right. Nor driving on the wrong side of the road. Nor offering drugs without control just because you produce it. The government which works best constantly struggles with finding the balance between wants and rights. It will constantly fail to get it exactly right because it is a fluid objective and government will always be a bit, sometimes a lot, behind the point of best balance. The wise recognize that.

  • The wise recognize that there are nineteen enumerated services that the legislature in Congress Assembled are supposed to provide the services for, and they’re all international. We haven’t known of a ‘government which works best constantly struggling with finding the balances between wants and rights’ for 150 years. Not government, but corporations functioning on something they like to call economic$ -the bottom line- is what has become the norm. Money changers.

    We will advance much quicker with the horse before the cart.

    • The Constitution was amended many times within 4 years of its creation. And very regularly there after. It’s a common idea among some American anti goverment types that once the Civil War prevented the secession of the States, that the Federal government became the oppressors. But it is clear to everyone else that the Constitution is a pretty good document for forming a government that is both consistent and flexible. Being flexible in some part is a large part of its virtue and why it has both endured and been copied by places who have been torn apart, to their detriment, by violence.

      I know you won’t ever agree, having assigned being frustrated to outside government forces, but then the Constitution has allowed the disagreeable a great deal of freedom as a safety valve. It may be irritating to have to listen to it but that’s a good thing too. The horse is before the cart but, to keep it there, you have to put up with all the stink of the shit that happens right in front of you.

      • Guest,
        I like your reply, altho it has holes.

        Summary how we arrived at the current situation so that the necessary background to comprehend our position is available. Please read on.

        1666 – The Great Fire of London creates the occasion for the creation of individual public trusts as a means of seizing private property: The Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666.

        1702 – The British Crown and Dutch East India Company collude under Maritime Wagering Act. Living men are deemed to be “vessels” and insured. Their death/loss becomes a means of enrichment for the commercial corporations and the British Government.

        1765 – The pollution of English Common Law with Admiralty Law to create “Equity Law” granting absolute power to the judiciary to seize upon and distribute private property comes to fruition in England under Lord Mansfield.

        1776 – Partly in objection to this usurpation of power by the judicial functionaries, the American Colonists rebel.

        1819 – The American states pass the Titles of Nobility (13th) Amendment to the original Constitution, putting teeth and penalties into earlier provisions effectively prohibiting members of the BAR club from holding public offices.

        1822 – The then-Pope and then-British Monarch secretly collude to act in Breach of Trust against the Americans and sign the Secret Treaty of Verona.

        1837 – The British Settlement Act sets aside public wastelands as “common wealth” and paupers are said to be settled upon this land, thus becoming wards of the state. This effectively prevents the lower classes from ever being landlords and provides a basis for claiming them as chattel property.

        1858 – Benjamin Disraeli begins the push to enfranchise British laborers as properties belonging to the British Crown. They and their assets are seized upon in the process as collateral backing government debt. Their “voluntary” enslavement is used to fund the British Raj in India—though they are never told any of this.

        1860 – Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, is elected President. He can serve only in the private office of President of the United States (Trading Company), not as President of the United States of America, as a result of the Titles of Nobility Amendment. He contrives to start the Civil War, which is never declared by Congress.

        1863 – Lincoln succeeds in bankrupting the United States (Trading Company) and issues General Order 100, placing the Grand Army of the Republic in charge of the government. The entire “war” is an illegal commercial mercenary action resulting in a military dictatorship being established in the District of Columbia.

        1865 – Lee surrenders his army to Grant at Appomattox, but no official peace treaty is ever signed. The Southern States are carved up into ten military districts and all the original states are improperly subsumed into the bankruptcy of the United States (Trading Company) by a process of assumpsit.

        1868 – The Creditors of the United States (Trading Company) issue a look-alike, sound-alike corporate charter called the “Constitution of the United States of America”. This creates a commercial corporation merely calling itself the “United States of America” that then substituted itself for the actual government owed to the people and states of this country under The Constitution for the united States of America.

        1868- 1875 — This new “government” entity then forces the original unincorporated state governments to write new state constitutions and to assume new doing-business-as names in the form of: Wisconsin State, Connecticut State, and so on, while seizing upon the name of the original states and operating “Territorial franchises” for itself under their names: State of Wisconsin, State of Connecticut, and so on. All these semantic deceits are pulled off on the trusting public.

        1907 – The 1868 version of The United States of America, Inc. is bankrupted. The land of the actual states and people is unlawfully seized upon by the creditors of The United States of America, Inc., as collateral backing its debts in bankruptcy. “Title” is taken to the land and the actual patents seized upon, with the Creditors receiving the equitable title and benefit.

        1930-34 – A second corporation calling itself “the United States of America” is bankrupted. This time, FDR unlawfully converts the entire population of this country, re-interpreting our Trade Names on the land to be Foreign Situs Trusts operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea. This allows the Creditors of the bankrupt private, mostly foreign-owned “United States of America, Inc.” to seize upon the labor and other private property of Americans in gross Breach of Trust owed to us by the Popes and by the British Monarch. By this deliberate fraud, we are “presumed” to be commercial vessels belonging to the bankrupt United States of America, Inc., and by process of extortion and assumpsit, are forced to pay its debts.

        We are also considered “missing, presumed lost at sea” and Cestui Que Vie Trusts are established by the Municipal United States in our names. These things are operated under deceptive account designations that appear to be our names we go by: JOHN DOUGH DOE, JANE DOUGH DOE, and so on.

        1953 – We finally pay off the 1907 bankruptcy of The United States of America, Inc., but instead of returning the land patents owed to the actual states and people, those responsible pretended not to know who the land belonged to, and rolled it all up in giant land trusts, which they continued to tax, lease, rent, and otherwise benefit from in our purported “absence”.

        1999 – We finally pay off the 1933 bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., but instead of returning all the Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trust assets owed to the living people, Bill Clinton signs Executive Order #13037, stepping up the conscription process, and again, pretending that nobody knows who these accounts belong to, hoping to seize upon all our property including our names via a claim on abandonment.

        2015 – President Obama puts the UNITED STATES, INC. and all its “Municipal Franchises” including the Cestui Que Vie ESTATES belonging to Americans into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Liquidation. Almost as an afterthought, he puts the USA, Inc. into Chapter 11 Reorganization. This effectively bankrupts the entire world— all the Municipal Government franchises dba CHINA, FRANCE, and LOUIS ALLAN FULFORD, all the Territorial Government franchises dba Germany, United Kingdom, and Lois Lillian Hardy.

        2015 – Americans who have become aware of the fraud return to the land jurisdiction of their birth. The unincorporated government of the actual states and people doing business as the United States of America revives itself. The new government issues new Sovereign Letters Patent for the states (November 4) and for the Indian Nations (November 6) and also issues an Express Trust — The Declaration of Joint Sovereignty.

        2017 – After extensive Due Process given to all the Principal Parties responsible, the liens against all the Municipal and Territorial government corporations and their franchises are completed and cured, including Agricultural Liens. January 6, 2017, a Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the actual states and people is lodged with the United States Treasury, and a Payment Bond is lodged with the Vatican Chancery Court.

        June 29, 2017: The American states and people represented by the unincorporated United States of America visit The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and claim back their property and assets as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal Government corporations and their franchises worldwide.

        That all brings us forward to the present moment.

        If you interpret my comments as against the Constitution FOR the united States of America, perhaps you need to turn on your Shinola sensor. Can you point to Any local public servant who is an Oath-keeper of the Constitutions (State and Fed)? Nope. Not one. If you can’t attack and destroy and arrest as a private individual, you can’t do it just because you’re wearing a costume with a badge.

        By ‘outside government forces,’ are you implying that a pretend external authority (Not elected, or sworn into office), can force their Order Follower rules on thinking individuals? A reservation of My rights are well documented into the public arena.

        Plant HEMP for rope – harvest before the end-of-the-season’s flowering, and therefore, it is Not the mythical medical marijuana/cannabis of the hemp plant’s destination.


    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      You know we have automobiles now, right? 🚗(Even electric ones ⚡️.) Horses? 🐎Carts? 🛒 150 years ago? It’s 2018, people. Deal with it.

  • sohum og legal grower

    until there is enforcement, yall should find a block of cheese for that whine.
    for now it stays lit!

    • A “Legal” alleged grower. Pin a Brownie button on you for supporting the fraud.

      Five harve$t$ a year of plastic fantastic toxic government high. The mindless believe they can do better than what nature provides – Pfft!

    • Oh wow , for years you “ og’s “ bragged about your outlaw status and now you brag about being legal . Can’t have it both ways


    It is crucial to define the difference between “legal” and “lawful.” The generic Constitution references genuine law. The present civil authorities and their courts use the word “legal.” The following is from A Dictionary of Law (1893):

    Lawful. In accordance with the law of the land; according to the law; permitted, sanctioned, or justified by law. “Lawful” properly implies a thing conformable to or enjoined by law.

    Legal. Latin legalis. Pertaining to the understanding, the exposition, the administration, the science and the “practice” of law: as the legal profession, legal advice; legal blanks, newspaper. “Legal” looks more to the ‘letter of the law’ [form]. And “lawful” to the spirit of the law. “Legal” is that the proceeding is correct in method, that rules prescribed have been obeyed. A writ or warrant issuing from any court, under color of law, is a “Legal” process, however defective.

    Legal matters administrate, conform to, and follow rules. They are equitable in nature and are implied (presumed) rather than actual (express). A legal process can be defective in law. To be legal a matter does not have to follow the law.

    Lawful matters are ethically enjoined in the law of the land – the law of the people – and are actual in nature, not implied. This is why whatever true law was upheld by the organic Constitution has no bearing or authority in the present day “Legal” courts. It is impossible for anyone in “authority” today to access, or take cognizance of, true law since “authority” is the “law of necessity.” 12 U.S.C. 95.

    Therefore, it would appear that the meaning of the word “Legal” is the “color of law.”

    ‘Outlaw’ is a whole nother bag.

  • What’s crazy is some of these grows with permits, actually post pictures of their greenhouses glowing at night on social media.

  • Perspective,

    Nature was never meant to be manipulated, It’s demented action.

    The ptw (powers that were) have lost and knows it, they will not go quietly and try and destroy as much as they can before they are liquidated. It has been a very tiresome battle and I did not even know I was in it, one day at a time. Looking back, I see clearly.

    What if the heart-less just go away, taking their four-colored flag, funny money and eighteen talking BAR heads with them? They like commerce so much . . . hop a ship and live on the sea of commerce -ocean bound by the Sea Merchant Law -guilty until proven innocent. Seattle can issue Visas the same day. Puerto Rico and New Zealand are still open ports for commercial enterprise industry representatives of dense tone and low frequency master-slave mentality.

  • Central HumCo May 16, 2018 3:41 pm


    Nature was never meant to be manipulated, greenhouses are negatory no matter how you slice it.

    The ptw (powers that were) have lost and knows it, they will not go quietly and try and destroy as much as they can before they are liquidated. It has been a very tiresome battle and I did not even know I was in it, one day at a time. Looking back, I see clearly.

    What if the heart-less county controllers just go away, taking their four-colored flag, funny money and eighteen talking BAR heads with them? They like commerce so much . . . hop a ship and live on the sea of commerce -ocean bound by the Law of the Sea Merchant -guilty until proven innocent.

    Seattle can issue Visas the same day. Puerto Rico and New Zealand are still open ports for commercial enterprise industry representatives of dense tone and low frequency master-slave mentality.

  • oh oops. sorry, I think i got it now.

  • Wow, if only weed could veg with a mere 14 hours of light, you would then only need a couple supplemental hours on either end of the day…
    Oh wait, weed actually only needs 14 hours to veg…..

    • Soon-to-be Former Supervisor Ryan Dumberg

      State of Jefferson? LMFAO!!! 😆😂🤣😭😅😄🙂 You know Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, right? Is the State of Jefferson going to be a slave state? Or just a weed slave state?

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