Sequoia Park Zoo Granted $500,000 for Elevated Trail Through the Redwood Canopy

Sequoia Park Zoo

[Photo from the Sequoia Park Zoo’s Facebook page]

California State Parks just granted $500,000 to the Sequoia Park Zoo “to construct an elevated trail through a redwood canopy with platforms and interpretive elements, renovate an existing trail and add native habitat plantings.”

A canopy walk would let people stroll through treetops and view the world from another perspective. Here’s a post with photos showing a canopy walk in Florida to get a very rough idea of what is going to be constructed.



  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Sounds real cool!!! Also sounds like a unnecessary way to spend 500000$ in a county full of failing roads, lack of law enforcement (CHP mostly), and so many other problems, like heron and meth for instance….

    • But the $ for those 2, are granted from an entirely different dept, duh.

      • This is a grant from CA state parks for park related projects. Are we to have nothing nice and fun to do for the people that live here until we are crime free? I agree we need more focus on those issues in our community but let’s not shit on a nice, fun thing that we were literally given free money for.

        • Bingo. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

          What about-ism is a really poor way to analyze every dollar spent.

          • Obviously we can’t. Good luck on finding your car in one piece after parking for your fun ride.

            • Oh please Eureka is not that bad. Maybe if you airheads locked your cars you’d find them undisturbed.

              • Anonymous Humboldtian

                I lock my car every night, I never leave valuables in plain sight, and I’ve had my window smashed on my car 3 times last year. Eureka really is that bad.

                • What is really bad is that it was confined to areas, places that a person with reasonable common sense could see that there would be a problem. But this destructive behavior has spread and spread until places that were relatively safe are not.

              • What gives you the right to call people air heads anyway.

        • You really think that’s “free” money? Where exactly does this “free” money come from?.. guess we’ll just put it on that 21 trillion + tab we got going ya!

    • Agreed!!! >:|

    • Yep you’re right.

    • Lance G Morton

      geez, some folks just can’t stand good news.

      • Aye, it’s a constant yammering of the nattering nabobs of negativity.

        I think this’ll be great!

  • I agree unneccessary. Also impossible to do without expanding the zoo since only less than 10% is currently in the trees…

    • They have a map of their plan at the zoo, it’ll be expanded into Sequoia Park, probably joint ownership between the zoo and the park.

  • I would go there all the time if they charged admission.

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      They couldn’t stay open if they didn’t charge admission.

      • i dont go as much as i did when they were free, but you cant argue that it is way better now because running a zoo costs money. they were going to close it and then arkeleys bought it to keep it open and started charging admission. wednesdays are half-priced and anyone with an EBT card gets $2 admission for up to 5 people!!!! also at the beginning of each month the library has 2 or 3 family passes to the zoo that you can check out for FREE so if you get there at the beginning of the month before others, you get a free admission to the zoo! enjoy

  • ChrisRevocateur

    If they don’t make it look like an ewok village, then they have failed. We are on the forest moon of Endor after all.

  • This is terrific – allow yourself to enjoy good news. You’ll love it.

  • The zoo is a awesome thing to have around here my kid loves it go several times a year I think it awesome they got the grant

  • What is the source of this news? I can’t find anything about it after a google search.

  • I actually agree with the idea. With coast Redwoods being the tallest trees in the world, it would be great to have elevated trails in many places throughout the old growth forests. A great tourist attraction.

  • Sounds like an innovative project. Maybe Treehouse Masters could assist.

  • My family has visited the zoo probably once in the last year, a total of maybe five times in my sons short 12 yr life. If It was cheaper I might go. So they got a grant for 500,000 does this mean the trail walk will at lease be free?

  • I am sure the park will be charging for using it. Another way to make money.

  • Maybe they should use some of the $ for soap in the park barhrooms

  • The Parks Department has a backlog of needed repairs and projects up their rear ends. It’s a nice project but only if you are current on needs first..

  • This will be good for our community. The $500,000 will fund materials and labor for construction of the project and that money will recirculate in our local economy. Also, this will offer a very unique experience for locals and tourists at a reasonable admission price. Eureka is the smallest city in CA (maybe the country) to maintain a public zoo. Eureka is a good place to live.

    • Right on. It’s nice to read a positive comment for a change.

    • well maybe at least the zoo can actually do something substantial with the money, for 500,000 the state parks could build a ladder up the tree and maybe have two port a pottys.

  • handy capped accessible?

  • Will this be wheelchair accessible? Please??

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