Measure F Is Good for SoHum, Says Property Owner and Former Resident

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Letter to the editor

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As a former resident of Redway who still owns property there, I cannot vote for Measure F though I will have to continue to pay the parcel tax if it passes. I really hope the majority of voters down there have the sense to pass it. Yes, I have to pay your tax. The amount of the tax is insignificant compared to the drop in my property’s value should the hospital close.

I may not live in Sohum any more, but I am there frequently to hold office hours, attend Board meetings, entertain on KMUD, and visit friends. My connections remain extensive. I want to see the community thrive and diversify its economy through this hard transition.

The Hospital District is probably highest employer second only to the School District. It sustains families in an aging population – which needs local health care. And as someone who has been through the experience of watching my children in pain, the extra 45 minutes to the closest ER would be excruciating to parents, and also in some cases the difference between life and death.

I will say that my experiences with the hospital and clinic have always been positive. I and my family were served well by the District when we lived there, and should I end up in the E.R. during one of my many visits I know I will be in good hands.

Please turn out on June 5 and pass Measure F.

Eric V. Kirk

3551 N Street, Eureka, CA



  • Thank you Eric. The Hospital district is critically important to our local community. They have just recently installed a state of the art CT scanner which will make the difference between life and death for many of the area’s residents. They have adequately trained personnel to operate the CT scanner and X-ray equipment.

    As someone who has spend a good part of my life as a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder, I can tell you how important the first “critical hour’ is to life saving. The Garberville hospital is now capable of taking care of those patients in immediate need. The CT scanner can detect the difference between a brain bleed and a blood blockage, the same applies to heart attacks. Getting the right medications for these medical emergencies will save lives.

    I am reminded of the community of Laytonville that did a fundraiser to buy an ambulance to transport the local people to a hospital twenty minutes faster, the whole community got involved and they now have an ambulance.


    I know, and I would be the first to agree, that our Hospital District has many problems. However, they have made vast strides in putting medical care back together for this small and sometimes undeserving community. We need to come together and save the hospital and ourselves. I am willing to give up buying chewing gum and use the money to keep our medical care…. Yes, it is that inexpensive.

    • Thanks Ernie. Please put this into a letter and send it to the papers!

      • I second that motion.

        • Taurus Ballzhoff

          ALSO: Eric Kirk:

          Please go wherever you live and promote the Healthcare Operations there. Suggesting that we tax ourselves extra so that YOU will have a place to occasionally obtain medical care seems irresponsible.

          Are you under retainer by SHCHD? Full disclosure please!

          • Full disclosure – I have never represented SHCHD. And as I said in the very first sentence which apparently you skipped, I ALSO must pay the tax.

            • Taurus Ballzhoff

              Thank you Mr Kirk!

              MR BRANSCOMB:

              I wish to point out that if you live until the CAT scan is complete, you certainly could have been transported to a hospital containing a higher level of care than that available at SHCHD.

              In fact, going to SHCHD instead of transporting to a REAL hospital, this could well be the last thing you do in life!

              Fooling around with your health and your health care, this is what an operation like SHCHD does. They can pretend to dispense modern healthcare in their extremely old and dilapidated facility, using what few providers they actually have, but in many cases, all they can do is send you on to an actual hospital, and then send you a bill!

              SHCHD is just an illusion of healthcare, a friendly ghost of Healthcare Past!

              Howard Hospital, a new facility containing a staff of Physicians, Nurses, Med Techs and Imaging Staff, it’s just down the road, AND they have a helicopter pad for people needing to be transferred. And: there is a pharmacy there.

              DON’T make the mistake of thinking that you will get the best of care in Garberville!

              You will get what you get. Old school. Old building. Old thinking. Lies.

              It is your choice.


              • Obviously you must have had an experience which was not to your satisfaction and it upset you.

                Yes, you can be transferred when necessary. But a local ER to stabilize will save lives, and if you prevail in defeating the tax and the hospital is forced to close, it will cost lives. That’s the bottom line.

                • Taurus Ballzhoff

                  41 years in healthcare tells me several things:

                  1) Often, you are as well off in the Ambulance, on your way to help, as you will be in a rural healthcare facility.

                  2) Emotional arguments based on half truths are only half-true.

                  3) Spending time working in a hospital, is the only way to know how effective
                  the care can be expected to be.

                  You are an Attorney. I am a healthcare professional.

                  What will cost lives, is ignorance, poor care, and wasted time.

                  VOTE NO ON F!!

          • Also, Eric Kirk, when people tell you to stop caring about a place simply because you live in another place, then you know they don’t have good arguments. I care about a whole heck of a lot of places that I don’t live.

    • With all due respect, the 650+ that I would have to pay for property that’s been in my family for going on 4 Generations, would buy an awful lot of bubble gum. And then on top of that, if I actually did end up in the local ER the medical bills would probably bankrupt me. Last time I was there, I was in the ER for less than 45 minutes. Spent about 15 minutes maybe with the doctor, got one stitch put in my wrist and was charged $3,200. Contested the bill, had it reduced to $1,600 because they double and triple charge me for some items and charge me for items they didn’t use on me at all. The time before that was 19 years ago, I got two stitches put in my pinky finger and was charged $450.

  • With all due respect to the wealthy lawyers and high paid hospital executives and workers. We don’t need anymore property taxes and extra burden on home owners and property owners. Raise your taxes and support your own livelihood on some consumption based revenue, like sales tax. Not on the backs of home and land owners. That would be fair and I don’t think many would object. Nobody is opposed to having a hospital, but to put a lien on my property is wrong.

    • I don’t think we have any “wealthy lawyers” in this community OT. And while a property tax is regressive, a sales tax, even if that was an option, is more regressive. And we don’t have that option.

      But Old Timer, if you do own property, the drop in the sales value of your property will far exceed the parcel tax. You will lose big if the hospital closes. And there is serious danger of that.

      • Veterans friend

        The drop in property values will be impelled by the implosion of the cannabis economy and nothing to do with the hospital. That is a very red herring.
        The hospital just spent a huge amount of money on a redundent ct machine, for which they are now attempting to find a qualified operator.
        The property values of which you speak have been driven sky high by that underground economy that is collapsing as I type, and has rendered the rental market unafforable & unobtainable for the people the hospital is trying to hire.
        I am voting no. The 7 properties on which I pay taxes are tired of contributing to the debacle which is the Garberville Hospital.

        • SoHum resident and proud hospital supporter

          The hospital has a very qualified operator for the CT machine — she’s versed in X-ray, Mammo, and CT. They are currently looking for an additional CT tech to work with the current CT tech. If you have any questions regarding the qualifications of the staff at the facility I would encourage you to ask any of the current hospital staff rather than spreading false information. Thank you!

      • That’s funny, my lawyer charges me over $400 an hour. I would consider that wealthy considering I make $35 an hour doing construction. You say “I have to pay your taxes” yet you own property here, does that property sit vacant with nothing happening on it or do you rent or lease that property? if so how much profit do you make compared to the taxes you have to pay, would you just suck up the extra taxes or would you increase the rent you charge to compensate. You say you do not live here anymore and are not qualified to vote, so you wouldn’t have to worry about going to a subpar hospital that literally kills people, or at the very least grossly over charges them for minimal care, yet still can’t keep their bills paid. Sounds like the hospital and the Mateel should get together for some PR action.

        • I don’t charge $400 per hour and before I make a cent I have to pay out my share of the firm’s 40 to 50 thousand in costs every month. Your attorney very likely sees very little of that $400 before it goes to the extensive costs of running a law practice.

          I have rented my property out for less than what I pay out in mortgage, insurance, and property taxes. I am relying on the long term equity as an investment. It generates no income presently. So yes, my investment in the community is such that I hope the voters use some common sense instead of getting dragged down into the ankle-biting of local politics.

          Experiences in hospitals are rarely pleasant. It’s the nature of the business. Unfortunately many apply those experiences viscerally to associate the institution with the experience. It’s human nature and how our brains work. But people are going to die in a hospital. There is no getting around that. Blaming a death on the hospital is mostly off based.

          • OMG you are part of the problem on the internet bud. You’re snarky and arrogant.. which doesn’t mean you’re not right it just means you’re snarky and arrogant . You saying business just shows the real the problem with healthcare in modern days. Really healthcare is a birthright and not a business. So there will always be these problems. Haven’t been to a doctor in 26 years and my healthcare is always extremely pleasant.

      • At the end of the day, your home and land are just a place to live, who cares about it’s paper value? Tax assessors, speculators, and wealthy absentee land owners. If you want high taxes move to New Jersey, I’m sure they have a nice hospital, and a lot more jobs so you can live in town.

        Vote no on property tax #7.

        • You’re obviously in a comfortable position that you don’t see a home as an investment. For many people, it’s the only investment they have. Please don’t be cavalier about that.

          • You’re obviously in a comfortable position that you don’t feel the problem of property taxes and service fees squeezing the life out of you already!

            • Under 35 cents a day isn’t going to squeeze the life out of any land owner.

              • That’s what everyone demanding more money says. The trouble is that there’s so many of them now- for fire fees, septic inspection fees, water fees, school bonds, utility taxes, property taxes, sales taxes for the state, county and city, gas taxes, garbage, car registration, etc. Heck even extra fees to buy tires, bottled drinks. It’s the death of a thousand cuts.

                • Yes. Things we need cost money.

                • So do the things I need. I wonder who should be first in line for my money? I don’t minded my septic inspected. In fact the county doesn’t do it. Instead it charges me $60+ dollars a year for me to send them a form every 3 years with a check for $180. Then there is the fire fee. Once a year a fire fee inspection stops at the gate, leaves a form full of what they observe from 100 ft away then disappears. For this they charge me $130+ let year. Then I pay a tire disposal fee when I buy a tire and pay another fee when the tire is in fact disposed of.

                  A person gets pretty jaded about the ever increasing gap between what I need and what I get, as my truck is shaken apart by the deteriorating roads. For which another small increase was needed.

      • groba dude osnt trustafarian

        The idea that the value of your property is somehow tied to the presence of the Garberville “hospital-like facility” is the BIGGEST lie in the “repertoire of lies” that SHCHD continues to spin!

        Your property will NOT lose value if you fail to increase your taxes! How stupid does SHCHD think we are?

        Don’t buy the lies that the SHCHD supporters tell! Most of these people are getting a salary from SHCHD anyway!

        SHCHD is supposed to be a public agency, but the clubby AND DISHONEST manner in which it is operated is starting to wear on the public! AND the influence of certain churches is showing!

        INSIST that SHCHD be operated in the interest of the community! It’s not just for certain people to enjoy, and it is failing to supply for the needs of the community in many ways!


      • Sigurd Anderson

        That must sound funny to you for sure.
        You are one of most reasonable lawyers around.
        In full disclosure I should say I know that because you have been my lawyer.
        One question I’m not sure of.
        Have there been any studies of letting go of the long term beds and trimming operations down to an E.R and basic one day health care .

    • Over the last 30 years the hospital has paid 6 million dollars in salary to the CEO, all the while treating the non medical staff like shit and accepting a +50% turnover rate in non medical staff. There certainly are some wealthy hospital workers in So Hum.

      • Scooter,
        Your math is fuzzy. $6,000,000 divided by 30years is $200,000 per year. Our last CEO started at $90,000 per year and any CEO prior to that made nothing close to $200,000 per year.

    • Old Timer,
      Hope you realize a sales tax MUST be county wide, not local,

  • To lose our hospital would be a disaster in more ways than I have the energy to enumerate. Of course there are things to complain about. But please let’s not let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Who said you were LOSING the hospital?

      The hospital will not close. It will still be there, operated by the same people.

      Won’t close, and won’t change. Ever.

      The lack of support for SHCHD was pretty much CREATED BY SHCHD!

      The folks at SHCHD are GREAT at creating people who don’t support them. Everything else they do there, they pretty much are not very good at!


      Dont. Buy. This.


      • This is denial at its worst.

        • groba dude osnt trustafarian

          SHCHD represents healthcare at it’s worst, management at it’s worst, and general thought processes at their worst.

          I can’t think of a more poorly operated facility.

          VOTE NO ON F!

  • Why don’t we keep the hospital and work as a community to make it better? Surely a better option than another shuttered building in Gville. I’ll throw in my two cents via tax to hold on to our infrastructure down here.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Well, what do we call it when someone tries the same thing over and over, and expects a different result?

    Mental illness, that’s what!

    Since a Hospital District can’t technically be mentally ill, we will have to just call it mis-directed, or just, mis-guided…

    We just voted down the same thing, about a year ago! Measure W lost by a significant margin, and last fall, the hospital board admitted publicly that they knew that the community did not support a tax increase, and that an election would be unsuccessful.

    So, here they are again, saying the same damn things, promoting the same misleading line, and, the same persons again are spouting the same disingenuous reasons for passing the parcel tax!

    Excuse me, but, in my opinion, SHCHD operates in a support vacuum. This means that while failing to support itself, SHCHD wants SOME of the constituents to pay for a facility that almost nobody uses… AND, SHCHD will never, ever, stop trying to do things the same old way!

    This means, they will continue to refuse to oust the “same old cast” of entrenched persons who just can’t change!

    Until SHCHD disposes of several persons who are incapable of moving forward, including Mrs Truitt,
    Mr Scown, and some of the nurses and other board members who have been around forever, there is no hope for meaningful change or evolution of this facility.

    Having a low-performing but extremely overpaid CEO has also CLEARLY not helped. Many, many district hospitals have been poorly operated by some of the worst leaders in history, and several are now in bankruptcy, including Southern Inyo, Suprise Valley, and Colusa. The results of attempting to spend your way out of a poor situation are well documented, and what SHCHD is currently engaged in will likely give results similar to the other hospitals which have failed.

    Meanwhile, SoHum is a community with such low regard and such a low level of support for it’s very poor-quality and incredibly badly-operated “hospital”, that the idea, the simple conception by SHCHD’s board and administrators, that this community would muster 66% support of continuing to tax itself extra in order to support it’s failed Healthcare District, which sections of the South County have SECEDED from, is so far beyond ridiculous, so misguided and obtuse that it is puerile!

    Please SHCHD, don’t test the patience of the voters again with this nonsense! We don’t NEED it, nobody cares, and no one wants to PAY for it with higher property taxes! DON’T BE RIDICULOUS!


    • Actually, last year was for a tax increase. This measure merely extends the existing tax. Please don’t mislead.

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        The existing tax is equivalent to the property owners paying EXTRA tax on their property, in order to support the general operations of a facility which refers to itself as a “public agency”.

        SHCHD is clearly NOT a public agency, and resembles more a “private club” or a “fiefdom”.

        A tax which takes the place of an expiring tax, is still a “new tax”. SHCHD SHOULD NEVER ASSUME THAT NOBODY OPPOSES THEM!


        • Your claim was that “we voted down the same thing about a year ago.”

          You did not. That is misleading.

      • Sigurd Anderson

        That might be doable. The recent CalFire tax has people on edge about extra taxes.

    • Ballzhoff and Groba,
      You both make the same type of general criticism with no facts or dates. I would think you would give us some samples of all the claims of misuse of funds, poor care or misappropriated funds. Where is your data to substantiate your claims?
      What Board Meeting did you last attended? Have you complained to any oversight organization that oversees the operation of the hospital? Have you taken your specific claims to the hospital? Have you gone to the Grand Jury or the District Attorney with your itemized and validated issues?
      The two of you just throw sh*#t at the wall to see if it sticks.
      Show your specific complaints to us and the date they occurred then maybe you could make your point.
      As it stands, I could make the same claims toward both of you. You can’t manage your money, you are not supportive of the community, you are vey poor. See how this works? I just make claims without any facts just as you do.
      You know the old saying “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”.
      Are you so poor you cannot afford the property taxes? Maybe you should live somewhere else that has neither a hospital or a community willing to support it. You would not have any taxes related to your emergancy care.

      YES ON F

  • A 2% Tea Tax by the masters turned into a revolution.

    We are now paying over 50% in taxes -no matter what you label them. An Ordinance fraudulently placed on private property -WITHOUT a vote, a Bed tax placed on Hotels and Motels -WITHOUT a vote, a million-a-month 1/2% retail tax illegally placed COUNTYWIDE -WITH an illegal majority vote to pass, a veriable local tax on petrol -WITHOUT a vote, pretend unelected persons drawing paychecks from the People’s Public Treasury while perpetrating fraud against a chosen section of the population, protect corporate profit no matter what the cost (solar panels and “Wind Farms”), agencies like Redwood Coast Energy Authority -WITHOUT a vote . . .and the beat goes on.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      AND: SHCHD “appoints” board members, instead of holding elections.

      This practice should be abandoned. As should SHCHD.

      VOTE NO ON F!!

      • Paul (aka groba dude osnt trustafarian, Tarrus Ballzhoff), have you considered taking up a hobby other than bashing your former employer in a town you no longer live?

      • Gorba,
        Wrong! The special District laws of California require a full board. If someone leaves the Board prior to the end of their term, the law says that the vacant seat must be filled by appointment. Do you have any idea how much a special election would cost, you being the physical conservative? Why don’t you run for a seat on the Board? You could fix all of the problems you say exist.

    • Actually, that’s fallacy. It wasn’t the tax which led to the revolution. It was the unequal application of it because certain British companies, such as the East India Tea Company, were exempt from it. Basically tariffs were the issue, not taxes per se. It’s one of those fallacies right wingers have pushed for decades and it’s bad history.

      • It’s always so much fun to hear lobbyists call voters liars and wing nuts.

        I like KrisAnne Hall’s take on it.
        “In April 1764 Parliament passed the Sugar and Molasses Act. These laws were originally passed in 1733 at the insistence of the large plantation owners in the British West Indies (can you say lobbyists?) The six-pence tax was never successfully collected, and so the Sugar Act actually cut the tax in half but stepped up enforcement. At the same time, the Sugar Act taxed the sugar, coffee, wine, and spices the colonists used, and also regulated the export of lumber and iron. This “excessive taxation and regulation” immediately impaired the colonial economy. In conjunction with the Sugar Act, parliament passed the Currency Act, which essentially assumed control of the colonial monetary system. The Currency Act also established “superior” Vice-admiralty courts to ensure rulings favorable to British interests………”

  • We won’t be paying an extra tax to keep our ER, which I have used twice in the past few years and am really glad it was there, we’d just be paying the same amount, thus renewing the current contract which is about to expire.

    I have a hard time hearing people whine about the amount of tax they have to pay because they have 4 pieces of property. If you are wealthy enough to own that amount of real estate or property then can’t you afford it? Especially compared to those of us struggling to pay our one mortgage. If your property has been in your family for decades haven’t you already made a tidy sum of profit off it?

    Who of you whiners have ever been on a board? Do you understand the complexities, amount of time and energy a position like that involves? The healthcare system is incredibly complex and anyone willing join the board and to take on that amount of understanding and selfless dedication should be applauded.

    The CT scanner is an excellent addition.

    Being in the vicinity of an ER does effect property values, as it does with schools. An elderly couple buying property in the Cove will need healthcare at some point, as will most of us, and the extra time it would take to drive to Fortuna’s hospital could effect their decision to live here.

    VOTE YES on F !!!

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      The concept of an unfairly applied tax on just one group of people, property owners, in order to support the general operation of a healthcare facility benefiting everyone is pretty flawed.

      SHCHD needs to raise funds from donors, operation of a “foundation” responsible for fundraising, and from profitable lines of business, such as clinic operations, SNF operations etc.

      Relying on “extra property tax” is unfair, and the time for this has passed. If SHCHD is unable to operate on it’s income, it should be disbanded and closed.


      • Property owners can spread it around. If you reside in the community you are either an owner occupant, a renter, or without home. Only the latter can escape the tax.

  • Eric, are you still on the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board?

    • Ed, many people serve on boards that aren’t formally in the their zip code. He has an office here and is part of the greater Humboldt County community. You don’t live here but maintain a deep love &interest in what happens here.

      • Eric is also listed as the “Agent for service” for the Southern Humboldt Community Park Corporation. BTW, Eric’s “office” is used by the Southern Humboldt Community Park.

    • The reason I ask Eric; how much property tax and taxing agency direct charges & special assessments/fees aka SHUSD, CR or SHCHD, does the SHCP pay from the 462.55 acres owned and operated by the SHCP?

      • Totally fine with hearing about a local business

        Oh, I see now….Ed Voice is the only one who sees what is ‘really’ going on, based on the last few articles where your superior intellect is so profound! How have I managed for so long?? It seems a little desperate making unsupported and unsubstantiated claims in which a few google searches can qualify as knowledge…maybe a CIA informant??!

      • Ed,
        I know you don’t live here. Do own any property in SoHum?

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  • Mr. Ballzhoff.
    I know that you care or I would not bother replying to you. “with a reasonable man I will reason”. I know that you know the joy and pride of saving a life, I share that with you.

    I’m Glad that you mentioned the Howard Memorial Hospital as being a state of the art and new medical facility. The original Howard Memorial Hospital was built in 1925 because a young man, Frank R. Howard, died for the lack of an adequate Hospital. Charles S. Howard, father of young Frank, donated the money to build the Hospital and Doctor Raymond Babcock worked to get it built.

    Doctor Babcock traveled to Laytonville in 1923 to deliver my mother before Willits had a hospital. My grandmother was diabetic and the delivery was complicated. I was born in the Howard Memorial and was also delivered by Doctor Babcock, as was my sister three years earlier. My life was saved there when I was eight years old. So, I know what a fine hospital Howard memorial is. Now, they have fine doctors that work there, and they even have a world class orthopedic surgeon, Doctor William Bowen.

    The Howard Hospital was extensively remodeled in 1955, partly because the community cared, it became a new state of the art facility. Recently, a completely brand-new hospital was built on donated land. The community supported that construction, because they cared.

    Laytonville didn’t have an ambulance, so they had many community fundraisers to buy an ambulance for their Fire Department. Now, when the town siren blows they know that is another life saving call being accomplished. It is with a great amount of pride that the town people will explain to you how they got their ambulance. Because they cared. They were proud that they were 20 minutes closer to a hospital.

    The Garberville hospital was built when Doctor Lowen came to town and said “I will be your Doctor if will build me a hospital, otherwise it was nice meeting you all”. The hospital was built almost immediately. That was back before all of the crippling regulations.

    I am a 73 year resident of the South Fork of the Eel river. And, my family has been here since 1857. I was a volunteer Firefighter and medical first responder for 39 years. My Daughter was born in the Garberville Hospital. She was delivered by Doctor Jerold Phelps and Dr. Pierson, and it was also a complicated delivery. I would like to think that I can continue to live here with good health care in my failing years.

    We need a hospital…… you can’t fix what you don’t have. Our future, and the future of the community depends upon it. Can we care again???
    Yes on “F”
    Ernie Branscomb

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      A yes vote on Measure F will merely extend general funding to an organization so incompetently managed, so corrupt, and so thoroughly incapable of change that it is utterly unsupportable.

      While the history lesson is enlightening, even entertaining, with respect, that was then, this is now. SHCHD also often bores us with stories of the past. SHCHD’s fascination with the “old days” is laughable, even obtuse… We need to go forward!

      Wasting our money, telling stories, and misleading the public, while failing, year after year, to offer needed services, hire adequate numbers of licensed, trained and competent persons, and failing to provide for the needs of the community by offering behavioral health, pharmacy, and drug rehab/counseling, among many other services, all these things make the current conditions at SHCHD unsupportable.

      SHCHD has a long history of harassing, abusing, hiring and firing indiscriminately, and lying to it’s employees. The history of personnel issues at SHCHD is legend, and the numbers of employee who came and went is amazing. In my department alone, over 30 licensed Clinical Lab Scientists were hired, fired, disillusioned, screwed over, lied to and then replaced. This kind of abuse is manifest in other departments at SHCHD, including XRAY, Nursing and Med Rec.

      SHCHD always has an excuse for it’s failures. SHCHD always blames the “lack of housing”, SHCHD’s “inability to hire” qualified people, the “drug culture” etc… The real reason for SHCHD’s personnel problem is the “culture” of SHCHD itself, SHCHD’s lack of integrity, character, and veracity, and the misconduct of SHCHD’s Administrators, and it’s completely unqualified board members.

      Then there are the money problems and the politics of this particularly peculiar small town…

      Supporting Hospitals is always the right thing to do, but the lack of support for SHCHD in the general community is amazing! I honestly believe that beyond the “family of current employees” there is very little support for SHCHD in the entire South County.

      Of course the SHCHD supporters support it, and it sure looks like the District is going to attempt to ram past a parcel tax until, well until forever, folks. Someone has to send a consistent message to SHCHD, and that someone is the voters. SHCHD has no problem holding an election for funding, but it sure doesn’t want to elect board members…

      Fact is, I don’t want to pay for a poor quality backstreet hospital that can’t operate effectively, much less profitably. Denying SHCHD this funding is the best way to force it to evolve that I can think of.

      If SHCHD fails to evolve, it will become even less able to be supported.

      SHCHD is up against the wall. Will you continue to pay for this level of incompetence, of waste, of poor decisions and poor quality care? Can you live with an organization that can’t change? That can’t even bill correctly or charge reasonable fees? An organization the lies about everything? I cannot.

      This is politics, not history class. Don’t be asleep on election day!


      • Taurus Ballzhfoff, you repeatedly state the problems you see @ SHCHD. I would love to read what your solutions to those problems would be. Your soap box is starting to sag. If you have some answers or creative ideas, by all means, Lead the Way!

        • His solution seemed pretty simple, vote no on measure F. I agree whole heartedly. I say close the hospital because every local (including myself) knows that if you want actual medical care you have to drive to a real hospital. I love to support local businesses but if you can’t even come close to doing your job the community will not support you.

        • groba dude osnt trustafarian

          Sorry, according to the SHCHD HR department, I am “not eligible” to work for SHCHD. And I have to be paid to “help hospitals”, as there are many of them, and they all need help. I do not believe SHCHD wants any qualified persons to work for them anyway, as they prefer “Yes Men” and meek women as employees.

          And I don’t work for employers who can’t tell the truth, and for employers that harass, exploit, and abuse their employees, because I don’t have to!

          Frankly, these days, SHCHD is not interested in having qualified persons on their board, either, but I did volunteer.

          • Inquiring minds want to know more

            You are “not eligible” to work for SHCHD, please tell us more. Why would you be ineligible to work for a facility that is always looking for qualified staff? Does that mean you were fired from the facility? And if you were fired from the facility, to state you are “in eligible” to work there would imply that you’ve tried to apply to work there since being fired.
            I don’t know about you, but if I was fired from a facility I do not know if I would continue to try to get my job back — seems odd! Seems really odd that you would try to get your job back from a facility you are actively campaigning against them.
            Are you campaigning against them because you were fired? Why were you fired? Please let the rest of us know why you were fired and why you would want to work for a facility that fired you?

      • “This is politics, not history class. Don’t be asleep on election day!”

        Yet your argument based on ‘your’ history. It has been said that if you don’t know history you will be condemned repeat it. I would rather see the hospital fixed than abandoned, we don’t need to go back to no medical care like before the hospital. (sorry for the history)

        I am trying to respect you, but I also feel that people should use their real names. It is hard to give much credence to someone that won’t own up to their own convictions. I will probably drop it here, this is too much like shadow boxing with a bad dream.

        The hospital has vastly improved and still has a vast way to go. If you look around to other communities, it can happen, we can also have good medical care.

        • sorry Ernie but that hospital is a joke. It’s been a joke for a long time in sohum that if you want drugs go to garberville hospital but if you’re actually hurt go to fortuna. I think the first time I heard that was 15 years ago and it still stands.

  • Eric Kirk, you responded to my comment above “35 cents a day isnt going to squeeze the life out of anybody”, totally missing the reality of stacked taxes (and fees etc) cumulative effect on poor people. Residents like myself who are on a very tight budget with nothing much more to our name than the land on which we call home can’t stand that attitude. You’re obviously financially very comfortable, and if you’re not out of touch with the ever increasing cost of living, especially owning property, then you fooled me. If 35 cents a day covers my bill, why don’t you instead propose a “mere” $2 per day tax, payable by volunteers like yourself who can afford it. If you remind me it’s a tax renewal, not a new tax, you still miss the point. The tax can expire for a reason. When people like yourself write letters like above, it would provide some perspective if you provide your income.

    • My income varies from year to year. I make much less money than you think because the majority of my clients can’t afford my services. It’s a struggle actually because I don’t like to turn clients away. I made a lot of money in a couple of years and used it to get out of debt, but I didn’t realize that only rich people can afford to make a lot of money and so I’m saddled with a large tax debt. I have kids who are getting closer to college age, and I’m way behind in my retirement. I could find plenty of uses for the tax money, but healthcare is essential.

  • I haven’t read all the comments but I just want to say that I personally have been on the other end of a frivolous lawsuit by Erik Kirk and I know for a FACT that he has no problem saying whatever benefits him and I have paperwork to prove it. He may not have a motive in this but there is no way I can ever respect a lawyer that has tried to steal property for his client and publicly lied in court. And I will continue to repeat this (as it is the truth) for the rest of my days.

  • After reading all the comments, I think Kym summed it up with her headline: Measure F Is Good for SoHum, Says Property Owner and Former Resident. If I didn’t live here, I’d vote for it, too.

  • I was reading the comments above, its all very interesting I have to admit it jaded. I’m sorry everyone has an unhappy situation with every hospital big or small, I can identify the local rescue/ firefighter’s experience in dealing with crisis before ER. Voting for Measure F makes sense. The positives out weighs the negatives in keeping the ER open.

  • Richard Finch

    A very well-reasoned argument, Eric. I don’t like paying taxes, but this one is worth it. I have had both satisfactory and unsatisfactory visits to the ER in Garberville. But it saved me a long drive to Fortuna in the middle of the night, and the peace of mind and sense of security it gives me are well worth the parcel tax. For me the ER is vital. I have a friend who had an unexpected allergic reaction to a bee sting and was having great trouble breathing. The trip to the ER in Garberville rather than Fortuna probably saved his life.

    • That’s the bottom line. And by the way, the ER is Fortuna has had its own problems and criticisms. I know of no ER which hasn’t.

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