Did You Hear That Thunder?

Lightning map

[Capture from LightningMaps.org just before 3 p.m.]

Thunder rolling in Southern Humboldt today right before 3 p.m. Real-Time Lightning Map shows some likely lightning strikes over the ocean west of Leggett.

Anyone else see/hear anything?



  • Yup! Just came in from the garden after seeing a lightning bolt NW of us 😳

  • Yepper, a few thunder roars mixed with bits of rain and hail and sun.

    Central trinity co, 4000′.

  • Mobius Dancer

    Saw the flicker in the northwest, heard the thunder. Since it already smelled like ozone, I assume this wasn’t the first…
    Big. fat, warm raindrops… I was (and am) reminded of the summer rains we had in Michigan when I was growing up.

  • Concerned Trinity County Resident

    Some good thunder rolls here in Trinity County; a little rain here and there with it.

  • Getting lots of thunder out here in Burnt Ranch

  • carole Hendricks

    Yep I heard it in Rio Dell. I was outside though.

  • Ayup. A few thunder rolls blowing up from over the Eel delta, then rolling off up the Van Duzen, about 2-3 PM.

    A spot of moderate rain, to go with. Never saw any lightning.

  • Malcolm Stebbins

    Yes indeed, but didn’t see anything, sharp-thumpy-crack and lotsa rolling. As they say about Oregon, “If you don’t like the weather just wait a few minutes.” A few large drops as I started out, then some more, then hardly enough to get the windshield clean.

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