Osprey Beauty

Osprey on alert. [Photos by Talia Rose]

Photos don’t convey how large ospreys are. But they are as big as a goose. They are fierce predators. Mainly they feed on fish, but, according to photographer Talia Rose, last year, when lampreys were plentiful, ospreys caught them all day long.

“This year there are far less Lamprey and the Osprey are a bit more challenged to find food in the South Fork of the Eel,” Talia Rose explained.

Osprey with young Steelhead

Osprey with a young Steelhead [Photo by Talia Rose]
To see more of Talia Rose’s photography go to County Line Wild on Facebook.

And, if you have any bird of prey photos, we’d love to see them.




  • Nice photos. An osprey is building a nest on top of a sea stack near Chetco Point in Brookings. From Chetco Point walk the beach south (actually east as the coast of Brookings faces south) about a half mile. Quite stunning to see this nest atop the sea stack.

  • Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!

  • Especially like the one of the I osprey shaking his feathers. Something different yet just as beautiful.

  • Great picture. I have a pair of mated bald eagles that fly over my property at the same time every day. Ive tried to get pictures but my camera is just too pathetic to do them justice.

  • The quality of her pics never ceases to amaze me!!! I follow her on Facebook, as well as seeing her pics published here occasionally!!! I am constantly amazed by the Professional quality of her work!!!

  • Beautiful photos.

  • Ospreys are not as big as a goose. Much lighter. But beautiful. And deadly fishermen.

  • There’s an Osprey nest on a platform light in the Mendocino Forest Products yard in Calpella. Been watching it for several years now. When the chicks fledge and are learning to fly they fly over our property. Magnificent birds.

  • Crowd of fools

    Thank you for beautiful pictures. Nature is a true peaceful sanctuary.

  • To all you who come to the nature section and take the time to add a little recollection or observation, THANK YOU!

    I read my comments from all the different articles mixed together because of the way my comment software works best. Amid the sourness that often pervades the rest, a comment on here usually brings a smile. Thanks for the bright spots in my day.

  • So who’s out watching to see if osprey are catching their limit of eel out of the south fork? They better go on a strict squaw fish diet if they are living off this river 😳

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Another series of fantastic photos from Talia Rose. Definition on the bird is fab. Shallow depth of field puts the background in perfect soft focus for the osprey yet reveals splendor of locale.

    Nice bit of natural history on the lampreys. It figures that the lampreys (“eels”) would be a prime target since they are extremely rich in oil and offer more concentrated nutrition than smolts and pikeminnows. Illustrates what has been lost with the diminished runs of salmon, lampreys and candlefish.

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