Fingerprints and DNA Yield No Results for Centerville Beach Body; Coroner Requests Public’s Help

Humboldt: State Free-Hate Free centerville body

HumboldtANARCHO: State Free-Hate Free-Fight Bigotry

A man’s body located at Centerville beach on February 24 of this year has not yet been identified. According to Samantha Karges, DNA tests done did not correspond with a missing person. She said fingerprints from the body did not correspond to any in the system.

Today, the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office requested help from the community in identifying the person. They provided a photo of the black t-shirt worn by the dead man. Words printed on it said, “HumboldtANARCHO, STATE FREE- HATE FREE – FIGHT BIGOTRY”.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Coroner’s Office at (707) 445-7242 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • I wonder if it could be that deckhand who was lost at sea some months back? He went overboard south of the jaws and was never recovered!

  • Probably a lonely and confused soul that committed suicide. The family hadn’t even cared enough to report him missing.

    • It always blows my mind when people go out of their way to make up a bunch of negative shit about a complete stranger who passed. I wish people like you had less free time or learned to not talk shit about dead strangers. [edit]

    • Just because you live in a [edit] world were everyone is gifted with family doesn’t mean that is everyone life.

  • Apparently the shirt did not help him

    • And since he’s an anarchist, it’s probably best to not waste government funding solving his death.

  • Probably and apparently need some coaching. CSI wannabees shouldn’t throw their, “I know what happened ” lines about.

  • Birdie breeze

    Well that t-shirt ink looks fresh and new or never laundered. It has no ctacks or anything. It would get distressed over time. They should try dental or ask ICE fior help . Maybe its someone undocumented here. HCSO should ask some of the peeps who were living along theEel river forchelp too the ones they evicted.

  • I wonder if it is possible for an artist to draw a picture of the deceased or a computer generated drawing be done? I thought the coroner had the resources to use the remains to determine the approximate age and race if the deceased. Hopefully he will be identified and his remains returned to his family. Someone must be wondering where their loved one is.

  • Could be someone connected to the mattole forest defense/redwood nation earth first groups as their political philosophy is the same. I believe there is a active forest defense campaign on H.R.C. Land in north fork mattole. These aren’t old ponytail tree huggers from headwaters, but kids under 30 who run the scene now. Maybe he passed through some of the action camps or radical circle “A” book fairs in arcata

    • Whoops, I was thinking this was the mattole beach person, but it is the centerville beach person.
      The t shirt still points to a narrow demographic of activist types in northern humboldt.. seems like one of his friends would notice him gone, but a lot of people from this subculture are travelers or not from the area or estranged from family and connections,so that makes identification difficult..

  • Just to be clear. The picture with the Humboldt Arancho is the T-shirt right also there it’s a missing person who a family member keeps posting. I can’t find the link – hope they discover who he is RIP.

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