Arcata High Interact Club Hosting Spaghetti Dinner to Benefit Victims of Child Slavery on Saturday

This is a press release from Arcata High School Interact Service Club:

As a division of the Rotary International Club, the Arcata High School Interact Service Club aims to promote positive change in not only our local community, but also our worldwide community. We are taking the steps towards bettering our world through a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser on May 11, 2018, from 6pm to 9pm at the AHS Fine Arts Building and will cost $8 per individual and $30 per family of four. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Rotarian Action Group Against Child Slavery, which is a volunteer organization whose goal is to aid the reintegration of child slaves. 100% of proceeds will be donated.

This night will include a dinner, a dutch raffle, and entertainment from several talented students at Arcata High School. It is our goal to raise as much funds possible for the Rotarian Action Group Against Child Slavery.



  • Just courious, how much actually makes it to the children… Most organizations only end up giving 20 percent as the rest is considered administrative… Which I believe is a rip off…..

  • The history of the International Rotary club is quite fascinating.
    They’re the ones who got the UN established. The Blue Helmets are the ones who enforce the UN ‘rules’. Which reminds me, have the Blue Helmets been imprisoned yet for their deeds that are punishable in the USA yet are highly valued in other countries that make up the UN?

  • The Interact Club is for teens (12-18) and I think its great that kids are caring about more than themselves and real world problems! If you have children consider learning more about Interact it teaches leadership skills and does a lot for the community like Rotary and Rotaract for young adults (18-30). Ineract does two service projects a year one for their school or community and another that promotes international understanding. Please consider getting more involved in helping the world and community, especially those of you who are tired of all the drugs and violence we hear about and see everyday . Take some action and get involved in some way!!

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