[UPDATE: Monday Morning] Shots Fired in Fortuna; Possible Gunshot Victim

“Shots Fired” and “possible gunshot victim” were reported at 365 North Fortuna Blvd., according to a call over the scanner at approximately 8:50 p.m.

“Respond Code 3 with a shield,” said a Fortuna Police officer over the scanner. All available units are headed to the incident.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 8:58 p.m.: “Verbal commands are being given…negative response and negative movement,” reports an officer.

UPDATE 9:15 p.m.: Fortuna Police are now saying they are Code 4 and calling for medical to come to the scene. Medical had been staging. According to scanner reports, Fortuna Police have located Ronald Crossland, the suspect in a fatal shooting in Eureka.

UPDATE 9:30 p.m.: Someone has been pronounced deceased at the scene, according to the scanner.

UPDATE: Chief Steve Watson of the Eureka Police tweeted, “187 PC suspect Ronald Crossland has been confirmed deceased in Fortuna. This is an active, fluid investigation and we’ll release more details later.”

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  • it’s crossland and it’s a “suicide”…9:17pm

  • He shot himself

  • Wow! Well that’s kind of a relief…..what a crazy chain of events. This guy went off the rails and he went all in. On the bright, side just think how much money he saved us.

    • Wow! [edit] He is someone’s loved one! I’m so sorry for the woman and her family but I’m also sorry for Ron and his family.

      • life is good OG

        Agreed. Another tragedy for everyone involved. Rest In Peace victim and Mr. Crossland

      • If you want to beat yourself and wail for the world’s screwups, that’s fine. But to tell everyone else they have to join you is just wrong.

        • I agree. Our society may be the better for “speaking ill of the dead” if a greater admonition is observed.

      • That’s woman was his girlfriend at the time I personally know him and he has treated me with respect but my parents and other adult around him no he has told me face to face he has no problem hitting or killing anyone man women animal or child I am sad to see him go but he was a dangerous criminal and had the intention of committing more crimes if he was still alive

    • CJ Engebretson

      Ugly but very true…alot of money

    • Like it j dubs

    • So true J.D. I agree….

  • I am glad he killed himself and not yet another person…

  • Diamond, you’re what’s wrong with this state. The criminal is the victim……..

    • She showed some compassion for his family. So F*%k her huh? Perhaps YOU are whats wrong kid.

      • Compassion for violent criminals is stupid. Its one thing to feel bad for their family a little but if you think about it, a violent criminal is should be held 100% responsible for their actions, and no mercy should be shown for their families sake. But thats not how it works. Someone runs over 2 kids drunk driving, or rapes a little girl, people go easy on them because they have families and feelings too. We show our criminals the same exact sympathies we show victims, making them victims instead of treating them like the heinous criminals they are. Imagine how much more effective our justice system would be if victim sympathy was actually only applied to the victims and not their “poor poor attackers”. Feeling sorry for these scumbags and their families helps noone but the scum bags.

  • How does everyone know he shot himself?!! Other people are saying he shot someone here in a Fortuna and got arrested! So how do you people know the details? We’re you all there taking notes??

  • I was there taking notes smart mouth

  • Shoulda killed himself first. Woulda saved everyone alot of grief. Waste of oxygen

  • Sadly, if he shot himself, he got the order wrong. Should have killed himself first, then others.

  • Fabaine M Crawford

    Well I knew that would be the next thing he did after hitting my 60 year old mother in the face with a machete and two days later chopping her dog up leaving it alive to suffer. He needed to die, or better yet he needed the da Maggie Flemming to step up and put him in prison for any of the awful crimes he has committed. Good riddance he did the world a favor. I am so sorry for the family of the woman killed. Maybe they should think about sueing the county for letting that psyco free again and again until he killed someone. I guess it wasn’t enough just brutally chopping a tied up dog up.

    • Wow! That IS terrible! I don’t know you or your family but so sorry that happened.

    • Especially when it is impossible to know who a person like that will blame for his own self generated unhappiness.

    • Something similar happened to me by a different person, the da only gave probation when
      a much more severe punishment was warranted.

      The da needs to step up in violent cases.

      • One of the problems with that is that, if not negotiated to a plead agreement, then comes an expensive trial in front of a jury (usually) and an uncertain verdict. If you read the comments, there are people quite willing to excuse or even have sympathy with the worst people as long as they present a sympathetic presence in the court room. It only takes one of them on a jury to screw up everyone’s lives.

        I imagine that a lot of DAs would love to go after a person like him but know the defending attorney will prevent it if he can. They may very well settle for what they can get, knowing all the tricks of the defense ahead of time.

        • Crowd of fools

          People quite willing to excuse or even have sympathy for the worst people? I have yet to read a comment that has pity for the criminal. Compassion for the families of criminals but not the criminals. Don’t read into something that isn’t there or better yet don’t assume you understand the words of others. I could care a less that Crossland offed himself. Did us all a favor. But I think his grandchildren may think a little differently, in spite of the terrible thing he did. Duh.

  • hop on the bus Gus

    365 North Fortuna Blvd.–, isn’t that at Johnnys Crack House trailer park?

    • Right there at it. Complete shit hole of a living situation. I watched a young man, maybe 20, shoot up in the back of a car he was “staying” in that was parked out front of the restaurant. I came back 30 minutes later to see him slumped over in the back seat.

  • It has got to be stressful to be a cop with a domestic violence murder hanging over the area. When you know the killer is going to turn up somewhere ready to do a suicide by cop or much worse. Hope this is over and nobody else was hurt. Thank you for the mostly thankless job the cops do.

    • Crowd of fools

      Exactly. Or a cop wanting to do their job arresting all these assholes only to have the jail cut them loose. Not because the jail wants to, because our govenor Jerry brown changed the laws to ensure the criminals are back on the streets in the blink of an eye. We want changes. We don’t want criminals out on the streets to kill innocent people. Keep this in mind when you vote. Get these laws changed. But there is also culpability we the DA. I have my own bone to pick with her regarding a violent crime in my family and her failure to prosecute the perpetrator.

  • When is the rest of the story going to be posted

  • Good job FPD for containing the situation. No one else got hurt last night.

  • Service Coordinator L.H.C.

    Crawford if there is anything that we can provide for your mother considering the horrific events she has endured, please share your thoughts here. Will check back for any needs that come to mind 💐

  • The problem is that if the violater knows the victim, they call it “domestic”
    and it’s not treated as seriously as non-domestic violence, and that encourages the violater to get worse. That victims wind up just as dead.

    I guess the solution is that everybody that knows
    a creep should learn to shoot, get a concealed carry
    permit and walk around strapped.

  • Johnny crap hole trailer park come on fpd do some busts in that dump.

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