(Listen) Supervisor Fennell on cannabis, crime, and Kitchen case; Humboldt Last Week

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Some stories discussed with Humboldt County Supervisor Estelle Fennell (10:38):

Supervisor Fennell elected president of California Cannabis Authority

She delves into how she believes this role will help Humboldt and discusses legal recreational cannabis in its fifth month.

Young woman booked after ramming patrol vehicle with stolen car, cops say

“We’re not going back to a time where people like this young woman who clearly have problems are gonna be kicked into a jail system and come out worse,” she said after recently supporting a tough-on-crime initiative despite concerns from some about its potential impact on rehabilitation. “They’re still going to be dealing with a system that’s trying to help them…”

Trial delay confirmed for Kitchen as lawyer explores new defense angle

“It’s something has been the focus of a lot of people’s anger and also just feeling so distraught by such a horrible situation,” she said before further discussing the double-manslaughter case. “There’s a lot of empathy for the kids, a lot of empathy for the survivors who have to live with that day in and day out, and a call for for justice…”

Other stories covered in this episode:

Made-up group of positive hug-giving kids mentioned, then coincidentally appears

Bareilles makes list of top TV shows so far this year

HSU grad Hillenberg wins Emmy honor for ‘SpongeBob’

Mother says men didn’t get help while teenager died in hotel room

New TV show “Tree-SI”? Cops bust alleged drive by tree shooter

St. Joes to host six resident doctors next year, potentially 18 at a time in the future

Dramatic water rescues

Court process continues for ex cheerleading coach who denies sex offenses

Another HSU alum, running back, looking to earn spot with 49ers

Raising awareness about Humboldt’s deadly beaches

Man says transient, wanting more money than offered, stabbed his face in Arcata

STD spike

A utility box makes this writer hungry

Eureka looks to operate entirely on clean renewable energy by 2025

Other top stories from last week

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Estelle Fennell, courtesy of county website



  • I’d rather hear estelle fennell on a bus leaving humboldt.

    • Her & the rest of the Board of STUPIDvisors also while we’re about it throw ALL of the lying cheating A$$holes out next month!!!

      • Do some research on which supervisor seats will be voted on and when before throwing the term “stupid” around.

  • When she was KMUD News Director I believed almost everything she said. Estelle was a great asset to our community. Now she’s a politician and I don’t believe nearly anything she says….

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Estelle is a self-serving pundit of pedantry, a person who will say anything at all to promote her power and personal importance… I do not trust her, and find her guilty of being corrupt and incompetent and a perfect example of what is wrong in Humboldt.

    The politicians of this backwards county all need to be removed, and a council of clear thinkers needs to take their place.

    When the government of Humboldt County focuses on the real problems and issues of today, instead of continuously visiting the past, we may actually begin to move forward.

    Out with the old, move to the present and build the future.

    • It’s unsettling when people mouth off about how bad politicians are without taking the time to point out specifics. Like, it would have more of an impact if you said something like “hey, I don’t like when she did (insert actual fact here).”

      The fact of the matter is that Estelle is here to stay until 2020 and you’d have a much better chance of seeing the change you want in this county if you were to make your concerns know to her and people like her, and perhaps together you could come to an understanding or plan.

      • Thank you Abel T, for reaching out. I hope the commentators take note and jot down the literal reasons.

        Is she a pundit of pedantry of dumb unconstitutional laws or is she a hard a*s he*l bent on keeping the constitution intact for her constituents?

  • Veterans friend

    The amateurish supes seem all to be cut from the same cloth. Their service is mostly to themselves, each other, and their pro development masters. Certainly not for the citizens & and the county.

  • When can she be voted out?

    • Her district seat is up for election in 2020.

    • her seat expires in 2020.

      • Election results

        Just checked election numbers for last election. Fennell was Re-elected to her second term with 78% of the vote, her opponent only got 22%. She has a lot of support throughout her district in spite of the usual haters on these anonymous posts. She will easily be re-elected to another term if she wants it.

        • ya I voted for her again then too but that was before her shady side was Fully exposed. Her agenda & actions now speak 1000 words, or maybe say 1000 Benjamin’s!!!

    • Nothing will change unless somebody decent and reliable runs against her. That is our problem in Humboldt County. Just when you think we can replace them they run against an opponent who is even worse! So we keep them. Gallegos was a perfect example- he never had to run against a worthy opponent and so he stayed. And stayed and stayed.

      • Veterans friend

        I voted for Bud Rogers last time. I will vote for ANYONE who opposes her😊

        • Read it and weep

          Oh Yeah…bud Rogers was so wildly popular and well supported ….he got a whopping 22% hahaha that’s the lowest votes anyone has ever gotten for that seat.

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