Expect Delays on Walnut Drive; Construction on McKay Tract Parking Lot Begins Tomorrow

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

On Monday, May 7 the Humboldt County Department of Public Works will begin constructing (weather permitting) a left turn lane at the intersection of Walnut Drive and Northridge Road and a new parking lot along Northridge Road in Cutten. This construction project will improve safety for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians and enable public access to the McKay Community Forest.

Shoulder closures and lane closures with one-way controlled traffic will occur at various times until the project is completed in July 2018. The safety improvements on Walnut Drive are funded with a contribution from Measure Z.

If you have any concerns or questions, please, contact Construction Engineer Angi Sorensen at (707) 445-7448. We thank you in advance for your patience and look forward to the completion of the project.



  • Thank you for the heads up.

  • So the McKay tract gets a new parking lot while we have road closures?

    • This is Eel River Drive where an early morning commuter’s car was swallowed up by this sinkhole. It really needs a new culvert.

      • The more that the county fails to maintain what they already have, the more likely someone can get the public to vote for a tax increase proposition. And the more proposition money is approved, the more money from previously committed funds the county can use for other things.

      • This stretch of Eel River Drive between Fernbridge and Salmon Creek is the main route for local agriculture. Those of us in the ‘hood have have learned to watch out for slow-moving equipment on that road. These days, that traffic is using Hwy 101 over the bluff. I wonder, if CHP might let the county know how flat-out dangerous this situation is, would priorities change? Maybe we could try Pothole Politics instead of Pork Barrel politics for a change.

  • Measure Z was sold to us to help maintain the roads, as well as for public safety.

  • Sold to us? You mean sold to some. Bait and switch won again.

  • The above comments are on the mark. Roads are crumbling in the city of Eureka, and in the county. You can break an axle on Third St. in front of the chainsaw shops. I contacted the councilwoman 5 years ago, was told: “We just don’t have the money.” Well, since then, we have a 7 million $$ paved trail, a block away, gave the state the largest tax increase for “surface transportation and REPAIR” in our history, and they cannot even spare a truck of surplus asphalt to fill the potholes? The North Jetty has crumbled beyond repair, the roads are almost to the point of no repair, which will require complete rebuilds, or revert back to gravel. As our infrastructure crumbles, our State Senator lobbies in Sacramento to disband the Railroad Authority, (which at some time in the future, could have brought commerce back to Humboldt Co. ) and establish a Redwood Trail Authority. I guess the “Peoples Rupublik of Kalifornia”
    envisions people riding bicycles, and shoveling gravel into potholes for the few working serfs that can still afford to ride a car to work to pay the taxes. And if we fall for the tired old lame excuse”WE NEED MORE TAXES FOR OUR ROADS” , then, we are STUPID!

  • I drove by this parking lot today. It looks like it’s done. When will it be open?

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