Vehicle and Motorcycle Collision on the Avenue

traffic accidentA vehicle and motorcycle collided with each other about 1:15 p.m. on the Avenue of the Giants just north of Miranda, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The roadway appears to be blocked as the CHP page indicates the vehicle, the motorcycle and it’s rider are in the road.

Garberville Ambulance and Miranda Fire are responding to the scene.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • TwinstarRebel

    This one and the moto death on May 2 on S. Broadway in Eur. Motorcycle awareness month is off to a great start. Just ’cause you don’t like them or think they’re dangerous, doesn’t mean they’re cannon fodder for your caged tank. Pay attention. Share the road. It’s the law.

    • Just because the moto rider is usually the fatality doesn’t mean it’s always the auto drivers fault!

    • It’s hard to see a motorcycle at the best of times. Those riders who make an effort to be visible are appreciated because, if bikers are hated, it’s because they frequently behave in ways that scare the crap out of car drivers by suddenly appearing.

  • Veteran's friend

    Oh dear. Please be careful everyone, riding season is here. Watch out for yourself, and for each other.

  • The way things have been going around Miranda lately they’re going to need their own CHP and ambulance station.

  • Please look out for motorcycles and each other on the road. Please slow down and drive safe.

  • When we evolve further in the future there is an increase of population and when there is an increased population there are more drivers on the road and when there are more drivers on the road there is a greater risk of accidents that can happen so please drive carefully do not tailgate give your self a good distance away from other vehicles if possible this will give you more time to react if anything happens when your driving and decreases the chances of getting into an accident and please remember to share the road for not only bicycles but for motorcycle’s to it’s the law and don’t try standing up on your motorcycle while riding down Redwood Drive in Redway like I saw someone trying to do yesterday.

  • What's up with that?

    Every motorcycle rider I encounter , except those on Harleys, on Humboldts back roads are driving like they are in a motocross race. They have to get to their destination at maximum speed for some reason. I cringe every time I encounter one hoping they get by me without crashing.

    • Except Harleys? My husband and I both ride Kawasaki Volcans and our friends ride Honda Shadows. Please don’t stereotype… we are all cruisers. We also own a Yamaha fz6r sport bike and we are exceptionally safe.

      • BugOnAWindshield

        Jean, don’t even try, cajers don’t know the difference. To them: big bikes are cruisers and those riders are bikers and probably affiliated with some seedy gang, sportbikes are crotchrockets and those riders are nuts and on speed, mx bikes are outta site outta mind except that those riders are tearing up the environment and killing the last desert tortoise. And all of us grouped together are still less than half their population and nothing more than a bug on a windshield to be flicked away with a little wiper fluid. Look out for them ’cause they sure ain’t looking out for you and they can’t, or won’t, be taught any differently.

  • I’ll admit, when I’m off the moto for more than a week, I find my attention less than the level it is when I’m riding. I have to make a conscious effort to be fully aware. It comes with being in the safety of a cage and the bubble of a controlled environment, ie windows up, radio on, a.c. or heater possibly. I remind myself daily, something riders say to other riders, “keep your head on the swivel.”

    Look, I know it’s not always the cars fault. I don’t know the cause of this accident, but the broadway death was the car’s fault. I know there are riders that make most of us look bad. Just like the texters and makeup appliers that have lane changed me (both in car & on moto) make all car drivers look bad.

    As far as Harleys vs other bikes, another over generalization that sparks a debate way too long and for another time.

    And motos appearing out of nowhere? With a few speed demons, yes, that happens, both with cars and motos, and those few make all of us look bad and hate the other. A moto can be 1/4 to 1/10 the weight of a small car, so please, everyone, car drivers, moto riders, moto riders in cars, pay attention, “look twice for motorcycles”, it could be someone you know, and… keep your head on the swivel. Thank you.

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