Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy Organization Endorses Bass and Sundberg

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Virginia BassThe Humboldt Deputy Sheriffs Organization (HDSO) today announced its endorsement of Supervisors Virginia Bass and Ryan Sundberg for Humboldt County Supervisor.

HDSO President Jamie Barney thanked both for their service.

“Supervisors Sundberg and Bass have shown a commitment to not only bringing on new deputies through Measure Z and other methods, but also working to retain experienced officers who serve in our challenging, rural county. We appreciate their support and respect for the working men and women putting their lives on the line each day in service to the public.”

Ryan Sundberg“Our county is huge and rugged,” said HDSO President Jamie Barney, “Our members live in the community, and we see the advantages of experienced officers with local knowledge, who have deep involvement in our neighborhoods. Because we live here too, we know how proper staffing and senior deputies can bridge divides and save lives.”

Barney said HDSO members are happy that both candidates have taken the time to familiarize themselves with the many issues facing Humboldt County.

“Ryan and Virginia both know how hard our deputies work to keep Humboldt safe, and we look forward to working with them to serve the people of our county in the years to come.”



  • OMG! The Sheriff endorses the more conservative elements of the status quo??? What possibly could happen next???!!! 😮

    • Liberals could be elected who understand tax money is not an bottomless resource to be used for social experiments and that tax payers deserve results?

      • So, Guest. I assume your beliefs for spending tax money fairly applies to the Federal government as well. If that is true, please tell me what you see as the value of having the conservatives (who lied to start) spending the significant portion our natural treasure (WAY into debt) for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. PLEASE tell me you are not hypocritical and are giving a pass to that (MUCH BIGGER) WASTE!!!
        PS: I am one of the commentators who posted (on Kym’s recent article on Caltrans road resurfacing) opposing what I regard as a waste of state resources on that out of control behemoth. What did you post there (or elsewhere) about state excess spending?

        • Rhino’s, not conservatives. True conservatives are a rare breed and are too often tossed into the lump of rhino’s label, against their wishes.

  • Work to keep Humboldt safe? More like work to make sure emerald scamily farms gets all of the permits they and their llc’s apply for.

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