Stabbing Victim in Accident After Attempting to Drive Himself to the Hospital

StabbingPress release from Eureka Police:

On May 4, 2018 at approximately 12:42 am pm, Officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the intersection of Buhne and Harrison for an unknown injury traffic collision.

Upon their arrival, officers discovered a single vehicle in the intersection. The driver was contacted and he was found to have what appeared to be stab wounds to his torso. The driver was transported to St Joseph hospital by City Ambulance, where he received treatment for his injuries.

Detectives were notified and responded to the scene. Based on the investigation to this point, it appears the driver had been in an altercation with unknown suspect(s) at a local motel. As a result of this altercation, he was stabbed. The driver was attempting to transport himself to the hospital when he was involved in the collision.

This is an ongoing investigation and updates shall be released when they become available. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact Detective Richard Bise at (707) 441-4109.



  • He collided with what now?

  • Terry L. Clark

    Perhaps he couldn’t afford “health insurance” (which has nothing to do with insuring actual health, but I digress) or the exorbitant ambulance charges.

    “City Ambulance has a list of 11 different rates services provided by ambulance crews. Of those, three were increased: the base rate ($995 to $1,425), non-emergency ($400 to $500, primarily interfacility transfers) and critical care transport ($1,140 to $1,900).”

    Full article:

    • And? They have to pay their staff if they’re going to retain quality EMTs and Paramedics. They have to carry all sorts of liability insurance for the crew and the ambulance itself. They have to maintain, repair, and replace their fleet so they don’t have ambulances breaking down. Medicare reimbursement rates are notoriously screwy and determine how much of a bill private insurance will cover.

      These rates are comparable, or possibly even lower, to other ambulance companies across the country.

      • But it does seem funny that they charge more for transport than they do for emergency runs. Probably has to do with being able to charge third parties for the transport service which generally means “go for the big bucks”.

        • what your missing is that its “critical care transport”, stuff like hospital and care transfers. which can mean more staff than normal onboard. say you transport someone by land with burns to from the local hospitals to a burn ward. or even taking someone in critical condition to murray field to fly by air ambulance to reddin or the bay area.

          i am not sure but often ambulances only have two staff for normal operation. so adding a nurse or second emt into play does change things.

      • memy selfandi

        Yes AND privatization creates excessive costs just like when hospitals kept purchasing expensive equipment to be “Competitive” then went out of business because too many of those purchases which were redundant overall because other hospitals in vicinity also purchased that equipment.

        • Or went out of business when ACA mandated standards that could not be supported by the population.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Do you have health insurance? Obamacare or not even that ’cause hey-man? If no insurance, what is your plan if you have an accident or get sick? Lay around in the crosswalk until the ambulance shows up for free and trained EMT’s work for free to save your ridiculous ass as you scold them for being tools of the “system” and they drive you to the ER for free where everybody works for free while paying off their school loans and then when you are healed and on your feet you flip them all off ’cause that’s what “af” would do. Is that the plan, Bunky?

  • He alnost made it only about a mile or so he would of made it and he then could of avoid that ambulance bill

  • life is good OG

    Hello, someone got stabbed? Does anyone care? Don’t know the person, don’t know the circumstances but I hope they will be ok. Geesh. Humanity.

  • Hmmm… I imagine he got charged for a 1 block ambulance ride ???

  • You idiots are bashing health insurance. Thought this article was about someone attempting to murder someone….still on the loose.

    • I do not see where banning a conversation of interest on important topics will get the stabber arrested. And we don’t know the circumstances either- this man might have received the wound because he was assaulting someone. Or not. We don’t know. Anyone with any information can still post. But having a conversation in public about health insurance of ambulances might provide useful information for many. Talk on about what you want- it’s good.

  • For all of you who complain about the cost of things, in general: let’s go socialist. Yes, that is the right thing to do. Or is it? Might I suggest a trip to a socialist, or former socialist country. I have been to several, and I can say with absolutely certainty. HELL NO to socialized medical or anything else.

    • Really? You think Sweden is a bad trip? Or the Netherlands, or Denmark? Hmmm. I pretty much saw happy smiling healthy people there. Some things bummed them out, but not their health care plans.

  • Veterans friend

    Of course what we need is

    • If you found one that did other than institutionalize defects, take the power of choice of the kind of care from the individual and finance itself in competition with pot hole repair and schools (guess who loses- the inconveniently sick, old or other easily put aside people.) Looking only at the defects of privately funded health care to decide which system provides better is allowing fantasy to override reality. Single payer- that euphemism for goverment regulated health care- has plenty of defects no matter how much the lawmakers try to regulate them out of existence. I prefer to fight for my own health without the government overriding me.

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