You’re Invited to the ‘Wigi Wetland Enhancement’ Volunteer Event This Saturday

This is a press release from the City of Eureka:

Saturday, May 5th, Empower Eureka, E.C.O. Eureka and Redwood Region Audubon Society team is inviting our community to help cleanup Eureka.

This “Wigi Wetland Enhancement” event will assign volunteers to remove invasive plant species and clean up trash improving the site of Parcel 4 located on the Waterfront Trail behind Bayshore Mall. As a partnership with the Redwood Region Audubon Society, we will be having ongoing enhancements projects to remove invasive species and trash.

Please join us on May 5th to enhance this valuable wetland. Volunteers will meet at the Kohl’s parking lot and will be lead to the wetland site at 9:30am. The enhancement will take place from 10:00am-12:00pm. Volunteers will meet back at the gates entrance of the wetlands at 12:00pm to return supplies and enjoy free snacks and refreshments.

All supplies are provided, although bringing a reusable water bottle, gardening tools and comfortable clothing is recommended. This is a family friendly event from ages 7 and up.

If your business would like to get involved or for more information, please contact Caitlyn at (707) 441-4206.



  • I had a fun time at last month’s workday.
    Come on out even if you don’t work, it is a great place to see, walk, or bike.

  • Removing non-native plants does not make a ‘restoration.’
    In Manila folks without wetland permits removed vegetation so carelessly
    that in one area alone we lost a primary dune, four ponds, wildlife and stability.

    The group calls itself Friends of the Dunes, any friendlier we’d have no dunes at all.

    • How can you be so ignorant. The primary dune is not lost. The ponds were man made, no wildlife was lost, stability is the enemy of local dune ecology. The most beautiful and diverse dune system in our area is Lanphere Dunes.

      • thanks for using facts to combat this shit

      • “The ponds were man made,” You are damned right, it’s called ” constructed wetlands and carries with it the same protections afforded natural wetlands; Coastal Act.
        The amophylla (European Beach Grass) creates habitat by pro-grading to the west creating a primary-dune, in Manila we require that due to infrastructure just inboard of the primary dune, HBMWDs water mains and municipal sewer ponds inboard of those.

        Hmm, [edit] these works were done with HCF Funds (Habitat Conservation Fund,WETLAND
        ENHANCEMENT CATEGORY). Pickard thought she could remove non-natives in a checkerboard fashion, replant immediately and not cause erosion. She lied, didn’t work in a checkerboard fashion and NEVER re-planted so we lose habitat that our wildlife goals are based upon.
        Open your eyes and try study, start with the Permits and the Negative Declaration to an EIR.

        • Constructed wetlands should not be prioritized over an intact native ecosystem and thankfully those in power agree. The old woman who swallowed the fly again. The infrastructure in question should have never been placed in a shifting dune ecosystem.

          Habitat was recovered/gained, not lost. The amophylla destroyed habitat by stabilizing a dune system in which plants and animals are adapted to shifting dunes.

          • “Constructed wetlands should not be prioritized over an intact native ecosystem ”

            [edit] Read the Coastal Development Permits, read the Coastal Act,
            Local Coastal Plan or the Long-Term Management Plan- no where does it state that erosion
            is a goal- just the opposite is true. Our landforms are protected by State and Federal Laws. Stay the hell off our dunes, no one enjoys erosion or considers erosion to be a stewardship quality, with rising seas your habitats will soon be under water.

    • Cant please them all

      I’ve seen this guy railing against restoration on loco. He admitted at one point that the shifting dunes killed trees he liked to look at (natural process) and made it windier around his house.

      • A valid reason for not liking a process. If restoration was applied to your home, you would not be so happy either.

        • Not his home, near his home, and I would much prefer the restored dune ecosystem.

          • You are speaking gibberish.
            Denuding dunes is NOT restoration, it destroys wildlife habitat, lowers topography/
            profile, increases wind speed and base flood elevation.
            The opposite of stewardship.

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