Stealing From the Shriners?

Shriner mini carOn Saturday after the Rhododendron Parade, this Shriner mini car was stolen from the St. Bernard’s Academy parking lot.

If you see it or know where it is please call Eureka Police at (707) 441-4060.Shriner mini car2



  • Whaaat!? That’s really crazy

  • There is a special place in hell for creeps of this nature

  • They need more security cameras. My neice’s bike lock was cut and her bike stolen from the sidewalk there.

  • I don’t his name… but his fez is familiar…

    • “I’ve just seen a fez I can’t forget the time or place where we just met……” Lennon / McCartney

  • Seen this parked on the corner of C and Henderson (maybe) all by its self…gosh darn rascals must be tranna build them a new club house again

  • Darn but that’s funny. I know it’s not to the person who had their property taken and I hope it gets returned fast. But it’s hard not to have one’s thoughts turn to things like “description of the thief: Not over 6 feet tall, not over 200 lbs, not travelling more than 15 mph. ” It’s just the nature of anything Shriner to bring out the kid in one.

    • Not funny at all. Shiners help kids not just any kids but sick kids. I know because I was one of those kids. I had 2 back surgeries at Shriner’s Hospital that prevented my scoliosis from getting worse & guaranteeing I could continue to walk. They also got me to a cardiologist that saved my life. All this was done at no cost to my parents. I’m alive because of Shriner’s Hospital & they always have a special place in my heart. This is utterly disgraceful & our community should be pissed off not laughing & cracking jokes.

  • crime is out of control . What are the police doing? What is the city doing? Time for this stuff to stop.

    • It’s almost a guarantee that the person who stole it is out on probation or parole after committing multiple crimes. That’s just Humboldt these days. Our elected officials need to do something about the crime………PERIOD !

  • Need to add a mini car symbol to the real-time crime map.

  • It just keeps getting worse☹️

  • Stealing a Shriner mini car? This should be on the national news.

  • That just messed up what wrong with people. Designers is amazing and help millions if children at no coast and advertising is a way to help get donations. My daughter has been a shrines baby for 13 years.

  • I happen to know where that go cart is and who has it. I am told that it’s in king salmon at the storage units there.

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