[UPDATE: She’s Home] Scared in a New Home, Shara Has Disappeared

Lost Black dogYesterday, Shara went to a new home in Salmon Creek. “About 3 hours after I brought her home, she disappeared,” explained her new owner.

“Her name is Shara, she is 6 months old and really scared/shy,” said her owner. “My friend told me that she was attacked by two dogs and ever since she is really scared…She stayed behind the passenger seat with her head under the seat and didn’t move the entire way home(about 1.5-2 hours). She isn’t aggressive at all.”

Shara disappeared in the Early Ranch area of Salmon Creek. If you have any information, please call (702) 521-4005.

UPDATE 5/10: Shara made her way home!



  • 6months?!? Huge!

    Might get that dog vet checked after she returns (or is found! Fingers crossed!) Dog attacks can cause nasty hematomas and infections under the coat, changes in behavior can signal injury or illness.

    Hopefully no cretin “neighbor” tries to shoot the poor girl.

  • That dog’s facial expression is a feaeful one … see the panting open mouth and glassy eyes. If you bring home a dog like this (or any new dog) keep them close to you until they are adjusted and bonded to you. Hoping Shara is returned home by someone savvy enough to catch a frightened dog.

  • I hope she is found soon. She’s a real beauty.

  • Probably a super nice dog but kept in a cage next to a pit bull could of destroyed its mental health. Pit bulls kill!

    • My 6 year old collie lived with two pits most of her life. Am I missing the part in the article where it says the types of dogs that attacked her were pits? Or are we assuming?? Because my sister and aunt were both attacked by dogs in the past. And it wasn’t pits that did it.

  • Poor pup! I hope she is found unharmed.

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