County Road Updates

Humboldt County Seal 2017Humboldt County Public Works wants you to know, “Meridian Road in Ferndale is now OPEN. Shelter Cove Road will be open by Noon today.”



  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    OH, I could drive to Shelter Cove?

    No, thanks.

  • Dr Brian Ormond

    I hope no one drives off the Alderpoint road, just above Lwr Sawmill, in an attempt to drive around the potholes.
    People are already crossing the white fogline by a foot.
    only inches more to go!
    It would be quite a lawsuit against County roads.
    and why wouldn’t county roads want to prevent an injury.
    We already know they have no concerns for auto health
    But why not humans?

  • Talk about potholes, the 1/4 mile of the Alderpoint road just before entering Alderpoint is not up to Class 4 standards, no center line, and dozens of potholes, some quite large.

    It’s going to be quite expensive to fix, and I suggest we fine the Supervisors for each day the road remains unsafe.

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