Vehicle Crashes Into House on Hwy 36 in Hydesville

Traffic Accident NightAt approximately 8:45 p.m., a dark-colored Chevy Tahoe crashed into a house on Hwy 36 in the town of Hydesville near the Community Church, according to traffic over the scanner.

The driver was stuck for a time but managed to get themselves out and is currently refusing an ambulance.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.




  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Another one? Wow.

  • It’s perfectly okay to refuse an ambulance ride. If you’re condition is stable, non-life threatening, and you can get a ride from a friend to a hospital, urgent care, or doctor’s office.

    • Nothing in the article said it wasn’t!!!???

      • a bit of useful info is always warranted, despite what the article reads.

        • Sharpen your pencil

          However it is not ok to refuse treatment in an attempt to avoid getting in trouble for a DUI. Which is the case on a vast majority of accidents on 36. But keep calling it useful information. If you don’t know you can refuse assistance you shouldn’t be offered any in the first place!

          • Seen this one a few times

            If patients are acting nervous about meeting Law Enforcement, I encourage them to go in the Ambulance. The ambulance picks them up and wisks them away. When they refuse, they are just left standing there with nowhere to go when CHP shows up!
            Otherwise, if they can run faster than me, they are no longer a patient.
            Best advice is: If you don’t want to visit with cops, don’t drive into somebody’s house.

  • They were driving WAY too fast and lost it. Somehow, the vehicle flipped and the bottom of the vehicle hit the house. This is a 35 MPH zone.

    • The photo here and another I saw looks like the house wasn’t badly damaged-that at least is some good news.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Not surprising in the slightest. Some people drive like complete and total morons on 36. Impossible to keep track of how many vehicles have came around a blind corner in my lane while they were doing 15+ over the limit. Stay in your lane or slow the hell down so you can people!

      • The younger people tell you how fast they can get from one place to another but it is because they drive over the speed limit and use both lanes. The roads in Willow Creek are just as bad as when it comes to staying in their own lane. Remember Defensive Driving!

    • The speed limit is 35 and the driver was probably going at least 50, like most people do through there. There is very little regard for speed limits anymore.

      • Chp has a way of reminding you. Maybe more of a presence out there would be helpful.

        • Not when it takes the CHP so long to get out there, that the drunk drivers buddies show up first to pull them out of the ditch, so that they won’t go to jail. Who knows, next time maybe he will kill one of his buddies when he is drinking & driving. Yes, were talking about the drunk idiot from Sunday night, that landed in the ditch below Fisher road.

      • They were probably going a lot faster than 50 if they managed to roll their vehicle. Consider that everyone else goes 50 through there perfectly safely. Also, note that if everyone is going faster than the speed limit, it means the speed limit is too low and needs to be raised.

        • Nah. It means that most people are self centered assholes.
          Sometimes the roadway can keep you connected at high speeds, but those areas might have kids playing, pedestrians, & cross traffic. The speed limit should be set so that all drivers can react to your grandchild out in the street.
          I tried to reduce a speed limit out on a County Road, and was frustrated by Tom Matson of Public Works, who, instead of spending maybe $500 to change signs to 25 from 35 mph, got a Caltrans G-force metering prius to drive the road, that probably cost $2,000. The point was the use along side the road. (The County didn’t acknowledge there was a school bus stop there until somebody said “weed”). I guarantee the prius holds the road better, and can stop quicker than the County dump trucks charging it at 35 +. So, big waste of time and money.

          • Maybe you should supervise your grandchild and keep it out of the street? The entire world does not need to suffer so you can be lazy. And you complain other people are self-centered….

            You’re frustrated that a county employee followed the law, rather than let one whining person dictate public policy?

            • I’m sure you are one [edit] that I see tailgating people and ignoring speed limits because you are too cool to abide by the law. You’ll be the next casualty with your attitude.

  • Revoke their license

    • But so many people don’t seem to take that action seriously either.

      • All too many for a fact!!! I got my license pulled??!! No big deal I’ll just keep on keepin’ on til I get caught… AGAIN!!!! Then maybe I won’t drive on a suspended license… as much!!! :~C

  • 90 is the new speed limit .i cruz at 70 ,and i get blown off the freeway i never see chp anymore at there usual places they hide on 101 between fortuna ,and eureka.

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