[UPDATE 8:33 a.m.] Multiple Law Enforcement Officers Plus Woodchipper Gathered at Cal Fire Station

Convoy gathering at Cal Fire station above Garberville

This morning a law enforcement convoy gathered at the Cal Fire station above Garberville.

A gathering of approximately 13 law enforcement vehicles met at the Cal Fire station above Garberville this morning. Reportedly there were Fish and Wildlife vehicles as well as those belonging to Cal Fire and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. Two witnesses reported seeing a wood chipper which indicates a marijuana grow is the likely destination.

The last report at approximately 8:20 a.m. had the officers headed west on Alderpoint road towards Redwood Drive.

UPDATE 8:33 a.m.: According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, these officers are part of a Fish and Wildlife operation that is out Elk Ridge Road which is off Briceland Thorn Road.



  • Jorge Cervantes

    I thought Weed was legal now ! LEO’s enjoy busting growers. They practically just can’t resist. These enforcement actions are essentially paid for by recently licensed growers for unlicensed growers. And last time I checked most of these licensed growers are whining publicly about their recent tax bills they recieved. The irony of this comical situation.

    • No jordge. Only cannibis is legal. Marijuana,weed,dope,grass,Mary Jane,devils lettuce and satans cilantro are all still illegal 😂🤣

      • That’s why I only ever grew “Christ’s Cabbage”TM-copywrite

        • ganja don’t need no taxes for my sacrament get those crazy bald-heads out of town now that it’s legal they can through you in prison for ruining the environment while Big Oil and companies like Monsanto laughs all the way to the bank now your supervisors are making Humboldt great again turning us into a shithole County Waring on its people with a military might satellite imagery letters that threaten to take everything you own for the good of the people that’s how we do in America

    • Not unless you pay all the fees and taxes and grease a few palms.

    • Ya know what still cracks me up? When Downey was sheriff, he said the county only has the time, man power, and funding to bust 60-70 grows per year. I haven’t heard Honsal say anything about new funding or man power, but the number of illegal grows the county keeps throwing around in their terminology keeps going up, 6,000, 8,000, now 10,000 + I think. At what point do the citizens of this community realize that this approach of enforcement is not even coming close to solving the problem. Yet year after year now, we allow our law enforcement to spend all that money on an enforcement tactic that does nothing but pay their wages and does nothing to address the big picture. They don’t use those 60-70 oppritunities to bust the biggest and worst either. Why don’t we hear about more European and Mexican cartel busts? We all know they are here. At what point does the law enforcement become liable for looking away fro the real problems in this community?

      • Exactly, it was called operation green sweep and we need another one, wipe out all large scale that haven’t started a permit, the rest are already on a list if they don’t follow through. End the madness!

      • Imagine. Just imagine those resources going to bust meth producers, or even just alcohol education instead of pot?
        Our little burg would look quite different.

        • Do you ever read the busts? Commonly there are illegal firearms, meth and other drugs, along with outstanding warrants at these locations. Hello!

      • fuckwalterwhite.com

        Right. It does seem to be moztly gringos that get busted,maybe they are more blatant and more likely to screw up

      • The system is complaint driven. Please call the HCSO and narc the cartel operations in your neighborhood

      • Yeah, they are here, but they got nothing on the white boys from socal, that is who ruined this chosen way of life.

    • So they sign up for this bullshit license. They damn well know what the taxes are and yet they cry about it. Did I miss something? Growers need to shut he fuck up about being taxed.

    • Six plants, six plants are legal this new law is going to give the cops probable cause to come in and just cut them dowm

  • Just saw them going west Briceland thorn road. By shop road.

  • Just watched them all head into redway 20 minutes ago

  • Waste of mony and time

    • All those guys standing around getting paid don’t think it’s a waste. Ahaha. But yes, tax payer resources going towards something that will have little to no impact on the problems in this community.

  • It’s early enough to replant. No worries

    • Except they’ll probably hack their shit and tell them they’re going to have a fine of 10000 grand s day if they replant

  • its a kinda early to be bringing the chippers out plants arnt that big yet what a waste of money….

  • Wherever they’re going they need to just stay there a few days and clean out the neighbors too! They spend more time driving and getting ready than they do working!! These stupid little road shows are a waste of our tax money!!! Either DO YOUR JOB or stop pretending!!!!

    • Yep, gotta pass 50 others to get there. And, not putting anyone out of business in the meantime, this is and always has been a part of the business, a part that growers big enough to get busted allocate for. All part of the game.

  • It
    would be nice to see this much effort put into cleaning out the meth and heroin blight or how about catching the multiple times escaped murderer. Seems like they are choosing the wrong priority here. I’m not saying that the big grows aren’t a problem, just that the priorities seem askew.

    • That would make way to much sense for gov work

    • This is fish a fish and game operation . Your beef is with the NARCs

      • those paramilitary F&G guys are mostly locals and truly believe the hard drug problems is due to the grows. I have spoke with them about the topic. Most have a family member that is on meth and I guess it is a way to sleep at night. if weed leaves there will be no money to fight the hard drug problem that has nothing to do with weed. these tweakers will be going nowhere except into our dwellings to creep our shit.

      • The Humboldt co. Sheriff’s dept. is there too, says right in the article.

  • Victor G. Flashman

    Whine whine whine. If they get your shit, grow more. It’s pretty much worthless anyway.

    Go down to lower Redway and check out the frontyard and backyard grows… Those folks all deal meth too… Think they have a permit for that?


  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

    • county's priorities ?

      No money to fix our roads or fill a pothole properly but money to send out the sheriffs to a nonviolent pot growers place ,this county’s a freaking joke..

      • If the pot growers paid taxes they would have enough money for roads. don’t like cops next time you need help call a tweeker.

        • Pot growers do pay the majority of taxes paid in this county. Who do you think owns all of that land out east, and the majority of the homes and businesses on the coast? Who spends the most at those businesses?
          It’s not the students, it’s not the fisherman, it’s not the loggers.

    • These grows obviously aren’t legal

  • Saw them up elk ridge rd….

    On a property looking confused….

  • They wouldn’t target a legal operation. Illegal operations need to be eradicated if we hope to have better prices.

    • No. They need to eradicate illegal operations to eliminate cheap black market competition to overtaxed overpriced legal product

    • It still isn’t clear what is legal and what is not. Fed says everything pot is illegal, even your pipe. State says 6 is fine for all no medical required, 99 with proper medical paperwork, unlimited multiples of 99 for collective medical. Choose your own adventure.

  • Wild life is losing

    Well, they have fish and game with them. maybe they will bust these assholes that are clear cutting and making a mess!

  • Wildlife is losing

    Fish and game are with them maybe they will get some of these guys that are clear cutting. Without permits.etc.

  • Saw a convoy near Kettenpom/ Zenia

  • Planet labs inc. just passed by supervisors. The eye in the sky is reporting back to law inforcement by the second now. Google earth was a joke to them. Get ready humbolt anything over six is illegal. It’s about time, drop the hammer on this drug infested county.

    • thats not true, you are allowed unlimited plants with in a 10×10 area, for personal 215 cultivation. Last i checked you can have up to 2x that on properties over 1 acre. so unlimited plants on 10 x 20 with 2 qualified patients living on the property.

      • The rules are you can grow maximum 6 mature marijuana plants. Nothing to do with 10X10. 215 has been replaced.

        • Thats the state minimum law. A county can set their own guidelines. Some counties have banned it and Humboldt gives you 200 sf, unlimited plant count.

        • A proposition cannot be replaced without a vote , prop 215 is still A valid state law

          • Damn straight
            Mine says 40 plants. The cops aren’t gonna bust anyone with legit medical.paoerowkr and small gardens

  • Dirty hands clean money

    Relax all you boys and girls are stressing over ganja, don’t you read the paper ? Today calfire, fish and wildlife, and the sheriff all got together and were chipping brush around the post office in alderPoint, or atleast that’s what I would like to think 🙂 our tax dollars at good work.

  • Truth and justice

    They are back at calfire again today. They busted elk ridge and twin creeks yesterday.

  • 35 years zero impact

    Because eradication totally works hahalolrotflmao

  • Divide by Zero

    Why wouldn’t they? Voters decided regulations were preferable to prosecution, when in fact, they opened a Pandora’s box. How, they removed the burden of proof from law enforcement. No affidavits, no face time with a magistrate to obtain a warrant, no 4th amendment issues. You’re either in compliance or you’re not and constitutional oversight out the window. Enjoy your new economy and don’t forget to attend the next “grower’s meeting” to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • Popocatepetl ~

    marihuana is passe in todays enlightened society , now repeat after me ,

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