Man Struck By Semi Near Salmon Creek on 101 Had Been Shot Earlier

Breaking news graphicPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department:

The person found deceased on US 101 near Salmon Creek has been positively identified as Salvatore Riccobono IV, age 29, from Concord, California. Riccobono was in possession of a 1998 Gold Infinity SUV with California plate 4ASX760 which is unaccounted for. Riccobono was also know to carry a 9mm pistol which is also unaccounted for. If someone sees the vehicle they should not approach it and contact law enforcement as soon as possible.

Our investigation indicates that Riccobono had been shot at least one time prior to being struck by the involved vehicle. It is not known if he was alive or deceased when he was struck by the vehicle. Further information will be released after the forensic autopsy is completed on April 28th. This incident is being investigated as a Homicide.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip Line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • a homicide eh,,,,ya think,,,,,,,all the white light and positive energy to the Riccobono family,,so sad for their loss

  • This is horrific. It’s time to take back our County!! Prayers for the Family, Friends and the driver of the semi truck!

  • Goddamn it. It ain’t 1966 in Miranda/Salmon Creek any more. Paradise Lost.

    • This was a horrific tragedy for the family of the deceased, the truck driver, and the first responders. I think our whole community felt the blow.

      However; I think it’s about time to stop mourning a life gone over 50 years ago.
      No matter where you are from, this is a new era, with new challenges, and new opportunities.
      There are many wonderful people from a younger generation making a positive difference in these parts.

      P.S. I love what the people who own the Honeydew Store did to catch recent criminals.

      • YES!! Let’s get all the thieves…so tired of people stealing instead of working! We all need to be Honeydew like!!!

      • I’m not the only one mourning what SoHum used to be. We were teens in the late 60s and were obsessed with finding “pot” which was highly illegal and extremely scarce. Well, now drugs have ruled for a good 40 years or so. What has that produced?
        The places we used to hike and swim are now scary with weirdos living in the bushes and under the freeway overpasses.
        The sacred Eel River has been poisoned, the water table is way overtaxed and more violent criminals and psychotic people flock to the county every day.

        Good luck with that.

        • It’s not the marijuana that stole your way of life….it’s the consolidation of wealth into the hands of four or five people. The tax break given this year has already slowed the economy even as banks take in record deposits. That translates into no money for us, for schools, for healthcare, for jobs, and for etc.

  • All over weed. Good thing it’s legal and there’s no more crime eh? Desperate times are ahead for humboldt. It’s only gonna get worse,not better. Hopefully they catch the killers and peace be with the Riccobona family. RIP

  • Weed is the drug of peace and paradise (and murder)

  • Who shot Salvatore? One of our RHBB commenter friends knows so please share

  • I wonder if this was somehow drug related?

    • Ahhh yes or he was fukn someone’s girl…. it’s not about the drugs themselves,it’s about the “easy” money that’s associated with drugs that leads to murder. Either that or jealousy which is often fueled by drugs(this includes alcohol!) leads to murder. So yes, my guess is drugs were involved

  • Every week more crime in Humbolt. Why? Is this all due to Marijuana? I don’t know what to think. It’s hard to believe it’s From the peace&love drug, excuse me medicine ✌🏻

    • Like I say rayden….it’s not the drug, it’s the money that’s associated with it. The only reason people are not killing each other over alcohol is that it’s cheap and readily available everywhere.

      • Cove Troll, thank you for pointing out the problems with alcohol, also. Reading the booked and patrolled sites, alcohol is the MOST previlant (spelling) amongst the reporting! Then Tweakers! Check it out…

    • Meth is also a very largely ignored large contributor out here. Not as much money in busting meth labs. I live close to that area in miranda. Not uncommon to occasionally hear gun shots at night or yelling from down the hill. There is also a large tweeker pad very close to where this happened. Wouldnt be surprised at all to find out they were involved.

  • So much is tooted out about marijuana as the culprit for all the crime and death and destruction.
    Let’s get real. The flavor of Humboldt County started changing towards this more violent streak with the opening of Pelican Bay Maximum Security Prison.
    Before that it was just some Wild Wild West type stuff. This is a whole new level.
    Look at all the heroine busts lately, not just a little personal stash amounts.
    And guns, guns, guns.

  • Anyone see that blue or green hatch back car pulled over up top of the drive way from the renner station in garb. There was like 4 of 5 cop cars, guns were drawn, it looked knarley. I was wondering what that was all about. Any idea kym?

  • It was a suicide.

  • He was 30 not 29. Would have been 31 this year.

  • dam dood i cant believe you’re gone. why did you attract this?

  • Salvatore was a loved son, big brother, uncle, step son and will be badly missed. Such a senseless and cowardly act!

  • Hello There, I had returned after Years being away from Cali, Sal Was a good Friend of mines and this last few moths, I wanted to contact him , because he was a great Friend and Brother to Me! We took a trip to Afghanistan and Dubai together to Help OUT the Orphan’s!!! I don’t know what happened to him , but what ever it was , is not right and someone must pay for this! My condolences to his Father and Family! If I may help with anything , Please feel free to reach out to Me. Now with all this said, I don’t know much about your Miranda town or what goes on there, But I hope someone looks DEEP in there Soul and comes and tells us what really happened! SO My Brother can RIP!!!!Someone has to pay for this Crime and We need Justice! KevMuj.

  • “Why it got kind of quiet in this conversation of Ours???? Look guys!!!, no one want Nor like to loose a Friend or Family, member! But then to sit after the PAIN and read some of these , SORRY to SAY , “stupid and ridiculous comments”, hurt even more, IF YOU HAD LOVE FOR THEM! With that said, PEOPLE!, We need some more information on what happened! I would like to put a “$$$reward$$$” up as well for any information given to the capture of person or persons involved in the KILLING OF Salvatore Riccobono IV . MY EMAIL: MUJADIDIKEVIN@GMAIL.COM, feel free to reach out to ME or at any time! Do the right thing , cause Karma Never Forgets!”

  • More Time spent without finding the Suspect! Means more chances they may , get away! Now , with all that said! That was the old days! & ways! , Today! These , Days! Thank God, there is much more options! Like! forensic evidence, Mistakes the killer made! The Killer sharing with others cause they have-2 and then the others stepping forward and doing the right thing?

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