[UPDATE: Fatal] Hit and Run Leaves Pedestrian Down Near McKinleyville on 101

Pedestrian vs VehicleA pedestrian is unresponsive after a vehicle struck them at approximately 8:55 p.m. on northbound Hwy 101 north of the Central Ave onramp. CPR was in progress. According to scanner reports, the vehicle fled the scene.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 9:52 p.m.: According to a CHP spokesperson, northbound traffic is being diverted off Hwy 101 at Central Avenue south of McKinleyville.

UPDATE: Man Killed by Hit and Run Driver



  • I’m sure that people who walk on freeways don’t read these comments however freeways are not sidewalks. Its a violation of the CVC to walk on freeways. FYI

    • 101 in places between Arcata and McKinleyville is a highway, not a freeway. That opens it up to bicycles, horses, and pedestrians on the sides..

      • There’s a pedestrian walkway on the East side of the Mad river bridge so you can walk on the frontage road from Guintloi to McKinleyville without being on the Freeway. There is also the Hammond trail and bridge

  • Well, when there are no consequences for driving away and yet there are charges filed if you stick around…I’m just going to call it the Marci Kitchen effect. We should expect more foul behavior like this as until our courts stop encouraging it.

    • Our court does not encourage it, get real. People are not looking at current situations and saying “hey, I can run someone over and get away with it.” This is about personal accountability, just like most everything else in the world.

      • Well until the consequences for hit-and-run driving that leads to Great bodily harm or death significantly IPexceed the maximum punishment for if you stick around while impaired, this is going to continue to happen, and it’s quite apparent it happens a lot here in Humboldt County. If you are caught in a hit and run like this, it should automatically be significantly worse than if you hit the person while drunk driving and stuck around. At this point the odds of getting less punishment are higher if you hit the person, go hide out for 3 or 4 days until you get everything out of your system, then if the heat is on, turn yourself in. If no one has any idea it might be you, you’re free and clear, no harm no foul. At least that seems to be the mentality of these assholes. It makes me sick seeing how many fatal hit and runs we have within our small County. Some of these people might actually have chances of surviving if the person did what they were supposed to by calling 911 or attempting to render Aid.

  • Well, when there are no consequences for driving away and yet there are charges filed if you stick around…I’m just going to call it the Marci Kitchen effect. We should expect more foul behavior like this until our courts stop encouraging it.

  • Maybe, but it is still very dangerous to walk there, especially after dark.

  • The Humboldt County Coroner’s truck and CHP and other emergency vehicles at the scene when I passed by there just after 10:00 pm confirms that walking along there is indeed dangerous.

    No idea where the victim was when he got hit, but most of the personnel were right by the center divider just north of the northbound onramp from Central and from North Bank Road. Traffic going north was all being detoured off at Central and up the hill into McK.

  • Went to town yeasterday and some guy with a bike was walking across south and north bound lanes with a bike cycle

  • A car traveling 60 mph is covering a distance of 88 ft per second.

    Wear bright clothing. One guy who regularly walks 299 puts a blinking light on his backpack when it is dark and walks on the far right edge, that could save his life.

  • I have been surprised many times at night by people walking way too close to the traffic on the freeway, especially between Fields Landing and Eureka. Maybe if they wore bright and/or reflective clothing, the likelihood of getting hit by two tons of metal going 65 mph would be greatly reduced.

    • I’m with you, I see people walking on the Highway with the same mentality as they have walking across 4th and 5th Street in Eureka. They just feel it’s your responsibility to keep them safe. Even though they do nothing to try to keep themselves safe. On the few occasions I’ve had to walk on the freeway I get as far off the freeway as I possibly can and have my eyes and ears constantly monitoring what is coming up from behind me. I would never blindly walk letting people come up from behind me at 70 miles an hour not knowing whether they’re heading right for me or not. When it comes to my life, I don’t trust anybody in a car with it while I’m on foot. That responsibility land solely on me. I may be in the right getting hit by a distracted driver but being right and dead doesn’t do you much good in the long run. You have to be responsible for yourself.

      • You hit the nail on the head with that comment. You have a duty to attempt to be responsible for yourself. Its a basic survival thing. Right but dead and ruining someone else life who is not totally blameless but nevertheless not the initial/primary cause of the accident is the result

  • I passed a girl walking south along the sholder of central ave, between the brewpub and that next turnoff, she had her hands over her eyes, walking blindly onward, seemed suicidalish, about 30min earlier. Idk

    Have to say it… The homelessness & drug addicted population off Guinintolli has gotten desperately worse than ever. Im assuming this person crossing the hwy was going to a camping spot.

    cannabis tax money from local farmers could be used to solve and fund solutions to the homeless problem here in our community. I wish we could’ve included that when we all voted. They should have enough weed tax $ by now to build the homeless a small castle. May help keep them off highways at night.

  • Maybe the driver just thought it was a deer and by now they’re already in Oregon and don’t know about the pedestrian.

  • Maybe Marci struck again since I heard she’s living in Mckinleyville and still drinking.

    • That,is,sad . but,funny is,she, really in Mack I would like,to know that woman shouldn’t be allowed on the streets she killed her own child an than,tried to hide it

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