Board of Supervisors Appoints Marek Reavis as Public Defender

This is a press release from the County of Humboldt:

The County of Humboldt is pleased to announce Marek Reavis as its new Public Defender. Reavis was appointed by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday after serving as the interim Public Defender since March 12. Reavis takes over for Kaleb Cockrum, who was appointed to a judgeship by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Reavis has been working as a deputy public defender at the Conflict Counsel Office since 2006. He has conducted over 50 jury trials to verdict, including serious felonies and homicides. He came to Humboldt County after serving as a deputy public defender in both Siskiyou and Contra Costa County. Reavis received his law degree from University of California at Berkeley’s Boalt Hall and graduated from the University of Washington summa cum laude.

As Public Defender Reavis will work with other county departments, including Probation, the District Attorney’s Office, and law enforcement agencies to help develop long term solutions to the issues of poverty, substance abuse, and exploding mental health problems which collectively and increasingly challenge the community.

“I first came to Humboldt County from the Midwest in 1971 for a month long course at HSU,” Reavis said. “It was my first exposure to California and the vision of Humboldt County I had then never left me. The opportunity to live and work on the Lost Coast and doing this important work is something I could have only dreamed about then. I’m stoked to have this opportunity to serve our community.”

 “Our Board is thrilled to have someone who can provide steady leadership in the Public Defender’s Office,” said Ryan Sundberg, 5th District Supervisor and Chair of the Board. “Our community is facing unprecedented challenges, and we need to make sure the Public Defender can help move us forward. Our indigent population needs and deserves top notch representation, and we believe Marek can provide that.”



  • Marek Reavis is a wonderful man and excellent attorney. They are lucky to have such a great man for the job.

  • Well, he’s come to Humboldt County to serve as the public defender, after having been in Siskiyou and Contra Costa Counties. So, on the merit of that, he certainly couldn’t be guided by mercenary motives, which could be a good or a bad thing. But, looking at his background, he certainly doesn’t seem like a mediocrity, either.

  • He will do a great job. Congratulations, Mr. Reavis!

  • Humboldt County is fortunate to have Marek a Reavis to lead the Public Defender Office in providing representation for individuals facing serious allegations, inordinate prison terms and loss of civil rights. This County has some very skilled and dedicated public defenders as evidenced by THREE Public defenders in the last year being appointed as Superior Court Judges . Thank you Supervisors for recognizing Marek Reavis as the dedicated and skilled professional this county needs for such a critical role.

  • Guess I missed an episode or 2.
    What happened to the PD who was so scorned and over who’s hiring the BOS was being sued???

  • This numbskull did a terrible job “defending” someone I know. He rarely talked to the guy and the guy got a different sentence than he was told originally. The HumCo old boy’s network strikes again.

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