Injured Briceland Firefighter Given a Little Help by the Community; You Can Help, Too

Family of Lygle DillonOn Valentine’s Day of this year, Lygle Dillon, a volunteer with Briceland Fire received a devastating spinal injury in “a horrible car crash,” said Diana Totten, a fellow member of the department. “He was a happy guy raising a beautiful family and then it all changed.”

Now he is battling for mobility in a hospital. The local community has rallied round him. A GoFundMe has been set up. Click here to go to it.

In addition, an event is scheduled for the 28th in the Briceland School Octagon from 4 to 9 p.m. “We’re having a fundraiser to help him,” Totten said. There will be a silent auction, a $20 meal, a raffle and more.

“Firefighters have a bond and we know if something went wrong he would there to help us,” she said. “We can’t take away the car crash, but we can help him financially…Lygle was the example of one of those people that would quietly and simply get up in the middle of the night to go save someone. This is everyone’s chance to give back.”

Totten said that a number of people have been working hard to make this a success. “I’m going to thank in advance all the people who have worked to make it happen,” she said. “I hope to see everyone there to help out.”



  • Could you post a contact link or number?
    Silent Auctions need donations….

    • Briceland Fire’s number is (707) 923-7204

    • Thank you, Mobius. We have dozens of wonderful donations for the silent auction and have stopped receiving more as it takes a while preparing everything for display etc. If you would like to help there’s always the gofundme site and please come to the fundraiser on the 28th! Thanks!

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