[UPDATE 8 p.m.] Death on 101 Near Salmon Creek Suspicious

Death investigation, coroner, sheriff HumboldtThis morning a semi truck struck the body of a man on Hwy 101 near Salmon Creek around mile marker 24 about 5 a.m. When questioned on whether the man had been deceased prior to being struck by the semi, Humboldt County’s Chief Deputy Coroner Lt. Ernie Stewart wouldn’t answer at this time. However, he did state, “We treat all suspicious deaths as homicides until proven otherwise.” Stewart said that he couldn’t say more about the death until a forensic autopsy was performed. At this point, he isn’t able to say when the autopsy will be scheduled.

The northbound lanes of Hwy 101 were closed for almost eight hours as Humboldt County Sheriff deputies and California Highway Patrol officers investigated the scene which is a much longer than normal time for an accidental death.

UPDATE 8 p.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department gave some more information in the following press release:

On April 23, 2018 at 0500 hours, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center received a 9-1-1 call about a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision on NB101 near Salmon Creek.  The call was transferred to the California Highway Patrol.  California Highway Patrol Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies responded.  It was determined the pedestrian was deceased and the California Highway Patrol requested a response from the Coroner.

The Deputy Sheriff/Coroner arrived on scene and began his investigation.  Based on the Deputy Sheriff/Coroner’s observations, he requested a response from the Criminal Investigations Division.  Detectives and an evidence technician responded.  The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this as a suspicious death. A forensic autopsy is scheduled for Saturday, April 28th. No further information regarding this incident will be released until after the autopsy is completed.

The identity of the deceased is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip Line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • Death buy playing frogger at 5 am In the mourning .

  • Curious whether he was laying down or standing/walking? If he may have been deceased prior to the hit, that would imply laying.

    Hopefully, they release more information.

  • Veteran's friend

    The Avenue was like a time warp, with log trucks & tankers. And very confused early tourists.

  • The gal that was driving the Safeway truck said that she was sure he or she was already dead when she hit them.

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      This explains why the Safeway in McK had empty shelves this AM, their Monday truck was busy elsewhere. Condolences to the family of the deceased, whether or not he was gone before the truck got to him, it’s not a pleasant way to lose a loved one.

  • Where was the person when the truck hit them? So sad. The truck driver must feel awful either way.

  • Not funny mog

  • We treat all suspicious deaths as homocides until proven otherwise…. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. The sheriffs department should save that one for April fools.

  • As a former truck driver, I can think of no worse of a nightmare for this driver. How horrible, even if the victim was already deceased, this will stay with the driver forever. Condolences to the families, and deepest sympathy for both.

  • Ya the whole thing is sad ,but a while back they were doing just that running out in the freeway wearing all black.

  • I’m wondering if it was a friend or family member of one of those two girls that died in the exact same spot just a week ago. Maybe it was just too much for them to bear with and decided to end their life mourning the girl’s death. Very sad, all in all. 101 is cursed!

  • This entire area is cursed! We need a spiritual cleansing!

    Pray and sage.

  • No place like OM

    An interesting discussion on curses can be found here .


    Also features a helpful prayer which is actually quite useful for shortening a bout of bad luck, and befuddling the enemy 😉

  • Death by 5 am frogger is so absurdly funny. Thanks mogtx hahahahaha too good.

  • My friend was the driver of the semi. She is devastated. She can’t eat, she can’t sleep. I’m so sorry for all involved. Hopefully the detectives can find out why this man was out there. It all seems really odd… My heart goes out to the deceased’s family, and my dear friend. They will all be in my thoughts & prayers.

  • When I drove a log truck years ago, I had a fear of running over a large pig. It seemed to be about the worst possible animal to hit. They`re solid and low to the ground so would wipe out the steering gear. The steering gear on a large truck is surprisingly easy to damage. A pig is also greasy so the truck with wrecked steering gear would then slide on the grease. Fortunately this scenario never came to pass, nor did I ever run over any other animals.

  • You people who comment on here are despicable.

    • Me, it isn’t those who comment here that are despicable. It’s those who think the situation itself is funny that are despicable. Or rather more than despicable.

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