Alchemy Distillery, Six Rivers Brewery Celebrating Release of Boldt Genever-style Gin Barrel-Aged Redcrest Rye Ale April 25

This is a press release from the Six Rivers Brewery:


We’re really excited about a beer release event [this] week.

We will be celebrating the release of our Boldt Genever-style Gin Barrel-Aged Redcrest Rye Ale – a truly Humboldt collaboration including Alchemy Distillery and Six Rivers Brewery with help from Beck’s Bakery and Grant Camp Ranch in Redcrest at 6pm on Wednesday, April 25th.

Amy and Steve Bohner of Alchemy and the Six Rivers Brew Crew will be there to talk about the process. This event will feature beer samples, appetizers and samples of Boldt’s Barrel-aged Genever-style Gin!



  • Beef stew in your face

    Celebrating alcoholism in humboldt is completely counter productive.
    After all alcohol causes more drama death and murder then all other illegal substances combined besides keeping you dumb and down.

    • I looked, but I couldn’t find where it mentioned that it was celebrating a disease.

      Not everyone suffers from alcoholism.

  • Great. More alcohol. Just what we do not need.

  • Veterans friend

    It always baffles me when an alcohol party is used as a fundraiser for schools & hospice. Seems weird and wrong to me.
    Counterintuitive at best

  • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

    And when you hit bottom, AA meetings, starting, just about now, almost everywhere!

    Also, inpatient rehab at Duffy’s Napa Valley, and St Helena Hospital.

    Alcohol is for suckers.

    Drugs and alcohol mess up your life!

    Drinking alcohol is a trap, escape today!

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      Bad enough that RHBB pushes the Cannabis Lifestyle, but Alcohol?

      What is next, Humboldt Cigarettes?

      Alchemy needs to push their own product, like drug dealers everywhere…

      • Do we have local tobacco? she asks mildly…

        I promote local businesses for free when there is something of interest to my readers. Obviously, it doesn’t interest you and I’m not much of a drinker myself but I think folks who enjoy cannabis or alcohol or chocolate in moderate amounts deserve to know about interesting local products.

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