Two Cats Shot in Two Days, Say Garberville Vet

A pellet nestled against the spine of Voodoo. cat

A pellet lodged against the spine of a black cat named Voodoo. [Photo of X-ray provided by Angie Cascio]

Two cats were taken to the Garberville vet within a few days after being shot with pellets, confirmed the vet’s office. According to Carol Ordonez, she had recently taken in a stray that had a hurt foot. When she took in, the Garberville Vet’s office told her that the cat had been shot.

Voodoo's collar showed that it had been shot, too.

Voodoo’s collar showed that it had been shot, too.

“They showed me an X-Ray,” she said. “The back leg was in three jagged pieces.” Sadly, Ordonez felt the break was so severe that cat had to be put down.

Ordonez, who lives in Redway, said she was told: “you guys have a problem in your neighborhood–that’s two cats shot in two days.” She said that she was told her cat, as well as another cat, were both shot with a pellet gun in Redway.

Voodoo, a black cat, was the other victim, says his owner Angie Cascio. “It happened around Friday the 13th…,” she said. “[H]er collar saved her life… However, she’s gonna walk with a limp probably…forever.”

Cascio said she thought that Voodoo “maybe getting the brunt of someone’s anger.” But, she said, now that two cats are known to be shot, “now it’s starting to seem more sinister.”

Voodoo at the vet’s office with a friend. [Photo provided by Angie Cascio]



  • This is awful, but Karol’s cat was not shot in the two day period. She said she had recently taken him in and he had already been shot and his leg broken into places. The title is misleading. Terrible that this happened but it wasn’t on two consecutive days.

  • not like the sheriff would care about a shot stray, chuckle and get on his way this is messed up!

  • Veterans friend

    People who hurt animals are DANGEROUS. This should be pursued by law enforcement BEFORE a child or adult is shot, don’t you think?

    • Thats a pretty broad statement. I would say that people who TORTURE animals have a much higher likelihood of being a danger to others. I don’t think all people who hunt, or fish are bad people. While this is not how I would handle the situation I can truly understand the frustration of living next door to people who have their cats roaming all over the neighborhood causing problems in people’s yards without a care, but the minute a dog gets 10 feet out of someones yard without a leash people freak out.

      • What?? You dont call that torture? Hunting is a bit different don’t you think? Why would someone be frustrated about a cat being in their yard? Cats are not disturbing the way a dog is in someone elses yard. Also, cats roam free…They are not like dogs. Dogs can be trained.

        • Cats can also be trained, if young enough to impress.

        • NOYB, one reason someone might be frustrated about a cat being in their yard is that cats kill birds and other wildlife. If my neighbor’s cat were prowling my yard I would live trap it. I would return it home and explain my issue to the owner. If I caught it a second time I would take it to the shelter. It is no more acceptable to let a pet cat roam free than to let a friendly dog do so.

        • NOYB, so in your world you think it is more ethical to go out in the world and kill an innocent animal so you can mount it head in your living room than it is to discourage invading animals from disturbing your home and land? I can for a fact guarantee you that my neighbors cats have caused more problems on my property than my dog has ever on theirs. Like I said, I don’t think I would handle it by shooting them, but I don’t think a person who does so is necessarily a dangerous psychopath.

      • Veterans friend

        So you are okay with this? Seek counseling

        • Do you have any recommendations on who I should talk to? For the record it doesn’t matter if I am ok with this or not. I am not the one who did the shooting. I was just disagreeing with your statement that all people who hurt animals are dangerous. Some of the nicest people I know still smash ants, spiders, bees, etc.

  • When animal cruelty is reported i think there is a new federal law that documents cases. the reasons, i think, are because of the correlation between animal cruelty and later on moving on to human cruelty/violence. even children who act out violently will have it on permanent record.

  • Kids. Boys will be boys.

    • I really hope you’re not serious. Boys will be boys?! Your attitude is enabling this reprehensible behavior!

      • Not to mention the blatant sexism in his comment. Oh the horrors… On a serious note, the way some of you folks preach on here I’m starting to think y’all had some seriously repressed childhoods. Didn’t you ever go out and get yourselves into some trouble?

        • Not really. And none at all that involved hurting animals.

        • I’m starting to think there are some serious psychopaths in our community. NO, I never went out and hurt animals. You certainly sound like you did. Wtf.

          • Actually I am a lover of animals myself, but I know plenty of kids growing up that did stuff like this and while I never supported them in these endeavors they eventually matured into decent people.

    • Get with the times, Me_Too, “boys will be boys” is an antiquated excuse for not taking the time to teach them the golden rule. We have to start raising boys to be responsible for their actions. Do we know that the shooter was a boy anyways….

      • Ah the golden rule as where he/she (staying pc) who has the gold makes the rules. Gotta love Corporate America.

      • The golden rule… What a load of crap. If life has taught me one thing it is that people really don’t want to be treated the way I want to be treated. The arrogance to assume that everyone must want to be treated just as you do is really mind blowing to me.

  • Cruelty to animals is horrible! So is allowing pit bulls among us!

    • WTF are you going on about Pit Bulls for??? The article is about some Moron Serial Killer evidently of cats!!! Pit Bulls are another subject altogether!!! There is nothing wrong with a Pit who hasn’t been trained to kill!!! Even some that have been, have been turned around to be peaceful!!!

  • Beware of karma

    My cat was shot a few years ago in a town not so far away.It was shot by my neighbor because it was venturing into his yard.The bullet exploded the cats shoulder and the leg had to be amputated.I was very angry for a while , but not too long after the incident the man was at a local arts festival and a tree branch fell on him and shattered his leg.Many were close by but only he was injured.The man is still injured to this day, karma is a bitch and in my neighbors case it was a swift revenge. Can’t say it bothered me when I heard what happened to him, he earned it

  • Please release the names of the wastes who did this.

  • Not to hard to figure out who the guy was that got his leg crushed at the summer arts festival a few years ago

  • Hi. I’m a cat’s person, and this is my obligation to my friend:
    When the first birds come home in the Spring, I get out the clippers and Schotzy gets a pedicure.
    And he gets a trim every two weeks. Afterwards, he looks a little foolish trying to climb the first tree, but he copes.
    This is as important to me as feeding him, neutering, immunizing and worming him. We’re friends, and that’s what friends do for each other.
    Mind you, we live in isolation; if something is shot here, it’s usually by my hand. I love the birds, that’s all, and if you clip YOUR kitties’ nails, both kitties and birds will thank you.

  • unbridled philistine

    Some of us love our little pets as much as a loved member of the family so you are really taking a risk to oneself by hurting said loved pet. That in mind you are risking the worst beat down of your life when you hurt some peoples animals! I am one of those people who would risk my freedom to repay a mean neighbor in kind! Better think twice before pulling that trigger or you may get a visit from a guy like me!

    • If you care so much about your little pet and you know that neighbors don’t want them trespassing on their land you had better keep them on your own property. I love my dog more than anything on this planet, but I am also fully aware that if I lose control of him and he ventures off onto someones private property that he could be shot. My responsibility as a pet owner is to make sure this doesn’t happen. Not to tell the entire world that somehow my attachment to my pet is more important than their private property rights. It is amazing how far a little responsibility will go towards achieving ones objectives in life.

      • Beware of karma

        Dogs can be trained to stay home, cats can not, that’s why you can shoot a persons dog for entering your property and chasing live stock or being aggressive toward your family. However if you shoot a cat that trespasses it’s animal cruelty,they are Ferral and have the right to roam. I didn’t make the rules that’s just what they are, so if you shoot a cat then your automatically guilty of animal cruelty and you could get hit by a tree. The person who shot mine wouldn’t be worth approaching and revenging in person, he’s not a man inside, he would run his mouth then call the sheriff when I shut it, karma got his ass.

        • There are plenty of living things that roam onto peoples property and are killed every single say without a second thought. Where do you draw the line? And btw is is “feral”. Which by definition means it is wild and no longer a pet. Do you consider trapping rats to be animal cruelty? How about shooting coyotes?

          • Beware of karma

            Coyote and rats don’t belong to someone , like I said I didn’t make the rules.coyote are after livestock and rats are burglars of your food there’s a bit of a difference

            • You just said feral which implies that no they don’t indeed belong to anyone. Cats can be destructive to gardens and some people don’t want to deal with their shit. I’m not sure which rules you keep referring to, but I know there are plenty of ways to make a trespassing cat disappear that won’t raise as much suspicion as shooting them with a pellet gun.

              • Beware of karma

                Quit nit picking words, call the sheriff animal control center and they will tell your sick cat shooting ass the exact rules I’m referring too. You get caught shooting someone’s cat and you will be arrested on animal cruelty charges. There went your freedom 🤓

                • Nit picking??? More like note picking as in I wasn’t the one that chose the word, you did. Say what you mean and it makes dialogue much more successful. I don’t need to call anyone. I don’t particularly care their opinion of what goes on around my private property. I have never once show a cat so not sure why those accusations. I simply stating that I understand the frustration of people dealing with unwanted and uninvited ones on their property. I think if you don’t want to bring attention to the situation shooting them is not the best way to get rid of them. I am not foolish enough to lose my freedoms. Thanks

  • Anyone who hurts animals is sick and needs mental health treatment!

  • This isn’t the first time in Redway. The problem is there is at least one cat lady, probably more, who has tons of uncared for sick cats that poop in neighbor’s yards. Right or wrong, it’s not uncommon for neighbors of “feral cat colonies” to shoot the cats when they wander into their yards. When there are 30 sick cats pooping in someone’s yard it can get to that extreme. Again, it’s not about right or wrong, it’s just predictable. Unfortunately it looks like 2 pet cats got caught up in that mix.

    I’ve never shot a cat. I’ve sprayed them with a hose. Then I got a dog. My dog has 2 jobs- 1. keep all tweekers, raccons, possums and cats out of my small yard, and 2. be a nice doggy in public places. Before I had the dog my yard was constantly being filled with cat poo no matter how many times I scooped it up. Thank goodness our neighborhood cat lady moved down the street. I hated her. I did hear some of those cats got shot by other neighbors.

    People who hoard cats do them a disservice. I will probably never own a cat again after living near her and her hordes. There are usually too many for the hoarder to afford to take care of, the cats get sick and infect other cats, and the small wildlife is utterly destroyed. It’s possible a mountain lion who preyed on one of those cats got sick as well. And, obviously, the cats end up getting shot or trapped and dropped off in the woods and other cats get caught in the neighbor’s “crossfire”.

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