[UPDATE: Major Injury] Hwy 36 Blocked About 8 Miles West of Ruth Lake; Medevac Requested for Motorcycle Accident

Traffic Accident DayAbout 12 p.m., a motorcyclist crashed about 8 miles west of Ruth Lake on Hwy 36, according to scanner traffic. A medevac helicopter was requested for the male driver’s neck and back injuries. Hwy 36 is blocked.

STAR (Southern Trinity Area Rescue) ambulance responded to the scene as of 12:09 p.m.

UPDATE 3:24 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page now reports this as a major injury accident.



  • Thank you #MeasureZ for helping STAR keep a full roster of EMTs over the weekends to respond to accidents like this.

    • Yes indeed, thank goodness for STAR. Let’s keep STAR going, Remember the May 25th fundraising dinner. The life you donate to may be your own!

  • Best wishes to the rider.

  • Here we go again. Speed kills! Both types!

    • Yes and i saw these riders hitting over 100 plus miles per hour on the freeway. Its the humboldt on 2 wheels motorcycle racing group.

  • Hope the injured will be ok, but…………living in Carlotta, motorcycles (and cars) daily travel 36 going in excess of 65 mph. They go by, and I wait for the sirens. 36 needs a regular patrol out here to keep people wondering if they are around the next corner. Give out a few speeding tickets and word will get around.

    • Highway 36 resident

      Calling the Humboldt county sheriff’s is one way we can make that happen. The squeak wheel gets the grease. I call them and CHP at least once a month about it.

      • I haven’t noticed the everyday speeders being the cause of accidents. Mostly the out-of-town drug crowd, local tweekers, and so forth, driving like idiots, and frequently impaired. Also, there’s nothing to suggest this accident was due to excessive speed. What I’ve seen causing the worst accidents are people, who through impairment or idiocy, can’t stay on their side of the road. Those are usually multi-vehicle accidents, which I care about far more than self-inflicted single-vehicle ones.

        • I travel 36 everyday and I agree with the fact people don’t stay on their side of the road especially on curves, this goes on all the way to Drake Hill. Message to these drivers “stay on your side of road and to those who tailgate, slow down or wait for passing lanes.” Prayers to the motorcyclist who was injured.

    • Motercycle vs growdozer?

  • Prayers for the rider. And FYI he wasn’t riding to fast. We think he caught some gravel or something. I was right behind him when it happened, and watched him go down. Also, they had traffic to one lane controlled for just a few minutes while they got him on the gurnny. Shout out to the local fire department for a great response time, and handling themselves like professionals.

  • Great shoutouts for star ! Thank you southern trinity volunteer fire department! The rider was lucky and with all the great help from everyone was airlifted to a great trauma center thank you PHI 4

  • Veterans friend

    Major injury is vastly preferred to fatal. Best wishes to the rider. That is an unforgiving road. When I rode 36 I was a slowpoke, but I stayed up.

  • This was 8 miles east on the mountain. There were about 50 riders doing a race rally, We pulled on 36 off the top of the mountain just as they started racing by and as we headed down they were totally out of control at insane speeds and then we came on the accident. Guy lost control and went right into the guard rail and flipped off the mountain. Other bikes had started pulling over on the corner making it very hazardous and had the guy sitting up and were shaking the guy, so stupid. I have no sympathies for people who endanger peoples lives for their cheap thrills on 36. THANKS STAR!!!!

    • In Carlotta, heard motorcycles all day…as I live on a bit of straight road Mostly MOTORCYCLES speeding, more than once today thought that rider may not make it to their destination. STOP endangering others!!!!

    • We saw 2 chps at that pull out to but they must have already took the guy off,but it looked like they were still investagateing the seen,& yes there was 3 red & blue bikes that was flying passing us in on comeing lane then pulling over then doing it again.passed me & kids 3 times and 3 of them,hauling ass then pulling over,scary passing me I would have pulled over so they could atleast in right lane,but they would give me a chance they they gon so fast.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Where were the police if 50 motorcycles were screaming around SR 36? Nobody called it in? It’s already a daily demo derby as it is.

    • I subscribe to the “if they aren’t hurting anyone else…” theory of life. Motorcyclists rarely hurt others. They’re very squishy.

  • Star is the only emergency medical out there 7075746421 call them first in an emergency 911 routes you around to other dispatch, thanks again star .

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