356 Pounds of Northern California Marijuana Seized in Utah; Valued at $2500 Per Pound!!!!

356 pounds of marijuana seized by the Utah Department of Public Safety.v

356 pounds of marijuana seized by the Utah Department of Public Safety. [Photo provided by the Utah DPS]

Sooo, Utah law enforcement seized 356 pounds of northern California marijuana last Monday. We’ve got a few questions/comments…

First, $2500 per pound? Hey, bro, can you hook a County up? I’m pretty sure folks here would be happy to help for a bit less than that.

Second, we know northern California is big, but, could this be Emerald County Cannabis?

Third, there was a convoy of four personally owned cars with the rental pickup. Can someone explain what is the rationale behind that?

Press release from Utah Department of Public Safety:

Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Highway Patrol troopers seized more than 300 pounds of marijuana on I-80 Monday morning. At approximately 7:30 a.m., a Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) trooper stopped a pickup truck on I-80 at milepost 158 for making an improper lane change. After speaking to the driver of the vehicle, the UHP trooper became suspicious of criminal activity. In his conversation with the driver the trooper was made aware the pickup truck was a rental from a third party and was traveling with a group of four personally owned cars.

The trooper on scene deployed his K-9, the K-9 gave a positive indication of a drug odor coming from the vehicle. The trooper then conducted a probable cause where he found 356 pounds of marijuana was found in the bed of the truck. DPS’ State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) agents were contacted and are conducting the investigation.

According to SBI agents, the marijuana originated from Northern California and was headed to Minnesota. SBI agents estimate each pound of the drug will sell for $2,500 and about $890,000 for all 356 pounds.

The investigation is still active. No further information is available.



  • Go ahead and take the truck too. It’s not mine. That’s the rationale.

  • The other vehicles he /she was driving with on the 80 where decoys vehicles , and obviously they didn’t do their jobs or got scared when the trooper got close . If I was following boxes 📦 and seen the law get close to my driver , I’m putting my car into a ditch or throwing trash out the window to get my self pulled over . Good job on the mule telling the law they where driving with other cars , talk about dry snitching wow !!! and try more like 1,200 -1,500 a unit Utah . Maybe if you sold it all in zips it be 2500 a unit .

    • The blockers should have watched the movie Smoky and the Bandit before setting off on their run. Maybe they would have had a better idea of what their job was supposed to be. To their defense though, I’ll bet that they were not even born when that movie came out.

      “East bound and down, we’re loaded up and trucking….”

    • Yay that’s about right $1200! $2500 BS.

      • The retail price is basically the same as it’s been since the 90s in most of the rest of the country. An eight of nice bud costs $60 in New York City. Soo, it’s only the farmer who is seeing a decrease in price, and the middle man is making a killing. Supply and demand.. $2500 /lb is probably a decent estimate of the price at the drop off point.

    • Yes 10toes, exactly. Fail x 4.

    • It was to be sold in MN, not UT

    • I’ll bet Highway Partol already had a tip and knew about this shipment. Especially considering that there were multiple vehicles and in the convoy they pulled over this one….

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Personal cars are a buffer to prevent the truck from getting pulled over. They obviously failed! Hope the sealing crew had their gloves on. Price inflated much???…maybe after it was broken down could maybe be worth that. Even the other states are aware of the price drops. Sad indeed all the way around…remember a time in the not so distant past when it would be hard pressed (no pun intended Lol!) to find this much so late in the season. The legal fees for all involved are going to be off the hook!

    • Mendocino Mamma

      ********************************Oh and here is a lil public service announcement for our MM population. True story… being a daily MM consumer for many years went to get a job in the non MM community. Necessary to pass observed drug test. In order to pass this test had to abstain and not use MM for can you guess the answer???…9 months it took to urinate clean! DAMN! So note to self and also to law enforcement, probation etc. Just because a person urine tests “dirty” for MM does not mean that they have recently used only a blood or saliva test could show that. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

      • You made your life choices. Deal with the consequences.

        • Mendocino Mamma

          Not that silly. It is an FYI never really thought how long it takes to clear ones system until I learned of this. Not aware of any other substance that takes so long to clear are you?

  • Jorge Cervantes

    Emerald Scamilly Farms 7 acre diversion project ! Private Planes are way safer you clowns.

    • The county approved of their 7 acre grow permit knowing that there was no track and trace. Knowing in the back of their mind that this and the other 7 acre grows they permitted would send their pounds to out of state markets. The members of the BOS and the head of the Planning Dept should be indicted under federal drug trafficking laws in a RICO conspiracy case. C’mon Sessions!! Make a stand!

      • Why do they never (bos) never bring up the track n trace with there complete package of “permited grows” dont you think the state is really counting on this issue . So when you finally need this instrument will the states send you back to your county of origin And then you get to deal with these jackasses again so bos lets it slide so they can slide it back into you??? And will these state permited farms be exempt from state tax liability??? And are all the buyers permitted to purchase ?? Because it seems most dispensarys have own weed. I didnt know there are so many permited buyers, so interesting ?

        • It’s a scam that the BOS are willingly promoting. They permit and then leave alone major grow operations. Then by dragging their feet on the track and trace they know they are allowing (actually encouraging) the producers of thousands of pounds of weed to send them to out-of-state markets that are much less flooded than CA legal markets. It’s exactly what AG Sessions has said he would make a priority in enforcing. I suggest he drop a federal RICO Act directly on our county BOS and Planning Dept. To allow “legal” massive grows while pretending that the product will stay in CA is deceitful and criminal.

        • Lost croat outburst

          . Of course permitted farms will have a tax liability. Do soybean and grapes and every other commercial farming operation have a tax liability? The BOS went nuts on fees and taxes from the getgo. Dollar signs in their eyes. Even demanded taxes PRIOR to harvest and sales. You got a permit, they assumed you had an automatic money machine. Lost your crop? Tough shit, pay up on the crop you never got. So rest assured, gratified and contented that those trying to go legal got body-slammed by the County and State. Happy now?

      • Don’t forget about Honeydew Farms! They also got 7 acres last year. Wonder we’re all that excess russit mite bud went? Most likely Jersey.

    • Bill up the hill

      Get em’ Jorge!

  • Concerned Trinity County Resident

    Lots and lots of Utah vehicles in the Willow Creek/Salyer area; now I know why.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Everyone knows the 90 is way chill….

    I wonder just how many hippies that Utah and Texas have taken out over the years?

  • out hear in trinity county we have a large population of Hmong and allot of em come from Minnesota, they also travel in large families and haul all there ganga out of town.. There not like the lazy white boys that sit on the coast waitin for a buyer.. they sell there product as midgrade and not AAA so there able to undercut the market across the entire country… hmong weed for sure!

    • Wouldn’t want to be Hmong driving through Utah! They still pull over cars there because they spot Mexicans or black people in them… Of course they will disagree but it is part of their profiling. Of course any vehicle with CA or OR plates is getting pulled over and probably searched on sight. The dogs always “alert” when they want them to…

    • Yeah. I here you. 😮

    • Lost croat outburst

      Good for them. Assimilating well. Follow that American dream. My Croatian immigrant grandmother held alcohol parties in her American kitchen during Prohibition. Nice, quiet affairs or you faced her administrative action. Don’t go postal, go Slavic. One tough, smart gal. Very tough. Thanks, gram, for making that long trip to the Promised Land. Nobody could predict the Trump presidency.

  • 2500/lb maybe if sold by the ounce

  • Get greedy, Get caught . That was a very stupid operation. Find a more reliable crew next time.

  • You have to smart enough to find a driver that isn’t smoking the shit and knows how to us the blinker. And find diversion drivers that know how to do their job. Another case of the stupid criminals. Lol. Oh and maybe $2500 in Minnesota but the last I heard Utah was $1700 tops.

  • Okay I trust that law enforcement’s value estimation is accurate. Makes a good headline.

    • The “Valued at $2500 per pound!!!!” followed by bro, can you hook a county up…should have clued you in that we were expressing disbelief.

      • Mendocino Mamma

        Very true!!!

      • More really important factual info.

      • I have information from a very reliable source that Humboldt cannabis currently fetches $4000 per pound in Florida…

        • Kym Kemp I think you are asset to local community, but I don’t think you know what’s going on elsewhere in the underground. It’s is definitely believeable. Although you of anyone should know it’s a little inflated, that’s the media and cops way…make it look like more.

        • Yes Kym… the stated and actual are far apart! Have had several folks tell me were quoted glamorous high prices out of state ($2,3,4k pounds). Jumped on the deal. They in turn transported or shipped it and got either ripped off fully or eventually got a partial, paltry recovery on the deal. Or like the narcissistic, cocky ass up on Bell Springs, he showed off a few top shelf, when the money folks arrived brought hundreds of stuff that was grade B at best . Believe me the buyers bolted out of there real fast! Or yet another dilemma is losing the money coming back across. Track it all the way then POOF the package goes missing never to be found. Frequent shipments and or mailings draw attention. Then don’t event get me started on counterfeit funds! 😨

        • Yeah, there are a lot of stupid rich cool people in Florida.

        • I’m from the above stated place and nobody gets 4K a unit unless you got some triple A indoor SF dispensary type meds then maybe 3,500 . Anything deep or out in he south / south east us will never pull more than 2500 unless indoor fire 🔥

      • Keep up the snark.
        That actually made me chuckle.

      • Lost croat outburst

        Seemed obvious to me what you were saying. From the photo, it appears that there is no way that all the weed would fit in the one pick-up. Clearly, the truck is full and all the bags on the ground would be distributed among the other vehicles in the convoy. The vehicles should have been strung out a mile or so apart so if one goes down, the others might make it. Everyone has cell phones or built-in vehicle phones; many families have two or more vehicles, and everyone knows about “code” talking. Drivers must be schooled in legal, courteous driving. Now they know.

        They also know that all the wise guys who think that illegal weed is a big joke and means nothing are wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • Ditch Humboldt's supervisors.

    Probably 365 elbows found, one for every day of the week…while counting, a few set aside for the boys in blue…356 make it to final count.

  • A little hard to tell from the press release but it sounds like the driver of the pickup gave up his friends almost immediately or do you think that the whole convoy pulled over at the same time?

    • Ditch Humboldt's supervisors.

      Probably the other way around, I bet the guy in the pickup was pissed that his decoys didn’t decoy…imagine the driver watching stupified as his entire convoy pulled over with him.

    • Sounds like conspiracy charges for everyone involved

  • Why don`t these guys go under the guise of Mormon missionaries or similar? They would fit right in in Utah, S Idaho, etc. Or, they could pretend to be Jehovaha`s witnesses. Straight, clean cut appearance; cheap suits, older but neat American cars; Watchtower magazines, the whole thing. As soon as a cop pulls them over, they could start in prosletyzing to him; likely he`d write his ticket and make tracks getting out of there as fast as he could.

    I`ve often thought that pretending to be a JW would be a great cover for just about anything nefarious. They go everywhere and are instantly recognizable; sort of like the P,G & E meter reader. A car load of JWs once made it about 5 miles to a landing over an obvious logging road. Pot ripoff; ordinary B & E burglar; deviated prevert looking to do filthy preverted things — JW disguise would be great cover for all of it.

    • Well thought out except when they run license, plates,and county of residence=K9. Oh yeah forgot about the cameras every 50-100 miles on freeways.

    • Service Coordinator L.H.C.

      Cause it’s pretty impossible to transport 356units on a bicycle. I don’t care how big your backpack is…

  • The slang is getting old . Elbows ? Zips ?
    Weed is basically legal now , enough with the clandestine phone code of the 90’s .

    • Those of us older guys never used that stupid slang on phones!! Did the kids really think it was clever? Might as well say pounds of weed. Dead shows were fun- indoor venue or outdoor? Qualty- a Greek show was usually top notch A real head could state a particular show and really get some info across….Chula Vista?- you mean Mexican? Ha ha A Canadian indoor show might mean beasters

      • You’re so cool. Now you can be that clever deadhead business man and sell weed products to yuppies. I think it’s brilliant, but what about when you start to custy out everybody in the fam.. us older heads that stay true know there’s a line. To help the family. Very gang like.

        • Huh? Guess you think your some kinda old school GDF post-Ooeration DeadEnd lot trash looking up to Fast Eddie and jumping on a brokedown bus? Hate to break it to you but…you were always a custie

    • It’s not legal. Obviously.

      • How so ? If you’re 21 or older you can go to the weed store and buy it . You can also grow up to six plants , and before you say “ yeah but only in a 10×10 area ! “ I’d say code enforcement doesn’t give two shots about 6 four pounders . It’s legal dude , give it up .

    • Duuude, you mean the 80s.

    • Lost croat outburst

      Yeah, it’s so legal that all the weed was not confiscated and nobody was detained. Yeah, that’s how legal it is. Gee, wow. If Kym follows this story, why don’t you pay attention to what happens to these people and what the legal fees, fines, and jail times will be under Donald Trump and neo-Confederate Jeff B. Sessions III, ‘cause it’s so legal, yeah.

      It’s so legal, apply for a job and tell them you like pot. Last job announcement from Fox Farm dirt baggers that I saw said you had to pass a drug test. Hypocrisy, anybody? Check the prior post on this thread about the person who had to “detox” for 9 months to get a job. So legal.

  • This site is my reality t.v. Show. Thx everyone

  • How is the devilweed moved across the country? Hundreds — possibly over 1000 tons — are moved to cities in the midwest & east coasts. The cops must get a tiny fraction of the total in busts like this clown. Is the product moved a few pounds at a time in the trunks of cars and they take their chances? It doesn`t seem likely since if I were in the cop business, I`d shake down every car from CA I saw.

    My guess is it`s largely moved in semis. I doubt if cops are bought off since there are too many and this would be too problematic. Likely it`s loaded into a semi; locked and the driver is given his orders and sent on his way. Do truck drivers even know what they`re hauling? Do they have access to their trailers? I`m guessing they only have a cargo manifest — i.e. a filled out form that “says” what they`re hauling — 20 tons of Campbell soup or $6 million of Snap-On tools. Seems pretty unlikely Double-Clutch Joe can just unlock the trailer he`s pulling and root around in it.

    I asked a friend who is captain of a container ship what they know, have access to, etc. They`re only given a manifest that says “said to contain”. Their primary interest is whether cargo is dangerous or not; explosive, flammable; hazardous or completely non-hazardous. They don`t have access without cutting the seals, which is done only in an emergency. ;I`m guessing trucking operates pretty much the same way.

    • I’ve seen a container being loaded on Honeydew road. Would anyone really send several tons in a single shipment?

    • The winning answer! Now, who in the game has enough resources to own a big long haul trucking company? And where would you base that company so as to not look like you are Cali owned? Perhaps in Chicago? Am I getting warm?

      • Mendocino Mamma

        Love my Chicago boys!

      • Yikes, the mob!

        Do you mean the Chicago mob? It would make sense…

        I’m not connected to the scene so this is the first I’ve heard of it, but the Croatian connection, etc. all start to make more sense if it was the Chicago mob driving it.

        Of course, the FBI won’t do squat about it. They turned a blind eye to massive amounts of cocaine coming though Eureka in the 80’s (maybe still coming through?). Fishing boats meeting mother ships offshore then being trans-shipped by a local fish processor.

    • You nailed it 💯

  • Mendocino Mamma

    100s of ways to move it…does not mean it all gets there. Lots of money to be made packing shipments for out of state transport. Sometimes takes days of work to get several boxes locked and loaded. I will say though Johnathan Dowe the majority of the time the shipper keeps a sharp eye on the shippie to ensure arrival is as planned, hence the cars with the truck etc.

  • Sohum questions

    What’s up? They didn’t seal those few and just wrapped em in tinfoil lol

  • Sounds like most people on here are, were, or at very least have it in em to be snitches. Good

  • Yes. Semis are safest and most reliable. Ask Jerry Reed.

  • One of the decoys should have been instructed to ram the cop car claiming epileptic seizure if need be.

    Rookies probably were tailgating each other and their rides probably all had the same state license plate tags….derp! next time the patron should hire a crew that didn’t flunk kindergarten to move the haul

  • Everyone knows Interstate trafficking is a crime. They knew the odds, rolled the dice, and lost this time. They probably got away with it many times earlier so they’re still ahead of the game.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    Wait. They have COPS in Utah?

    Thought they just had clean cut young couples with 17 kids…

  • And another one bites the dust

    I wonder if he’s eating good in jail. Hope it was worth it. Bye Felicia.

  • I`ve heard that homosexuality is rampant among Mormons. From what I was told, it begins when they`re missionaries. They are young men, hormones running and being in continuous close proximity to another young man, often form homosexual attachments to each other. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • Oh, for heaven’s sake. Give me strength, O, Lord. Why don’t you ask the same thing about soldiers? They are in continuous close proximity to other young men, too.

      • What I was told is the Mormon missionaries are supposed to be never more than 3 steps from each other and they`re forbidden from having girlfriends or any significant female contact. They`re at a formative time in their development so they form a connection with their missionary partner. Therefor, a significant number become homosexuals.

        • Here’s an article in the New York Times that seems a fair representation of what missionaries do. Since they are supposed to not have premarital sex and the Church is particularly prickly about homosexuality, it seems unlikely that your scenario is true. This one seems more accurate: https://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/15/education/edlife/at-age-19-from-utah-to-uganda.html

          Also, I was raised in the Mormon Church and I find the idea ridiculous. And yes, they can be more than three steps from each other.

          • Thank you! It`s good to have reliable information. The only Mormon I know personally is a remarkably nice lady in her 60s who lives down my road. She accepts my status as a heathen barbarian and I`m not about to ask her about how many homosexuals are in her church.

          • I know many Mormons and they would talk to my face and call me a “Jebusite” as in what can you expect from an Jebusite. once they changed it to an Ammorite, there are more than a few Mormons in this part of the woods, and later I found out the terms they called me were degrading references to a non believing heathen. So Mormons are quite closed mined unlike there so called leader Jesus, but then many called Joseph Smith their leader.
            Kym appears to be different, but the ” Stake” its what they call their church, is very popular here in So Hum. many Jack Mormons, a name for non practicing Morons, is high here, a very moral people and loving if you happen to be another Mormon. Did I come close Kym ?

            • I had never even heard the term “Jebusite” before and I was very active in the Mormon church until I was 19. There are certainly cruel and ignorant people in every religion. And, maybe I was protected by being raised by an exceptional woman but the Mormons I know are some of the kindest, hardest working people I know. If I were to choose a religion based on the works of those members I know, Mormonism would be my first choice. My mother, a Mormon, was a beloved school secretary, who took kids who couldn’t afford it to the dentist, brought them clothes and generally provided a model of loving behavior by feeding the poor, cleaning the homes of the sick, doing laundry for those that had troubles in their life that I, an atheist, seek to emulate and always fall short of achieving.

              To clarify a few of your misunderstandings:

            • The Stake isn’t what they call their Church. It’s a term for an organizational level. Like county is an organizational level in government.
            • The term “Mormon” is a nickname for members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Christ, and ultimately, Heavenly Father/God are their leaders. Though Joseph Smith was a very important early leader.
            • The Amorites were a biblical people that I’ve heard of but I’ve never heard a modern person use the term as a slur.