[UPDATE 7 p.m.] Ongoing Search for Man Swept Away on Trinity River

Water RescueAround five p.m. a man attempting to row across the Trinity River was swept away, according to scanner reports. This was near milepost marker 22 on Hwy 299 in the Del Loma area. Reportedly the boat was found without him about a mile downstream.

According to the person answering the phone at the Del Loma RV Park, tells us that law enforcement has boats and a helicopter out looking for the missing man. The Park was trying to keep the telephone line open for Searchers so we were unable to ask many questions.

UPDATE 7 p.m.: The man has been located but his condition is unknown at this time, according to traffic over the scanner.

UPDATE Monday: According to a source, “In regards to the incident on Saturday evening, the outcome turned out to be a fatality unfortunately. In the coming days the name will be released… The recovery was a joint effort with Down River Fire, Hawkins Bar Fire, Search and Rescue, Trinity County Sheriff’s, and CHP helicopter. A rescue swimmer [was deployed] to retrieve the body from the middle of the river just east of Hayden Flat Campground. The boat was found just West of Del Loma, which was about a quarter mile upstream of where the body was located…”



  • High flows all of a sudden by the River Management Team. They’re ruining the river for everyone, except for the ones cashing in!

  • Really hope for the best and the man survived this accident. That river can be very unpredictable especially this time of year. The trinity is cold with alot of deep eddies that want to pull you under. As for “joaquin hale” get the facts right before you run your mouth! Critically dry year? Hardly were @ 96% of normal annual rainfall . Currently the river is running @5400CFPS NOT 500 ! Be xtra careful on the Trinity river it’s taken many of lifes.

  • If you mean the people cashing in are fishermen and wemon then maybe you should move to so cal and join the fight to steal all the water up here.

  • Love Each other Fisherman, its the only way.

  • Pinch of Salt River

    Paddle the Salt River, not the Trinity, this time of year!
    Hope he’s okay and learned a valuable lesson.

  • The outcome was not good

  • I’m not sure I heard right but I think he was 84yrs old, there was so much radio traffic happening so fast on different channels I could have miss understood

    • Could this be the same man that tried to row the river last year, about this same time, and about at the same place? The man, in his 80’s, tried rowing across and got swept downstream. After a local search, his son, I recall, found him near the campground below Del Loma. Alive but cold.

      People own property across the river there. No roads in and no roads over.

  • I guess its possible that it’s same person

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