8-Year-Old Girl Recovered From Ocean in Big Lagoon Area

oast Guard helicopter feature

Coast Guard helicopter [Stock photo from Wikipedia by Vlad Lazarenko]

About 3:15 p.m. today, the Coast Guard, Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies, and State Parks rangers responded to the report of an 8-year-old girl swept out into the ocean.

Scanner traffic indicates that about 3:25 p.m. the child was spotted in the water.

According to the Coast Guard, the child was recovered and taken to the hospital.

At this time, we don’t have word on how she is doing.

UPDATE Sunday: 8-Year-Old Dead After Being Swept Into the Ocean



  • Wow. Very nice job coasties! Situations like these rarely end well….. 👌🏼

  • Loleta Bull Farmer

    Oh snap..thank God!..we all are lucky to have the ocean lose one this time…kid has her whole life ta live…for most times the sea wins in a most dreadful outcome…hope her folks are grateful for the blessing..jeez ..close one

    • The girl was in the water for over 25 minutes. She was 8 years old and traveled around 2 miles. (My husband was one of the first resonders) I hope and pray that she was able to be resuscitated, but at this point, I do believe the ocean did take another one.

  • I hope she’s okay but the lack of detail makes me think she may not be, and they “recovered” her body. Hope that’s not correct.

  • LoCO says CG dispatched at 3:12. 15+ minutes in the water is quite awhile without a wetsuit. Hoping for the best.

  • Usually is rescue, not recovered unless rescue isn’t possible.

  • Prayers

  • i fear the worse for this one, just because they saidrecover 8 year old, nothing optimistic mentioned, prayers anyway.
    lord let this one live

  • Well, I hope that they rescued her, rather than recovered her body. I always thought there was a difference between “rescue“ and “recover“ in situations like this. But the article gives me hope, because they wouldn’t take a deceased person to the hospital.

    Good luck, little one.

  • Any updates, Kim?

  • For any of you that have never gone swimming or surfing in the Lagoons area, most of that coast line gets real deep, real fast. One moment the water is less than waist high, a couple more steps and it is over your head with currents pulling you further out which also makes this area particularly dangerous for sneaker waves. Be careful around there even when the ocean looks relatively calm.

  • I’m a friend of one of the family members and unfortunately the child passed. Everyone did everything they could to save her but it was too late.

  • This is just heartbreaking for all involved. 😳

  • So sorry for the families loss

  • Having learned, firsthand, some of the details, I sincerely hope a thorough investigation into this event is being held. Not wishing to point a finger, but, why take the children this far to go to the beach? Why with the reputation of this particular beach were the girls allowed to play in the surf? Where was the in- charge adult in the group while this tragedy took place? I have more questions I would like to see answers too, but will leave it at this. There is an added level of responsibility when you are in charge of the care and keeping of someone else’s child/children. Perhaps not this beach!! Ever!!!

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